Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Weekend!

I had a wonderful weekend - Friday night we took Steven to the Tilted Kilt (think Hooters, only better).  He had a great time, I think, or at least he seemed to.

I got up yesterday and went to the gym - Interval class.  I'm starting to hate it.  It's getting harder, more challenging, and yes, I know I need it.  But.....I got concerned yesterday because I actually broke out in a cold chill about 40 minutes in.  I had just been feeling unbelievably hot, and we got on the floor to do some abdominal stuff, and suddenly I've got goosebumps and had a cold chill go through me.  For the first time ever, I left class to go splash cold water on my face.  I went back to class and finished it, well all of it but maybe the last 3-4 minutes of it, but I had had enough.

Came home showered and dolled myself up for our photo shoot with my friend Crystal, who owns and operates Hello, Doll Photography (check her page out on Facebook).  Here are some of the shots:



Steven and me

Brian really hates having his picture made, but he was a good sport, although he did a great job of showing how freakin' crazy he can be sometimes!

We then went to see his mom and hung out over there for a while before coming back home.  I was sooooo sleepy when we got home!

Got up this morning, walked Gabriel and farted around the house til around 10.  Got my hubby up and we took the pups to the dog park, then went to the firing range to shoot some zombies in preparation for the coming apocalypse.  LOL  But seriously, we shot up our targets, came home and took a super awesome nap!  Fixed philly cheese steak sammiches for dinner, and gonna have ice cream for dessert.

I love my life, my husband, my son and my family!  Life is GOOD!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


So tonight I tried Zumba at the gym.  That class is soooo not for me!  I am so uncoordinated when it comes to dance moves, and I just have no rhythm, that I won't be doing that class again.  It requires a lot of hip shaking and moves I just can't fathom being able to do - I tried, believe me I tried, but what I managed to do didn't look even remotely close to what the instructor was doing.  I am so glad they don't video record us in there!  LOL  Looks like I'll be sticking with interval, step and power classes, and maybe the occasional centergy class if Linda is the one teaching it.

Brian is watching "Saving Private Ryan".  Have I mentioned that I really don't care for war movies?  LOL  I married a soldier, but yet I don't like war movies. 

I cooked enchiladas for dinner tonight - Brian had requested them the other day, said he wanted me to make them at least once before he deploys.  I jokingly call them my "damn enchiladas" because I never really liked them that much, and I don't usually enjoy them all that much either, but of course I'll cook him anything he asks for that I'm capable of cooking.  And they were good enough that I'm taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I have harvested some of the jalapeno peppers that I've grown, and Brian had one last night and a couple of them tonight.  Last night he mentioned that the one he ate was the hottest one he'd had in a while, if it wasn't the hottest one period.  Tonight, he chomped into one that had turned red, and he was like "OMG!!!!" and started choking and his eyes turned red and started tearing up.  He said it was waaaayyyy hotter than the one last night!  LOL  Insisted that Steven and I try it, too - he cut a small piece off and mixed it in with Steven's enchilada, and he didn't seem to be bothered by it.  Then he rubbed the pepper on a piece of my enchilada and I could smell it before I tasted it, and once I ate it, my mouth got a tad bit warm, but it really wasn't all that bad.  Of course that was just the juice from it, I can only imagine how hot it would have been had I eaten a piece.

Speaking of hot things - we ate at a chinese buffet a few weeks ago, and I had gotten some wasabi to try with a piece of sushi.  Let's just say that I didn't care for the piece of sushi that I tried, and the wasabi was "different".  I didn't find it to be painfully hot, but then again, I only tasted a teeny tiny bit of it.  Steven picks up a glob of it about the size of a garbonzo bean, and eats it.  He was fine for about 10 seconds, til the heat kicked in.  It was pretty funny to watch his reaction to that!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!  I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow afternoon and doing the step class.  I may try to hit the interval class on Saturday morning, but I'm not sure yet.  We have a photo shoot with Crystal Saturday afternoon -  gotta get some pictures made before Brian deploys!  He is trying his best to get out of it, as he really doesn't like having his picture made, but a promise is a promise!  LOL

I hope y'all have a great Friday tomorrow, and a fantabulous weekend!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
~ Malachy McCourt

I saw that quote on someone's Facebook profile tonight.  Makes total sense to me.  Carrying resentments around is the same thing as holding a grudge and not forgiving someone.  It's not healthy, but I think we all do it to some extent or another.  I know I do.

