Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day!

Yep, my day has been full of labor!  After enjoying my morning coffee, I got up and worked from home.  Payroll Monday stops for no holiday (except when Christmas Day was on Monday last year, they extended the deadline to Tuesday). 

I've also worked on laundry all day, and did early prep for dinner.  We had boneless country pork ribs, baked beans, veggie kabobs, and potato salad.  I seasoned the ribs early, made the tater salad, and waited until closer to grilling time to cut up the veggies and build the kabobs.  Brian does such a kick-ass job on the grill - these ribs were so tender and juicy!  Yummy!

I also found time to sweep and mop the common area floors, as well as my bedroom and bathroom.  (Steven did the vacuuming this morning woot woot). 

Even with getting all this stuff done, I didn't tackle the mountain of crap in the corner in my bedroom (I am NOT going to post a photo, I'd be absolutely mortified for others to see this monstrosity).  I so wanted to get this stuff done this weekend, but there just aren't enough hours in the day, or in the weekend.  See on Friday, I got Lasik surgery, and you're supposed to nap or at least rest your eyes for 3-4 hours.  I think I got about 2 hours of rest before it was time to take Red to the vet for his first puppy checkup.  Then it was back home to order pizza for dinner and to rest some more.

Saturday I had my recheck for my eyes, and then it was grocery shopping time.  By the time we got home from shopping and got everything put away, it was time to cook dinner.  I cannot for the life of me remember what I cooked for dinner Saturday night.  (really 50? is this gonna start already?!?!?)  Yesterday we went and visited our favorite military family and saw their new house, so no house cleaning or cooking for this girl.  And I just remembered Saturday's dinner was TACOS!  LOL

And today I've just been a busy little bee.  Well, not so little.  But you know what I mean.

I'm loving the Lasik, not having to wear glasses or contacts for my distance vision.  I'm having to wear readers for my computer and up close stuff, so I'll be investing in multiple pairs to keep in the car and all around the house and my desk at work and to match my wardrobe and omg it's just too much!  I cannot do that until my eyes settle and heal, so that I know what strength readers I'll end up needing.  I've got some .75+, 1.00+, 1.25+, and 1.50+ around, so I can try them all and see what works best at work. 

If you're wondering about the Lasik - let me start by saying that I cannot watch eye surgeries, and it just gives me the major heebee jeebees to think about something cutting into my eyeball (I can deal with touching the eyeball, wearing contacts, just not cutting into it).  I watched Brian's Lasik about 4 weeks ago, and while watching it didn't make me feel any worse about doing it, it also didn't make me feel any better about doing it.  I can honestly say that it didn't hurt at all, was just mildly uncomfortable from the pressure that you feel.  My claustrophobia also came into play as you're underneath the different apparatus they use and those things are almost touching your face.  But the doctor was very patient and let me "rest" before they moved me to the other equipment, and he counted down the 30 seconds that I was under that one each time.  The rest of the procedure went well, I managed my claustrophobia after that, and within 5 minutes it was all over.  Hella blurry afterwards, and my eyes burned pretty badly on the way home and all afternoon.  You have antibiotic/steroid eye drops to use 4x daily for a week, and moisturizing drops to use every hour you're awake.  Those moisturizing drops are awesome!

Ok folks, I still have more laundry to finish and need to do my nails and make my bed tonight!  I hope those of you who had a long weekend had a great time and made wise use of your free time!  Have a great week!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

New Additions...and OUCH!!!!!

Ok well I'll start with the OUCH first.  Bright and early around 6:30am this morning, I fell down the stairs going to let Red out.  (I'll explain who Red is, and how he came to live with us, in a moment.)  I was carrying him down the stairs to go out, since Kita was roaming around the common areas and doesn't like Red a whole lot yet, and Steven was going down the stairs in front of me.  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I slid down the stairs on my ass with all the toes and what felt like the end half on my right foot turned under. Steven spun around as if to help, but by then I was at the bottom of the stairs.  I was afraid to look at my foot, imagining it was grossly broken, and the underside of my upper arm hurt really bad, too.  Anyways, I braved a look at my foot and surprisingly it looked a lot better than I feared.  I've scraped skin off some toes and the top of my foot, and I can't bend my big toe all the way, but I can walk on it (for now).  I've got bumps and bruises in other places, and am finding more as the morning goes on.

