Sunday, December 30, 2012


It's been a while, I know, just haven't been motivated to sit and write, and when I did feel like I wanted to write, I didn't have access to my laptop to sit and write.  So much has happened since I last wrote - been camping the weekend after Thanksgiving, so Brian could hunt with the family, went to Missouri to visit Brian's daughter for Christmas, and went hunting this weekend.

The camping trip over Thanksgiving was fun - I got to tend camp, make fire, and just hang out and read while every one else was hunting. 

The trip to Missouri was awesome - Madison is just adorable and we all had a great time with her.  She is so tall!

Took my first shot at hunting this weekend, unfortunately I wasn't in position to take the shot at the huge doe we saw, and Brian missed it.  Didn't see any other deer worthy of taking, so it was kinda boring.  Froze my ass off yesterday afternoon!  It was windy, and very cold.  We ended our trip after the morning hunt today because the dirt roads were beginning to flood.

Had to go buy a new gas grill today - seems mine had rusted out and the inner workings were falling apart, and of course we figure this problem out when we go to cook dinner.  So, needless to say, dinner got postponed about an hour while we went to get a new one and bring it home to set it up.  I totally love grilling food, and just wish it wasn't the cold season so I could use it more often.

I am so thankful to be off work the next 2 days - I'm really tired from all the traveling over the past week, and my ankle hurts.  Part of it is from Brian goofing around at the hotel in Missouri and jumping on the bed, landing on my ankle, the rest of from wearing my hiking boots all weekend.  I'm having a hard time walking barefoot and with slippers, through the house.  The only thing that makes my ankle feel better seems to be wearing heels, and I sure as heck ain't doing that til work on Wednesday.

Who has fun plans for New Year's Eve?  Not for sure what we are doing, but we did decide not to go to the lake.  We have traveled enough in the past few weeks, and we just aren't feeling another roadtrip.

So, folks, have a happy, and SAFE new year's celebration tomorrow night!