Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wishing Tree from the Wedding

As promised, here is the stuff regarding my Wish Tree from my wedding.  Picture below of the framed sign regarding what to do with a Wishing Tree:


And here are the wishes that were attached.  Some were signed, and some were not (if one of these was you, please let me know!).

Marriage is a gift from God!.......Joel & Marie

Love & Live

Congratulations Wishing you the best at your new life together......Cynthia S.

Hope your love continues to grow every day.........Marie & Gene

Lean not into thou own understanding in all your ways seek God

Put God first

Always remember why you fell in "love" and respect it! I love you! (can't make out the initials)

You two are my friends, God Bless your marriage....Marie

Wishing you all the best and a long marriage...Barbara

Do not have expectations, yes ask with love...Gloria

Take one day at a time and love & laugh always....Pat R.

Peace & blessings

There is no one secret to happiness in marriage or life.  Just keep growing together & love and appreciate one another.....Samantha

Wishing you happiness for ever and forever....Sheilda

Never go to bed angry at each other

Always pray

You have to work at a marriage every day.  Never take it for granted.....Patty

Never go to bed mad at each other sister

Count to 10 before responding!.....Cynthia M.

Refrain from arguing......Steven (he didn't sign it but I know it was him!)

Live Love Laugh....Lorie & Ricky

Congratulations and all the best for you.....Lewis


3.  Congratulations!  Have another baby so we're not the only one!  Love you!  Tyler & Hannah

2.  I'm still in charge....Love Meme

1.  Deanna is always right - admit you are always wrong Brian and provide her with abundant amounts of BACON for guaranteed happiness :-)  Marti

Okay, as far as #3 - Tyler and Hannah are expecting a baby in November.  This will be my grandmother's 1st great great grandchild.   So if Brian and I produced a child, it will only be a great grandchild.  But another family member nonetheless.  The jury is still out on this's a wonderful thought, but who knows?  And we're not gonna tell until we make that decision, one way or the other.  But for now, I can guarantee this - there will be no babies born between us in at least the next year.

#2 - that's my Meme for you, always thinking she's the one in charge!  LOL

#1 - there's my friend Marti, for whom bacon is always the answer.  Bacon is good, mind you, but for me, it isn't always the answer.  However, she got the first part of her wish correct - I am ALWAYS right!  lmao!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Sometimes, you just can't win for losing.  I'm done trying to explain to my mother my position regarding the situation with Michael.  She just wants things to be back like they used to be.  My words to her on my feelings about everything are lost and wasted.  I tried, but I will waste my time explaining no more.  I just hope she understands that I am serious in my stand on this.

I am so glad today is Friday.  It was all I could do to make it through the week!  I'm just so tired, and it's not like I've really done anything to get tired.  Hormones are a bitch, and I think this is gonna be a rough weekend because of them, too.  Oh well, such is life.

Got some encouraging news regarding the situation with my mother-in-law's health.  Not gonna share here, though, if you need to know what's up, you'll be told personally or through other family members.

Taking the car for routine service tomorrow - yay!  NOT!  I hate taking cars to be serviced.  But, it's gotta be done, so I'll do it.

Cooking those thin pork chops, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner tonight.  Wish my hubby was home to have dinner with us!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interesting video.....and other things.....

Below is a video I came across on another blog.  I found it to be kinda funny, and quite interesting (admittedly creepy, however).

This chick that I got this from - she is a hoot. I believe is her blog site.  She wrote a blog about a five foot cock (metal chicken, get your minds outta the gutter people!), and I have giggled all day about that one.  This woman just has an awesome sense of humor!  I think I have a pretty decent sense of humor most of the time, but damn, this woman is off the chain.

Almost like Tosh.O.  I literally almost fell outta my chair the other night watching him.  He had a video of this one guy beating another guy down with a very LARGE sex toy.  Yeah, it was pretty crude, and dammit I was gonna post the video here, but unfortunately I can't find a video where you can hear what Tosh is saying, and his comments make the clip even funnier.  Oh well.

Alrighty folks, it's getting close to my bedtime, and I'm getting sleepy.  Guess it's shower time then bed time.  I hope everyone had a happy hump day, and that they stayed safe in today's sudden storms we had this afternoon.  Here's to a Terrific Thursday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Just want an opinion.....

Okay, I have decided that I'm going to share a little more detail on the falling out I had with someone that I thought was my best friend, and I would like opinions from you all on how this should be handled. 