I'm too old to be falling down the stairs!  LOL  And what a way to wake up this morning!

Ok, now on to who Red is.  Red is our new puppy.  He's a chestnut brindle Cane Corso, otherwise known as an Italian Mastiff.  Long story short, Brian got him from a man that he and his brother have been working on some remodeling for.  I know some folks may think it's way too soon after losing Dominion to get a new puppy.  Honestly I was thinking that way myself.  But Clydie mentioned that she believes this puppy was sent to Brian to help him through losing Dominion, and I truly believe that's the case.  This little puppy has bonded to Brian, and Brian to him.  He's so sweet and lovable!  At first, I didn't like the name Red.  But then I realized I could tell people he's named after my favorite TV character, Raymond Reddington (woot woot The Blacklist!), so Red it is.  He's somewhere around 10-12 weeks old, and weighs 23lbs. 

Here's some photos of our first week with Red:

                                                            First night at home

                                                       On the way home from hunt camp

                                            Bucko the neighborhood kitty loves him some Red!

                                  What a beautiful face!  Photo taken by my sis-in-law, Jessie

                                             Waiting for Daddy to come home from work

Needless to say, little miss dominant Kita does not like the intruder.  We do not leave them alone unsupervised, and for now, we are only letting them spend a scant few minutes in each others presence before we separate them to different areas.  She's given Red a few kisses here and there, but being that she was real snappy when they first met, we know this will take some time.  Gabriel doesn't really care so much one way or the other, he's been growling at the puppy and showing teeth now and again, but so far so good.

I'm trying to stay moving today to make sure I don't get stiff and the pain worsens, especially on my foot.  I've got some errands to run and shopping to do, so I will get my walking in here shortly. 

I hope everyone is safe and sound, and no one else falls down the stairs this weekend! 

Thursday, August 16, 2018


I learned the hard way once, to never ask "what now?"  The year was 2004.  I'd been working on a national meeting at my job which had me out of the office for about a week, my transmission went out on my car, I broke some toes, my husband at the time was in the hospital, and when I finally got to go back to work, I had the attitude of "nothing is going to screw up my day".  Then my husband started calling me on my cell phone while I was on the way to work.  I refused to answer the phone, I wasn't going to let him say something to dampen my mood or ruin my day.  He was too much of an asshole to leave a damn message, for some reason he always thought it was better to call 20 dozen times like a damn psycho than to leave a simple message that I would have listened to and then returned his call. 

I got to the office, got ready to start my day, and then my office phone rang.  We didn't have caller ID so I answered, and my blood pressure immediately shot up when I knew it was him.  I thought he was going to start his stupid bullshit accusations that I was cheating on him with someone at work (I was not but boy did he love accusing me of random shit and getting me upset over his ideations).  He was freaking out on the phone, and as if he weren't hard enough to understand when he wasn't upset and excited, I almost couldn't make out that he said "momma's gone".  The reality of what he had said took a minute to sink in - his mother had just died.  I broke.  I went in my boss' office and collapsed on the couch.  I just couldn't take any more.  I cried and cried and cried, surrounded by my boss and our 2 directors.  Long story short, while extremely difficult, I lived through all that.


 Here we go again.  Sort of.  Life is piling on, and I'm struggling to keep my sanity.  I know better than to ask "what now", as I think the powers that be take that as a challenge.  I'm not up for any more challenges, I'm honestly not as strong as some apparently think I am.  Here's the rundown of the latest:

*Dominion was diagnosed with liver cancer on July 16, and we were told he had 1-3 months to live.  He lived exactly 30 days as we had to euthanize him yesterday.  We are all grieving, and my poor husband is taking it the hardest.  Animals are such a joy but it really hurts when it's time for them to cross that Rainbow Bridge. 
*Steven was hospitalized on August 5 with sepsis and pneumonia. He went from a clear chest x-ray on Saturday, July 28, to having a fairly dense white area in his upper right lobe on August 5.  He was discharged on August 7, and seems to be doing fine so far. 
*Brian is having some tests run and we should have results tomorrow.  As I haven't talked with him on what he's comfortable sharing at this point, that's really all I will say on this for now.  Family knows the deal with this situation and everything is expected to be fine, but it's still something I worry about. 
*I had a "welcome to 50" colonoscopy on Monday - they found some small polyps and those should be okay.  We're just waiting on pathology to confirm. Still stressful to go through the prep, and the wait for results when they find something.
*Just life in general.  The ups and downs of depression and anxiety.  Real fun to deal with . NOT!