I know I do, because I'm carrying resentments around in my heart and mind regarding several situations.  I'm the only one that can resolve these situations, well for the most part I'm the only one.  There's one situation that I can't resolve on my own - I have forgiven the person, without getting an apology, and I realize that I will likely never get one.  That resentment towards that situation may never resolve because of other people not directly involved in the it, appearing to have taken sides and trying their best to make me feel like it's all my fault and that I have to make the move to fix it.  Been there, tried it, and he didn't have a clue, even though I told him exactly what I expected from him.  So be it. 

Anyway, resentments cause conflict and give me an unsettled feeling that I cannot stand.  I don't like conflict, and just want life to be peaceful and happy.  I know there will sometimes be conflict, but I have a hard time dealing with it at times.  The conflicts that I have experienced recently are nothing at all like things that happened in the past - I think they are normal, run of the mill conflicts, but I know I overreact to them.  I feel damaged, unrepairable, at times.  I'm not going to rehash old feelings, but they're hard to get over sometimes.   A lot damn harder than I imagined they would be. 

Anyways, this wasn't mean to be a "Debbie Downer" type blog, just expanding on the quote I saw on Facebook.  I'm being entertained tonight by the dogs having their own form of conflict - Dominion and Gabriel are barking and talking to each other, jumping on each other, and just making a LOT of noise.  I uploaded a video of them playing - it's hard to watch, as they are moving back and forth rather quickly, but you get the idea.

Got a great workout in tonight in Interval class - talk about resentment!  I resent the hell outta this extra weight that I'm carrying around!  But I can only be mad at myself, and no one else.  I sometimes wish I could wake up thinner and in shape tomorrow, but I know that would never happen, except in fantasy land.  Oh well.....a girl can dream......

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a day......

So I get up this morning in a royally bad mood, mainly because I was awakened too darn early.  Not gonna say why, but it wasn't for anything good, fun or exciting.  I resorted to what I used to do when I would get mad - I started cleaning house.  I piddled around in the kitchen a little while, and after Brian got up and took the dogs to the dog park, I started cleaning the bedroom.

I got the bedroom cleaned up, and vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpet in the bedroom and living room.  I also cleaned up my desk, too.  I never finished up in the kitchen, was too tired from everything else.  Brian was watching "Alice in Wonderland" (the one with Johnny Depp) and I laid in the floor with him and fell asleep. 

We had a yummy dinner at our favorite BBQ place - McGhinn's Southern Pit in Griffin.  I tried the small rib plate tonight and damn it was good.  I didn't realize Steven loved brunswick stew as much he does - he put it on everything tonight - his bbq sandwich, his cornbread, and straight out of his bowl. 

Steven's at a sweet sixteen party tonight for one of his classmates.  On the way home from dropping him off, I started thinking about what kind of party to have for him, and where we would have it.  I can't believe he will be 16 this year!  (and if any of you have any party ideas for him, please let me know!)

Okay, I'm gonna share a personal injury story here, that's of a somewhat intimate nature.  Only because now I think it's kinda funny.  I was changing into some lounging around the house clothes, and my bra's underwire on one cup was coming through the material.  I didn't realize it, and somehow managed to cut the hell outta my bewb!  We are talking a 3 inch gash - not a scratch, but a GASH!!!  Removed skin and bleeding!!!!  NOT FUN!!!  But kinda funny now that it's been a while since it happened.  So ladies - if you wear underwire bras, make sure you regularly inspect them to insure that the wires aren't working their way out of the fabric - getting cut by one of those that has a rough edge is a bitch!