Michael is house-sitting my mother's home while she and Marion live and work in England.  On very rare occasions, Brian and/or I have stopped by unannounced, and have let ourselves in.  Brian was only going over there to either a) work in the yard, or b) borrow the Harley.  I stopped by on occasion, usually after Michael asked me to, or having something to do with Brian working over there. 

Apparently, this was an issue for Michael, yet he never once mentioned to me or Brian that this bothered him or was an issue for him.  I honestly didn't think anything of it, as it is my mother's home, and because nothing was ever said to me by Michael, I didn't think it was a problem.  Michael went to either my mother or Marion, or maybe both of them together, and said something to them about it and apparently asked them to speak to me and Brian about it.  I personally think that was ridiculous, that if Michael was my friend, he should have said something to me that he had a problem with it, and if that didn't solve the problem, then he should have gone to my mother and/or Marion about it.

Anyways, Brian went over to borrow the motorcycle Friday before last, and I got a text message from Michael that "this shit has to stop" and "he cannot just come and go as he pleases over here".  He said he would contact Marion about it, and I told him Marion had given Brian permission to borrow the motorocycle.  So Michael says "fine - you all move in over here - I am gone!"  I waited a few minutes and texted back something to the effect of "I'm sorry, we will make sure that we let you know ahead of time when one of us is coming over there in the future". 

A few minutes later, I get a text of "Deanna, I'm serious - I am sick of this - I am over here packing" to which I responded "do what you have to".  (I didn't feel the need to repeat the apology and the statement that we would let him know in advance in the future, nor did I feel the need to beg him to stay).  Then Michael says "will do - but mind you, the next time he walks in here, the police will be called".  That just infuriated me!  My ex-husband used to threaten to have me or my family members arrested when we didn't kiss his ass, and that set as well with me with Michael saying it to me as my ex-husband saying it.  So I got pissed and told him he was a "fucking drama queen", as I honestly didn't feel it necessary to threaten to call the police on my husband.

The conversation went downhill from there, he said our friendship was through, I said I was glad, and I made the empty threat for him to get out of my mother's house.  Of course I can't do anything about him living there, but I was pissed and on a roll.  Then of course he threatened to have ME arrested if I showed up over there.  I called Marion about the situation, and he talked to Michael, then back to me, and explained the problem with me and Brian popping in over there unannounced, and said that my mother was supposed to talk to me about it while they were home for the wedding, which she didn't do.

Apparently my mother and the rest of my family have been told Michael's side of the story, and for some reason they think that I am the one that's supposed to come apologizing.  I ALREADY APOLOGIZED FOR THE THING THAT STARTED THE ARGUMENT!!!!!  After I made my apology, Michael then proceeded to get upset and threaten to have my husband arrested because in my opinion, he thinks I didn't seem to care that he made the threat that he was packing his bags to leave.  I haven't gotten an apology from him - a text saying "I love ya, but just can't deal with this" is NOT an apology.

Maybe I'm blowing things out of proportion, maybe not, but a lot of the conversation that we had the Wednesday before we had this blow up, and the day this happened, just reminds me so much of my ex-husband.  Michael talked in ways very similar to my exhusband those 2 days, and I think he got pissed when I didn't respond to him in the way he wanted me to.

Since this has happened, I have only contacted Michael to let him know that Brian was bringing the motorcycle back over that afternoon.  I haven't spoken to him since.  I noticed that he made some smart-assed comments on his Facebook page on Monday I believe it was, and posted LOL and LMAO on some status updates that I made (the LMAO was posted on a status update where I talked about having a very emotional, upsetting day - in reference to the situation with him - which I felt was totally inappropriate of him to say that - it showed to me that he didn't care that I was hurt by what he had said to me). 

I don't feel that I'm the one that should go make the apology, as I made one before Michael went off the deep end and made his threat to have Brian arrested.  And this whole mess could have been avoided if Michael had just talked to me about his feelings on this, before it became this huge issue.

But, let me know your opinion on what you think.  Either leave a comment, or email me privately.  Thanks....

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I got a lot accomplished yesterday - vacuumed, steam-cleaned, and dusted in the living room, fixed up my potted plants that had fallen over in the yard and needed more dirt added to them, down-sized our storage unit at the Uhaul facility, and fixed the screen door on the porch (needed to be re-screened).  I also got 99% of the laundry done, just need to put it away.