Anywho, I'll be okay, I always am.  Just know that I'm treading water as fast as I can, and it's quite tiring.  It's almost hunting season and I'm really looking for that solace I find in the woods.  Looking at the beauty of nature all around me, the sounds, the clean air - it's all so relaxing and refreshing.  Roughly 2 months til bow season. Woot woot!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The latest news, and defnitely NOT the greatest news

Lots of stuff going on lately - but I'll start with what's been consuming my thoughts all week.  I'm going to make a long story short - we found out this past Monday that Dominion has an extremely enlarged liver, and combined with his 10lb weight loss over the past year, the doctor feels pretty strongly that he has liver cancer.  And only 1-3 months to live.  He gave us some pills that are more of a supplement to promote liver health than a medication to change anything, and we go back on August 3rd to see if there are any changes.  Brian and I and the rest of our home are devastated, as Dominion is only 11.  We thought we'd have a few more years with him but it's not looking that way at this point.  I'll be talking to the vet on the 3rd about palliative care, and signs to look for that it's time to make that tough decision to aid him in crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  But to my coworkers and colleagues I ask one thing - please don't mention this to me at work.  It's all I can do to try to keep my mind off this so that I can focus and actually get some work done.

Gabriel destroyed a roll of toilet paper the other night.  He's never done this before.  This roll was in a decorative rack, at the bottom, and he managed to get it out and just shred the hell out of it!

I will be 50 in less than 2 weeks!  (August 1)  We are planning to visit the Georgia Aquarium that morning and hit the Vortex for lunch.  If any of you local friends are off and would like to join us for lunch, please let me know.  I'll have a better idea of what time we'll be going as we get closer to the date.

My feet are swelling horribly.  I even took my meds this weekend, so it's not that.  I'm on Lasix "as needed", and didn't take it last week, so I'll be taking it again beginning tomorrow morning. Gotta love peeing right before you leave the house, and after the 10 minute commute, having to pee as soon as you walk in the door at work!  But I'll deal with it if it will make these damn cankles go away!  My ankles are the only skinny thing on my body, and I'm not about to go around with stumps for legs! 

Well folks, it's about bedtime for me!    I've done laundry all day, and we had our favorite army buddy and his family over for lunch today.  Great visit with them and their kids are just stinking precious!  I'm pooped!  I hope you all had a great weekend, and here's to a Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Mumbo Jumbo!

