Monday, July 23, 2012

Not bad for a Monday.....

Why am I just now seeing the Delta faucet commercial with all the hot men that have various uniforms painted on their bodies, and they're using the Delta shower hoses to "wash the day away"????  Yummy!

Finally did my nails tonight.  It's been quite a while (like, well over a month) since I did my nails last.  Painted the toenails at the beginning of the month, but haven't done the nails since England, I think.  I got funky tonight, too - I have some little flower decals and rhinestones, and put some of those on the toes and a finger.  :-)

It was nice tonight that I got outside and started to cut the grass, and my son came and took the lawn mower away from me.  Technically, cutting the grass became his chore back when I had my foot surgery, but I honestly don't mind doing it on occasion.  Tonight, I didn't mind it, but I didn't think I could physically complete the task.  But, in watching him mow, I can tell he needs some serious schooling on how to more efficiently cut the grass.  Not to mention, it drives me nuts that he leaves little thin strips of places where he's missed, and that just won't do!  lol  I am very thankful that he willingly cuts the grass, though, and I just point out the missed spots and he goes back and takes care of them.

There's not a damn thing on tv tonight that I care to watch.  I used to really like Criminal Minds, but it is so dark, I just can't watch it anymore.  It's so hard to believe how cruel some people can be - I know that show is fictional, perhaps based on some true stories at times, but it makes me think about the real cases out there that are so cruel.  Like the shooting in Aurora last week at the Batman movie.  I just don't get why someone feels the need to do that.  It's just beyond me.....

Haven't had a bad start to the week, here's to hoping the rest of the week is just as good......

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Well, shit......

Here I sit on a Saturday night, not having accomplished everything I wanted to do today.  I did get the aquarium cleaned out and refilled, with much help from Momma Clydie.  The big black angelfish isn't looking real happy right now, he's moping around and staying in the corner.  The rest of the fish seem happy and are busy exploring.

I had wanted to clean some of the house today, but it took so much outta me to clean the tank, plus we dropped Steven and CJ off at the movies this morning and had to go pick them back up, so that broke up the day and took up some time.  Not to mention that after dropping them off, we had to go to Petsmart, Home Depot, Truett's, Sports Authority and Publix, before going back home.

Once we picked the boys up, we had to hit Walmart for a few more things.  Got home, chatted with the hubs and grilled hot dogs.  Now here I sit, on the couch, watching Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Bio channel, trying to decide what to snack on next.

I haven't felt well today - only had 1 cup of coffee, so maybe that's the problem (I normally have 2).  We dropped the boys off, and when we were in Petsmart I started feeling kind of dizzy and light-headed, so when we finished there, we went to eat at Truett's, then headed to Home Depot.  I still didn't feel well, but we continued on, as there were things to do.  I finally got past the yucky feeling and was able to get busy with the aquarium when we got home.  Part of me thinks my sugar levels were screwy because I had a drink last night that had strawberry daiquiri mix in it, and I think that mix really played a mess with my sugar.

I had a horrible dream last night, one apparently so bad that I woke up sobbing.  Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me remember what the dream was about.  I just know that I woke up in the middle of the night with this feeling of utter loneliness, hopelessness, and extreme sadness and despair.  I laid there, crying for a few minutes, and drifted back to sleep.  I just hate it when I have dreams, whether good or bad, and I can't remember them.

Anyways, got a lot of shit to get done this weekend - there's a lot of things I want to get done before I go to bed tomorrow night.  I hope I can find the motivation and energy in me tomorrow to get everything accomplished.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blah.....weekend's almost over.....

Damn, the weekend is almost over.  We went to the lake on Friday afternoon and had a pretty good time.  Got to do a little fishing, a little swimming, some good eatin', and some napping in the late afternoon.

I'm in a funk.....lots of things going on, lots of things going through my mind.  Having weird dreams that I don't understand or like.  So much going on in my life - house-hunting, missing my husband (thank God he comes home in about 3 months or so), having some of my business get out that I didn't want shared with others, and finding out some things that I thought were resolved regarding a certain situation aren't resolved.

I am still looking for a house - there is one that I was quite interested in back in February that went off the market, that I discovered this weekend may be back on the market.  Gotta talk to my agent to see what the deal is with that one.  At this rate, though, even if I find the perfect house tomorrow, I doubt we'll be moved into it in time to get Steven started at the new school right off the bat, he'll end up having to transfer.

Husband will be home soon, and I can't wait!  Can't really give details about it, as there are rules regarding keeping the info on a need-to-know basis, and the general public doesn't need to know.

I found out this weekend that some information that I didn't want shared with certain other people, was in fact, shared.  I know where the "leaks" are, so that will be taken care of and dealt with, as in - no more information will be shared with those that are leaking it to others that don't need to know.

In reference to the issue I thought was resolved - I'm just not going there, other than to say - if you don't know 100% of the situation, then you don't need to share your misguided and misinformed opinion. 

My bladder lift procedure is scheduled for August 8th.  I can't wait to do this and get it overwith, so I don't have to worry about whizzing on myself every time I sneeze or cough or laugh too hard.  It will be nice to be able to do jumping jacks in interval class, and perhaps to take up running, without worrying about an accident. 

I don't mind sharing info about this surgery, as it is a common problem, and is only embarrassing to discuss when there's an accident to have to deal with.  Once I go through the procedure - if any of you have any questions regarding the procedure, please feel free to message me and ask. 

Well folks, I'm tired and I may go crawl in bed early.  My boys are drowsy from their medication for today's ride home.  Hopefully they'll sleep well tonight, too.  I hope everyone has a great Monday!