Well folks, I think I need to take a nap before it's time to pick Steven up from his party.  I hope everyone has a great Sunday tomorrow!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Why am I not surprised?

People just never cease to amaze me.  Before I go any further, yes, I am going to talk about someone, and yes, I'm sure it will sound like I am judging them.  I just can't help myself, they put their business out there for the world to see and it's just so hard not to have the thoughts that I'm having.

Let me start by saying - I do not know this woman.  She has a profile on a website that I am on, and I came across her profile a little over a year ago.  Because I find what she says interesting at times, I go to her profile on occasion.  She was always on the hunt for a FWB (friend with benefits, for anyone reading that may not be familiar w/the abbreviation). 

She recently had a child, and all throughout the pregnancy, she mentioned how she was "looking for a good man", and wondering why she couldn't find one, and when someone would ask "well, what about the child's father?", she would say that she was having this baby on her own, with no explanation.

So the other day, I visited her profile and she had made a comment that having multiple FWBs wasn't a wise thing.  Someone questioned her on it, and she admitted it was because she ended up pregnant and now she doesn't know which FWB is the father.  And I would imagine, being that ever how many men she was involved with, being that they were just FWBs, wouldn't be interested in helping her raise the child.

Part of me wants to feel sorry for her, but I just can't.  She did this to herself.   Why would a woman sleep with multiple men, without using protection (and not just against pregnancy but all the diseases that are out there)?  (and yes, I know, maybe she did use protection and it failed, but still....)

I do feel sorry for the child, to know that if she tells the child the truth of how it was conceived, it wasn't out of love, or at least with someone that the mother loved. 

Maybe I'm wrong for saying something here about this situation, but so be it.  That whole situation just screams of ignorance and carelessness. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Importance of Proper Sentence Structure

The boss had to fire somebody, and he narrowed it down to one of two people, Debra or Jack.  It was an impossible decision because they were both super workers.  Rather than flip a coin, he decided he would fire the first one who used the water cooler the next morning.

Debra came in the next morning with a horrible hangover after partying all night.  She went to the cooler to take an aspirin.

The boss approached her and said "Debra, I've never done this before but I have to lay you or Jack off."

"Could you jack off?" she says.  "I feel like shit."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nothing ever goes as planned.....

Nope, it never does.  I made it to the gym yesterday afternoon, but didn't get much of a workout in.  Did the treadmill for about 15 minutes, and a few machines, but mostly watched Brian trying to instruct Steven on proper technique on some ab exercises, but it seems like when one of us tries to help Steven with working out, he doesn't pay much attention, which leads to frustration on our part.  Steven says he honestly wants to learn how to properly use the machines and work out, but he's just not paying attention when we instruct him on technique.  I'm hoping he improves with that before Brian leaves, because Steven and I won't always being working out together, doing the same things at the same time and I want to make sure he does things properly so that he doesn't injure himself.

Speaking of Steven - I took him to the doctor this afternoon.  He has his first case - ever - of bronchitis.  The last 3 nights he's coughed so hard that he's thrown up.  The doctor said he could hear some wheezing in his chest, so I'm very glad that I took him in this afternoon.  He got an inhaler, codeine cough syrup and antibiotics, plus he's got to take Mucinex to help as well. 

I didn't make it to the gym tonight, as I fell asleep sitting up in the chair at the doctor's office, and was so tired that I took an hour nap when we finally got home and settled from picking up his prescriptions.  Grilled some mean chicken tonight and made some pasta and English peas (some of those that I froze fresh last month).  I usually enjoy cooking dinner, when it all comes together and turns out good.  I hope that I don't lose my desire to cook when Brian goes on deployment.  It's much more economical to cook meals at home rather than to eat out all the time, and I need to start talking to Steven about that soon, too, as he really likes eating out.

Looks like the puppy will be living his life in his crate for a while, as he can't seem to stop having accidents in the house.  Brian moved the crate into the computer room last night, so if the puppy was howling at 3am, I didn't hear it.  It was so nice sleeping until the alarm went off this morning, with no interruptions!