Steven, on the other hand, did absolutely nothing yesterday, other than help me at the Uhaul place, and fart around on his laptop.  Today, he will be cleaning his room and putting away his laundry.  There is a lot of laundry for him to put away, so I imagine he will be busy for a while.

I'm thinking I'm gonna go grocery shopping here in a bit, and find some other things that need to be done around the house.  I've got a photo printing project I need to work on, too, and I may spend a little time working on that, but first I'll have to clean off my desk, which stays cluttered.  Kinda like my desk at work, only the home desk is worse. 

Yesterday I finally got around to looking at the things that were hung on our "wish tree" at our wedding.  Some were the standard things you'd expect to see, and some were downright funny.  I'll look at those again sometime soon and blog about them when I have a minute and my desk is cleared off.  I think some of you will find the stuff as funny as I did!

Have a great Sunday, and to all the fathers out there - Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hallelujah! It's Friday!!!!

One of my favorite days of the week - almost as much fun as Saturday and Sunday!  I guess it's a good thing it's supposed to rain tomorrow - gives me an excuse to stay inside and work on cleaning up.  I've got a ton of laundry to get done and put away, and Brian says he's saving his laundry just for me for when he returns from his army duties.  Yay!  One set is now brown and black with dirt and mud, instead of that lovely digital army green!

Steven and I got Dominion a new toy last night - a green rubbery pig that makes (well, USED to make) oinking noises.  Took less than 30 minutes for Dominion to tear a hole in the throat of the pig, and by this morning, it no longer oinks when squeezed.  He has annoyed me with it for the last 30 minutes, putting it up under my arm or behind my back while I'm sitting in the chair.  He wants me to throw it for him so he can go after it.  I made a cute video of me trying to squeeze the pig hard enough to make it squeal, but discovered during taping that Dominion had slit the pig's throat.  OMG I can't believe how country hick I sound in the video!!!!  I thought my accent had toned down but wow, I sound like I imagine I did back when I graduated from high school.  Crazy!

I cut the grass Wednesday afternoon, this after weed-eating either Monday or Tuesday (my days are running together LOL), and I cut half the shrubs at the front of the house.  My arms gave out using those damn hedge clippers!  But, it's great exercise!  I may try to finish the other half this weekend, if it doesn't rain too much.  I got my new plants re-potted last night and put out - had a frog scare the shit outta me when I moved one of the planters!  No, I'm not normally scared of frogs, but I sure as hell don't like those suckers jumping out on me all of a sudden.  And I moved a majority of my house plants out onto the porch.  They do so well out there in the summertime.

My tomato and pepper plants are doing well.  The tomatoes have some little ones growing, and I have one tiny jalapeno on one of the plants.  Can't wait til both of those, as well as the cayenne and bell peppers grow.  Gonna have some great home made salsa this summer, and I may even make some fried green tomatoes!  (I'll be the only one eating the FGT, as Brian and Steven don't do tomatoes!)

Watching "Ghost Adventures" tonight - damn Zack's arms are HUGE!  Almost looks abnormal, as the rest of his physique just doesn't seem to match his biceps and triceps.  And he is such a sissy!  LMAO!!!

God is good - my coworker, Marie, is feeling a lot better, and my coworker Shirley's niece, Valerie, has made an amazing turn-around this week.  Marie anticipates she'll be back at work on Monday.  Valerie was in really bad shape - she's been in ICU for the past 2-3 weeks, sedated and/or unconscious, and today she was able to sit up in a chair and ask for her phone!  That is just incredibly amazing considering the obstacles that she's had to overcome the past week alone.  So if you are into prayer, please continue to pray for these two people, so that they continue to be healed.   Thanks!

Married life is good!  I'm missing my husband at the moment, he's away doing some army training, but will be home next week.  I can't wait!!!!  I misses him!!!!!

Y'all have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

From bad, to worse.....

My weekend just went from bad to an email from Mom telling me "don't be so childish" response to the situation that escalated on Friday that I blogged about previously.  I never dreamed she would just dismiss my concerns and feelings so damn easily.  She didn't even bother to address what I had said in my email to her, when I explained what had happened.  It almost sounds as if she is taking his side on this......unbelievable.  I'm speechless......

Saturday, June 11, 2011

So much to say......

but I'm just not at a place where I can say it.  So much happened today, so much ugliness, so many hurtful things were said, and I just don't know that I can forgive it.  I know that I'll never forget it.  This is related to the events of Wednesday - same person involved.  Things were said to me today that I never imagined would ever be said to me by him.  I honestly don't know that I can move past today and salvage this friendship, nor do I know if I want to even bother trying.  You just don't say the kinds of things to me that were said today and expect me to be nice to you or want me to associate with you anymore.