Lots of random things I wanted to put out there, so here we go!
  • The other day I was getting ready to leave work.  I walk up to my car, click the unlock button on the door handle, and....nothing.  Yes I have one of those fun key fobs that can stay in my purse and I can click the handle and it's supposed to unlock.  But this time, it didn't.  I was panicking that the fob had lost the programming like happened once when I had just bought a trunk-load of groceries, so I tried it several times, even dug my keys out of my purse and clicked the unlock button on the fob, but no dice.  So then I clicked the lock button, and I hear the horn tooting. Six. Cars. Down.  Yes, I approached the wrong car and tried to get into it!  #Magnolias (*see next bullet point)  Which is weird that someone has a car so similar to mine.  I have a 2010 Nissan Maxima that is a "purply black" color, very dark tinted windows, and a sunroof.  My license plate starts with a C, and I usually look at the plate to make sure it's mine.  This car was solid black (mine looks black unless the light shines on it a certain way, license plate started with C, dark window tint, and a sunroof (but after realizing my mistake, the sunroof was just a sunroof, not a panoramic one like mine).  I don't know if anyone saw me trying to get in the wrong car, but I got a good laugh at myself afterwards.
  • #Magnolias.  I posted this hashtag the other day, with the photo of the cat that says "I cannot brain today, I has the dumb".  Yes, there's a story behind this, and here we go.  Clydie and I were running an errand and took the Riverside Parkway exit, which in my opinion is not aesthetically pleasing.  Well low and behold, they are in the middle of a "beautification project" and are planting a bunch of shrubs and trees.  We're on the bridge at a red light, and I said "wow, look at those trees, they left the price and care tags on them", to which Clydie replies "Deanna, those are magnolia blooms!"  I didn't realize that small magnolia trees would bloom, and from the distance couldn't really tell that's what they were.  But whatever.  I thought magnolia blooms were price and care tags!  So now when I think something dumb, it's #Magnolias.
  • My precious Gabriel.  Gabriel weighed 57lbs in 2015.  Last year he got up to 88lbs.  Yes, huskies are typically large dogs, but 88lbs was entirely too heavy for my boy (he's down to 80lbs as of June 1).  After several vet visits and an initial diagnosis of hypothyroidism, my baby has been diagnosed with Cushings disease.  It's typically caused by a tumor on either the pituitary gland or one of the adrenal glands, causing excess cortisol production, and if left untreated will shorten a dog's life (vet says Gabriel's type is the pituitary tumor).  My boy is 7, and I hope to keep him around for a long time.  The medication is expensive, and the vet is looking to see what discount options are available. 
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?  I guess we'll never know about this one chicken in particular, as he got squashed in the road last week.  Folks let their chickens free roam around their homes, and invariably a bird ends up getting run over.  I just don't understand letting your animals roam on Hwy 16 in Carrollton.  2 house up from Beulah Church Road.  Too. Damn. Busy!!!
  • Why is it that I pick a show to watch at the gym so that I can pass my time on the treadmill and it not feel like the torture that it really is, and when I get to the season finale, find out that the show was just renewed for season 2 on May 14, meaning that they haven't even started filming season 2?  I fell in love with "Lost in Space" on Netflix, watched the whole first season, and bam!  Season 2 won't come out until late 2019 or early 2020!!!!!  Crazy!  So now I'm watching "Lucifer" on Hulu.  I watched it on and off when it was on Fox, and I love love love Lucifer's character! 
  • Yes, I said Gym.  I'm back at it.  I've got no choice this time, as I've been diagnosed as "pre-diabetic".  Thankfully my sugar numbers aren't terribly high, but they're running a little over what the doctors want them to be, and I'm struggling to keep my triglycerides in check, even with medication, so I've got to get off my ass and exercise.  I absolutely HATE it.  But I have to do it.  Not to mention that I'm miserable during hunting season when I'm lugging a 10lb backpack and my rifle and wearing my jumpsuit and those heavy winter weather boots, and I'm breathing like I just ran a marathon when I get to the truck.  And yes, I know they say you should pick an exercise you like so that you'll stick with it, but I honestly just can't think of one that I like much at all.  The treadmill is simple, the speed and incline are adjustable, and I get an hour just for me to watch whatever I want to watch, with no interruptions or worries about anyone or anything else, which is why I go to the gym instead of using the treadmill at home.
  • Garden.  Yes, our garden is doing great again this year!  We have corn growing (with several baby corns forming!), have already picked a slew of cucumbers and jalapenos, and the zucchini, peas, and beans are taking off.  The beets are struggling, but since I weeded the garden last Sunday, they seem to have perked up a bit and while we won't have a large harvest, we should have enough for Brian to have one meal.  Not sure why they didn't do well, but we'll try again next year and maybe plant the seeds in a different spot.   The Pepper Patch in the front is doing well, too.  Brian's picked several jalapenos off the one there, and there's a ton of ghost peppers growing, too.  Today we noticed the reapers have a lot of buds, so we'll be getting a bunch of those in the near future.  He's also got Scorpions and assorted scotch bonnets planted, and we're working on some chocolate habanero and chocolate ghost as well.  I've had to plant some more chocolate scorpion seeds, as the initial ones planted never sprouted.  Back to the indoor greenhouse to get those going!
Wow, that's everything that I had to write about over the last couple of weeks!  I hope you all enjoyed reading the randomness that is known as my life.  Have a great rest of the weekend, and Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yep, today's our anniversary.  7 years of wedded bliss.  Sure, it isn't always perfect, but whose marriage is?  We make the best of things even in the worst of times, and we are always there for each other.  I'm much needier in the emotional aspect, and he is always there to help me through my tough times, be it the death of a beloved family member, bad news about someone dear to me, or when I'm just having one of those days.