Well the shower is calling my name, and I best answer it!  Good night!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Well, darn it.....

no gym tonight - we got an email that there was an accident and the power was out at the gym this afternoon, and they were just going to stay closed until tomorrow.  I really wanted to work out at a class, so I checked the schedule at the other location, and there weren't any classes I was interested in taking today. 

Looks like I may need to take Steven to the doctor tomorrow - he's got his usual beginning of school cold/allergies, and it's making him cough so hard he throws up.  I wouldn't worry about it and would treat him at home, if it wasn't making him barf.  I've been there with that before, so I'm kinda thinking he's quickly slipped into bronchitis.  (I've had bronchitis before where I couldn't eat, because I would cough everything up that I ate). 

We were busy this afternoon - dropped Steven's flute off at the shop for some repairs, took the pups to the dog park, had Subway for dinner and did a little shopping for a few necessities at Wally World.  Brian and I had a really good discussion at the dog park....some stuff was discussed that really needed to be.  No problems, just thoughts about certain things, and learning even more that he really does "get" me.  He knows where I'm coming from, and why I feel the way I do about some things, and is just so patient and understanding with me.  I am truly blessed!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Moody Monday.....

Oh yeah, I'm in one hell of a mood today.  I had a really bad day yesterday, don't even want to discuss it.  Suffice it to say I went to bed around 8pm with a killer headache, and woke up with the same damn headache this morning.  Not even to mention that the puppy woke me up at 3:30am.  He whined and whined and whined until it was time to get up.  I'm sorry, but I'm done taking him out in the middle of the night - if I keep doing that, then that's what he will continue to expect as he grows up.

So between lack of sleep and those grand PMS hormones, the world better watch out.  I'm ready to kick ass and take names, or whatever that stupid saying is!

Going to the gym tonight to do interval class.  I think it will make me feel better, as working out hard always seems to do that for me.  I made it to step class on Friday, thanks to the instructor waiting 10 minutes to get started.  It was a great workout, although more difficult technically speaking than I'm used to in interval.  Just gotta get used to it.  That makes 4 trips to the gym last week, and hopefully will work in 4 times this week, too.

I have 2 sick men at home. Steven is coughing up a storm, his usual beginning of the school year cold/allergies.  Brian is feeling under the weather too, a summer cold I think.  I suppose I'll need to stop by the pharmacy tonight to pick up some stuff to help them out.  I quit taking my Claritin about 2-3 weeks ago, so allergies are a contributing factor to the headache that I've got.  Looks like I'll have to start back on it, as the upcoming fall season will have new pollens and allergens that I'll be dealing with.  I hate having to take meds on a daily basis for things like allergies!

Well folks, I hope you all have started out on the right foot today, unlike how my day got started.  Time for me to change my attitude and make my day start getting better, as happiness is a choice, and so far I have chosen to be pissy and sulk.  I might just have to find some appropriate music to get me going and break the rules at the office and listen to it for a bit!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another week almost gone.....

Three awesome workouts so far this week!  Monday - interval class, Tuesday - treadmill and weights, Wednesday - power class.  We took the day off today - Brian wasn't feeling well, I had to stop by and pick up my bp meds, and Steven had to DJ at 8pm so I wanted dinner ready and finished before then (and it actually happened!)  I'm thinking I'm gonna hit the step class tomorrow afternoon so that I get 4 days of workouts in this week.  I won't be able to go Saturday, as we have some stuff to do that will take up most of the day.

Gabriel is getting better at the house-breaking stuff, mainly because I'm having to take him out at least every hour, to keep him from having the opportunity to have an accident.  That is the poopingest dog I've ever seen!  He will poop almost every single time you walk him! 