The hurt is just too fresh and raw right now to make a permanent decision on anything.  I was really hurt and angry today and had this intense desire to just air all the dirty laundry about the situation right here.  And of course Brian is super pissed that this person got me as upset as he did - he never likes to see me upset, and I don't know that he's ever seen me as upset as I was today.

So for now, I'm just going to leave things alone, not going to go into detail here, at least for now.  I may share some, may not.  But I will say this - it is not fair to take out your anger at yourself on your friends.  This person got himself into a situation of his own doing, with no help from anyone else, and now that this situation is causing trouble for him, he is taking it out on everyone else.  I honestly believe he got mad at me today because I didn't engage him in the way he wanted me to - to feel sorry for him and beg him to take certain actions. 

Well guess what - I'm done doing that to people.  My ex-husband used to bait me into begging him not to do things, or to engage in intense arguments.  I'm done doing that with people!  I walk away, or I respond in a non-confrontational, don't take sides kind of way.  Like "you do what you need to for you".  Regardless of what they are threatening, I'm just not going to get sucked into that again.  And when I responded in that manner, things got ugly.  There was just no excuse for the things to be said that he said to me. 

Of course, when he got ugly with me, I wasn't so nice to him, either.  I know that wasn't the right thing to do, but I'm sick and tired of him trying to suck me into his drama and months of this have been building up in me.  So I said "you are such a fucking drama queen".  Yeah, not so nice of me to say, but I honestly think it needed to be said.  And of course, things just went downhill from there.

Okay, that's it for now.  Not going to say anymore about it.  I will ask a favor of you readers, though - if you know who I am speaking of, please don't mention names if you choose to comment, and please don't contact him.  I know I am putting my business out here, and his too, but at least I am trying to show a little tiny bit of respect by not mentioning his name.  Thanks.....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!!!

It doesn't even feel like tomorrow is Friday, it for some reason feels like there are a few more work days left in the week.  But I am very thankful that tomorrow is Friday - I need the weekend!  I am tired, moody, have swollen feet due to a spike in blood pressure yesterday, and my back and hips are aching.  Yes, it's a bitchy day!

I had a very stressful situation that I had to deal with yesterday, and while I won't share who it was with (other than to say it wasn't anything to do with Brian, Steven, Mom, Marion, or any of the other usual "suspects" lol), I will say that it just really stressed me out.  I got extremely upset at work, which I don't usually do, as I always try to maintain a professional front regardless of my emotional state.  I vented to Shirley about what was going on and she has never in the 3 years we've been working together seen me as upset and emotional as I was yesterday over anything.  Not my mom leaving, my anger and issues with my exhusband, my grandmother, having to put Mom's dog to sleep - ANYTHING.    It was just so out of character for me.

I will also say this about the situation - I got sucked into someone else's drama and issues, and I let it get to me.  That's my fault.  This situation had been building, and I'm bad about letting things fester and explode, and that's pretty much what happened, except that I imploded instead of exploded.  Again, that's my fault for not speaking up and saying something before it got to the point that I was emotionally out of control.    It made my blood pressure shoot up (I didn't have it checked, but I could tell - headache and the swollen feet), and apparently it's still up, as my feet are still swollen.

I hate that I avoid conflict like the plague.  It's not that it scares me, I just  prefer not to have it.  My life has been so peaceful and relatively stress free for the past year or so, other than normal happenings in life, and the online stalking and harassment bullshit I've had to deal with.  Fortunately the harassment has stopped (and yes I realize that I probably jinxed myself by saying that) - it's been January since any nastiness has been posted online about me or anything to do with the usual crap that's posted, but the stalking continues.  The stalking doesn't bother me so much, although I just think it's funny at this point.  Sad, too, for the person or people who are stalking me, that they don't have anything better to do than ogle my profiles to try to find out more info on me or whatever they do it for.  And sad, too, that they stalk me at all hours of the day and night.

I realized Tuesday that Sunday was the 2 year "anniversary" of the last time I talked to my ex-husband.  I'm amazed that it's been that long.  Sure doesn't bother me that he's not in my life anymore.  That's part of the reason that life has been so peaceful for me, not having to deal with his drama and bullshit.