Looking back on when we met, neither one of us thought we'd ever end up married to each other.  On our 2nd date, Brian flat-out said to me that if I was looking for something long-term, to just move on, that he wasn't interested in settling down or EVER getting married again.  Well, neither was I at the time, so we just kept seeing each other and figured that whatever was meant to be, would happen.

And here we are - almost 12 years after meeting, and 7 years of being married! 

                                                           August 2011

                                                        our first military ball, 2010

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!  I love you Brian!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Relaxing Weekend......

First thing this morning, I make myself a cup of coffee, and BAM!  I spill the ENTIRE cup of coffee - all over the counter, the floor, and my nightgown.  What a way to start my Sunday!  Dominion discovered the he does not like coffee, I wish I could have seen the expression on his face after he tried a lick of it from the floor.  He just shook his head and walked right on off after trying a dab.  After my fiasco in the kitchen last weekend, would you take this as a sign that I should perhaps stay out of the kitchen today?  LOL  Too bad, I've got some more new recipes that my husband wants me to try, so I'll be cooking this afternoon.

We had a busy day yesterday - Clydie and I got outside early when it was still in the low 70's to trim the grass around the angel trumpets that run along our property line.  It was quite pleasant outside while we were out.  Then we went into town and had a late breakfast with Brian, and while he went to get his beard trimmed, Clydie and I went to Lowe's and looked at flowers.  She picked up a guara, and then she asked me what I wanted to put in the place of last year's Persian Shield.  Right when she said that, I spied some Persian Shield!  So we replaced the old with the same.   Persian Shield is usually an annual, but ours came back last summer.  I had hopes that it would come back this season, but alas it did not.  But now I have more!

We got home and I cut the grass in the front yard while Brian tinkered with his chainsaw (thank goodness for the riding mower!).  Ended up getting the backyard cut, too, and we went out to the garden afterwards and did some weeding.  There's more weeding to be done this afternoon, and then we're gonna lay down some newspapers in between the rows so that we can try to prevent more weeds from sprouting up.  Brian also used the weedeater to trim some of the wilderness on the outside of the fence (the empty lot next to our lot has a lot of brush and old shrubbery stuff that grows right up to our fence and he tries to cut it back every year so it doesn't overtake our fence). 

Today we'll also be treating the backyard with some spectracide, and Brian said he may get the weedeater out to do some more trimming on the outside of the fence.  I've got to spray myself down with bug spray before I go out there again, got yet another damn fly bite last night on my arm.  It's itching like a mo-fo this morning and the swelling has commenced.  Why am I so yummy to all the biting creatures?  lol

Okay a quick blurb on something I haven't mentioned in a while since I initially asked for prayers - the Friday before Mother's Day, my cousin's wife had some sort of brain bleed happen (I've been told it was a congenital issue but I don't know all the details). She had 2 open skull surgeries the first week she was in the hospital, and they were told to expect that she will remain in ICU for at least 60 days, and that her memory would have a lot of issues, and they just wouldn't know until more time had passed.  She was moved to rehab yesterday, after just 2 weeks in the hospital, and is walking with a walker, talking, flipping birds and dropping the f-bomb.  Looks like she's still in there and the road to recovery, while still likely a long one, seems to possibly be a shorter one than was expected.  Thanks to all of you who sent prayers and good vibes to the family for her. 

And on this Memorial Day weekend - please think of all those that gave their lives protecting our freedoms and our country.  It's not about the BBQ or the beach, folks.  But I have something extra to celebrate on Memorial Day this year - it's also my 7th wedding anniversary to the absolute love of my life!  Happy Anniversary Brian!  I love you!