But this getting me up at 3am stuff is just not doing it for me.  The other morning, he woke me up at 2am, so I walked him.  Whined on and off until 3:30am, and I walked him again.  Finally, he was quiet until the alarm went off for the day.  I gave him a Benadryl the next night, thinking that would keep him out most of the night.  WRONG!  He went to bed stoned outta his little mind, but woke me up at 3am, bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Well folks, it's almost the weekend - if I don't see ya here this weekend, I'll see ya here soon!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm gonna flip out if I don't get a good night sleep tonight!  Gabriel decided to wake me up at 2am, then he whined and howled on and off until 3:30am.  I took him out at both 2am and 3:30am, and seems like I looked at the clock about every 15-20 minutes in between.  He was quiet after the 2nd time outside, until Brian's alarm clock went off at 5:30am.  Then he howled and whined and barked with a vengeance until I took him out again at 6.  I'm seriously considering giving him a benadryl tonight to help him sleep.  I'm hoping that will help!

Speaking of Gabriel - he loves chasing frogs when I walk him.  He hops after them, and I think he's even tried to eat some of them, but they apparently taste bad because he shakes his head and kind of makes a snort.  I hate frogs - they are gross and I can't imagine him trying to eat a live one.  Ick!!!!

I tried to get Gabrel and Dominion on video "talking" to each other tonight.  They are so funny.  Gabriel barks, and Dominion kind of makes a whining noise, that sounds more and more urgent the longer the "talking" goes on.  It's really interesting and funny to watch.

I think I'm going to pay tomorrow for tonight's workout.  I just did treadmill for about 15 minutes, and we worked legs.  My legs keep getting stiff, but walking Gabriel helps to loosen the muscles back up, so we shall see what a night of sleeping will do as far as how they will feel.  I don't mind getting the soreness, it tells me I'm doing something right.  Interval class and some arm work last night, legs & treadmill tonight, and hopefully I can make it to power class tomorrow (and damn, those lunges and squats are gonna hurt after tonight's workout!). 

My goal is to now make it to the gym at least 4 times a week.  I really should go 5 days a week, but I just don't see that happening.  Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but I will definitely make the 4 days a week count.  I can see a difference in my arms, and so can Brian.  My "wings" are shrinking (damn I hate those things!) and I'm starting to get a very slight bit of definition in my upper arms when I am exercising them.  Finally, results I can see!

Well folks, gonna try to get to bed a little earlier tonight, plus I gotta find the benadryl for Gabriel.  I'm hoping it doesn't have the opposite effect that I'm looking for!

Have a great night!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday.....coulda been better, but coulda been a LOT worse!

So I had a rough day at work today.  Not going into a lot of details on here, but I had some very challenging moments with a few different situations, and let me tell ya something - having killer PMS and working through those moments are a true exercise in patience, tact and just plain out self-restraint! It was bad enough and got under my skin enough that I began to wonder if the gym has a punching bag, and if it would hurt my knuckles too much to go to town on it without gloves or being taped up!

I got a great workout in the interval class, though, and it helped to disperse some of the tension and anger.  Rhonda is stepping things up a bit and it's getting a tad more difficult and challenging - I discovered that on Saturday - and tonight was no different.  Really kicked my ass!  (and really really made me sweat!)  When I finished, Brian insisted I do some of the machines with him and Steven, so I did.  Good thing I was there - Steven seems to be having trouble comprehending instructions regarding proper lifting techniques.  We are trying to make sure he learns proper form now so that he won't injure himself. 

When we got home, we took the pups to the dog park.  They had a great time - Gabriel made a new friend and ran and played and wrestled with him.  And of course, Gabriel had to go wallow in the swimming pool while he was there, too.  LOL

Now we're having a relaxing evening, watching wrasslin' and eatin' pizza.  And filling out the freaking zillion pages of crap that you gotta fill out when your kid starts back to school.  I had to take a break before I got a massive hand cramp!

I gotta figure out what class (if any) that I'm gonna do tomorrow night at the gym, or if I'm just gonna do the treadmill and weight machines......hmmmmmm......