My hips and lower back are aching.  It got pretty bad the other night.  Not so much tonight, just enough to be annoying.  Not sure what is causing this - feels like PMS but I shouldn't get getting those symptoms just yet.  Probably stress from yesterday's situation, and from Mom leaving this past Sunday.

Okay folks, time to shower and hit the rack for tonight.  I hope you all have a fantastic Friday - I know I plan on trying my best to have one!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moody Monday.....

Yes, I'm moody and don't know why.  Well, I do know why.....dwelling on some things from the past that I just need to forget about and move on from.  Seeing the family violence that has occurred in the Atlanta area the past week, and hearing some news from a friend about someone she knew, makes me realize just how lucky and blessed that I am to no longer be in that situation that I used to be in. 

I know I've talked about this a lot in my blogs, but oh well - it is my blog, isn't it?  I don't spend a lot of time dwelling on these thoughts, but sometimes something sparks my memories of things long forgotten (or purposely stashed deep inside, hoping to be forgotten for good), and it makes me think of my "former life". 

Remember to evaluate the situations you put yourself in, and always remember that you are worth more than EVER allowing anyone to control you.  Don't ever let someone control your life, and be wary of anyone that wants to alienate you from your family.  I know from personal experience - it can happen so very easily, and you have to keep your eyes open for it.  If it doesn't feel right, or if something about the behavior feels wrong, then it's wrong and get the hell out!  Protect yourself! 

I'm feeling kind of down tonight, and it's not about the past - honestly it's mostly because my back and hips are aching pretty bad.  I did go to the gym tonight and did interval class, and thankfully was able to do most of it.  I had been worried about my knee, as it's been bothering me since right after the wedding.  I don't recall doing anything to injure it, so I don't know what the problem is.  But, I'm able to use it to work out and it doesn't make the pain or stiffness worse (actually makes it better) so that's a good thing.  Still haven't figured out what's causing the back and hip pain, though.  Kinda worrisome......

Well folks, it's getting to be that time to hit the shower then the rack....I hope you all have a great night, and remember to tell those you care about that you love them!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's been good......

It was so great to have Mom and Marion back in town the last two weeks.  I took them back to the airport today so they could head back to England.  Not sure when they'll be back over here, but it will probably at least be November.  Sucks that I won't see them for that long, but I get it.  Nine hour flights are exhausting and take days to get over. 

I cooked some home made cream style corn tonight -it was the bomb!  And steamed some fresh green beans, along with a chuck roast with carrots and sliced onions.  Soooo good!  I just wish I had thought to make deviled eggs to go with it, but darn it, I didn't think of it til too late!

I also blanched some corn on the cob and fresh greens beans and froze those.  I hope I did it right and that they will be good when we go to cook them soon.  Gonna make some fresh home made salsa tomorrow night - got lots of jalapenos and some jumbo tomatoes to use, as well as some fresh cilantro. 

Me getting much to do before I go to bed tonight, and to do after work tomorrow!  Gym, making the salsa, finish tidying up, blah blah blah.  I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a great Monday tomorrow!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things from the past.....

So today I'm sitting in the closet, going through this box of papers that need to be sorted - some gets thrown away, some gets shredded, and the rest needs to be filed.  I made the mistake of looking at a calendar from 2002.  I used to write everything down, from doctor appointments, diagnoses, and the behavior of my ex-husband and the kids.  Not a good idea to go back and look at, as I saw some things I'd forgotten about that my ex-husband said and did. 

I often thought of throwing away anything that reminds me of his behavior and the hell I lived through during that time in my life, but I keep it all - I have this worry in me that if something happens to me, Steven would wind up with his father until he's an adult.  My entire family and my husband do not wish this to happen, of course, as it would not be the best environment for my son.

Anyways, I just had a moment and wanted to share.  Time to get busy cleaning again.

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Friday!!!!!

Wow, I am so glad it's Friday.  I know I was only at work for 3 days this week, but they seemed to be eternal!  Made me think of Billy Graham at a commencement speech he gave at USC when I was there - he made the comment that a commencement speech "did not have to be eternal to be immortal" or someething to that effect, then went on to speak for waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy  too long!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy me some Billy Graham on occasion, even went to see him in Charlotte, NC, back in the mid-90's, but commencement ceremonies, especially ones for colleges, last too long as it is, without having a long-winded speaker.

I imagine with the political climate the way it is today, and the way that people complain about religion, politics, education, and everything else, that a state college wouldn't have a religious leader give the commencement address.  I remember back in the 80's and early 90's, we had prayer, benediction, invocation, and a baccalaureate service in regards to graduation (any or all of the aforementioned things).  But we as a nation are getting to be too liberal to continue enjoying these same things at graduation ceremonies today.  (I won't go into details, but I posted an article about a student valedictorian no less - suing to ALLOW her to lead the audience in prayer at her graduation ceremony)  Oh well, let me just stop here - I have friends on both sides of the proverbial fence and don't wish to offend anyone, nor do I wish to start a comment battle, but I think you all know my opinion and feelings on this subject.  Prayer never hurt anyone, and for those of us that believe, it sure can help and be answered!

I finally got to wear my strappy leopard print sandals today - I haven't worn them since fall of 2009 (couldn't last year because of my surgery).  I made it in them all day today (they have about a 4 inch heel on them) and even wore them to my mom's for dinner tonight.  (Mom calls them my "slut shoes" lol)  So I get home tonight, take them off, and Brian starts rubbing the top of my left foot and OMG the pain!  (last night some things in the shower fell on the top of that foot, like the bottles of shaving cream, shampoo, body wash, etc - got a little clumsy in the shower).  I have a very painful spot that I can't even touch, and wow, to walk on it now is even somewhat painful.  And of course, it's swollen, I think more so from wearing heels all day than anything else.  I'm just amazed that it didn't hurt until Brian touched it tonight.

Well, it's about bed time - really tired tonight!  Y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Almost Friday......

Wow, what a week!  Last Friday started off with a bang and things not going as I had planned them.  But, I kinda expected things to not got perfectly smoothly, so it wasn't too bad.  The community service volunteers had already been released for the day when Mom and I arrived at the Legion to tell them how we wanted the tables arranged, so I had to have the men folk join us that afternoon to help with the physical labor in moving the tables around.  Thank goodness I have such great friends and family to help!  And thank goodness everyone understood when I had a meltdown because it was just so confusing with everyone trying to do something different than I wanted with the set up. 

We had a great dinner Friday night with everyone, and just really enjoyed spending the time together.  Saturday morning we got up and piddled around the house, kinda half-ass packing for our trip to the lake and just goofing around, waiting until time to get ready to head to the Legion for the wedding.

We got to the Legion Saturday around 12:30pm or so, and I noticed that the cake people weren't there.  I had asked them to have the cake delivered and set up no later than 1pm (ceremony was to start at 1:30pm), and there was no cake.  When I called them, the owner told me when she arrived that morning to get the cake, she wasn't pleased with how her understudy had decorated it, so she had to redo a lot of it.  She assured me it would be there around the time the ceremony was to start, and I told her to just come on with it and don't mind us, the ceremony would continue.  I was kinda glad they hadn't brought the cake, seeing as there were a shitload of cub and boy scouts running around like wild animals when we got there - I can imagine there woulda been fingerprints and holes from fingers being stuck in it!

Ceremony got started and went off without a hitch!  I noticed at some point the cake lady was there, setting up the cake, while the ceremony was going on.  I made it through without crying, too!  I was pleasantly surprised on that note.  There came a point during the ceremony, where the preacher was reading the vows where we had to answer with "I do", where I almost lost it.  I was looking into Brian's eyes the whole time, and he kinda looked like he was tearing up, and I just about lost it.  I looked away, looked down, looked at Ricky Dunn (Brian's best man) but he was looking down, afraid I'd cry if he'd look at me (he told me this later lol).

I did lose it for a moment after the ceremony, when I finally had a minute to breathe and get something to munch on, and my uncle approached me.  He told me he was very happy for me, and after all that I'd been through in my life, especially with my ex-husband, that I really deserved to be happy, and he could tell I was happy.  It was just so sweet to hear him say that, and for him to see my happiness.  Took me a minute to compose myself after that encounter!

We headed to Mom and Marion's lake house after the wedding for a few days of honeymoon time.  Steven got to spend the time with Mom, Marion and Michael, and Marion put him to work LOL.  We lazed around, fished some, swam some, got Dominion in the pool a few times (I think he ended up really liking it, as he realized it cooled him off tremendously), watched a few movies, and napped a bit.  It was a nice, relaxing time together, and you can't beat free accommodations! 

I can honestly say that I am happier than I think I've ever been in my life when it comes to relationships.  No one is perfect, neither Brian nor myself, but we accept each other completely as we are, faults, baggage and all.