Sunday, August 7, 2011


So tonight I came across a "flair" on Facebook - it says :  "I have a problem with low self-esteem which is really ridiculous when you consider how amazing I am".  I chose to post that to my wall but I didn't offer an explanation as to what that particular flair means to me.  I think by sharing my feelings on this, I am possibly opening myself up for more than I may want to hear from some of you, but here goes anyway.

I have always had issues with self-esteem, as far back as 3rd grade or so.  Even when I wasn't overweight, I always had it in my head that I was.  I go back sometimes and look at pictures from different periods in my life, and I remember thinking at that time "wow, I'm as big as a barn" or whatever negative thought about myself, and when I see the pictures from that time period, I realize that I had a really warped sense of self in the past.

And people are so freaking cruel sometimes.  I've been picked on for various reasons having to do with my appearance over the years, mostly due to being overweight, and back in junior high school to having bigger boobs than anyone else.  The big boobs comments didn't bother me so much, but the weight comments did.  It sure is easy to criticize someone for their appearance, and kids just don't realize how much damage they do with the hateful comments that they make.

You'd think it would have been different in college, being that people are a few years older and perhaps have matured somewhat, but no, that wasn't the case.  I remember some of the comments that were made about me from people that were friends of the guy that I dated for so long in college, and yes, even he was guilty of saying things at times. 

Funny thing is - some of those very people aren't in the same shape that they were in back in college or high school, but other than mentioning that fact here in this blog, I won't mention it to them directly or in any other forum.  Why?  Because I'm sure it's something they are quite aware of.  Just like I knew back in school, be it junior or senior high, or college, that I was overweight.  I didn't need some cruel-hearted mean-ass jerk to point it out to me (and if any of you think I may be talking about you - it's not necessary to contact me to apologize - a lot of time is passed and I have forgiven anyone who has said mean things to me in the past). 

I know why people pick on others - because they are usually lacking something in the self-esteem department themselves and they do it to make themselves somehow feel better.  I've been guilty of doing it myself when I've been feeling bad about myself or something going on in my life - there is a momentary sick kind of pleasure in being mean and getting a rise out of someone, but then the guilt sets in (at least for me) because it's not right to do. 

The point of this blog is not to point the blame to others for how I feel about myself today.  I am responsible for that.  No one any longer has the power over me to make me feel bad about myself, only I have that power.  And I've been struggling with it lately.  No one has said or done anything to make me feel this way - it is all me.  I am so very happy to have a husband that loves me just the way I am, and who couldn't care less if I gained 20lbs or lost 20lbs. 

Making it to the gym is hard for see the other people that are in shape, that are making better progress at getting in shape than I am.  What should be an uplifting experience for me and give me energy and encouragement, usually ends up taking the wind out of my sails and I feel like I'm just sinking further into the abyss of suck-ass self-esteem.  But, I keep plugging on at it, encouraging my son to go with us and trying to set a good example for him to keep at it, and encouraging some of my friends that are having the same sinking self-esteem feelings that I have.  It just really sucks to leave the gym feeling down in the dumps, from thinking about how far I have to go to reach my goals.

Speaking of my son - thank God he has a great metabolism and is growing up and not out.  He's actually lost 10-15lbs over the last year, but has gotten about 4 inches taller.  The shorts he wore to school a year ago are now way too big and will fall off his waist without a belt.  Even with the great metabolism, that could always slow down at any time, so that is why I am trying to encourage him to get into the exercise habit now. 

It would have been so much easier for me had I been encouraged to exercise at his age.  I made efforts in college to exercise - took swimming classes, aerobics, and even lifted weights with some of my friends.  I tried the Jane Fonda step aerobics when that hit the market after I finished college - that was some fun stuff, and hard!  I think I still have the videotape somewhere - that would be funny to try to do today!

Before any of you go commenting on here, or emailing or calling me - I know I have a lot of positives in my life.  I know looks aren't everything.  I'm not worried about my weight so much because of my looks, but because of my health.  There are some serious health issues on all sides of my family, and I really feel like I should be getting a handle on my weight now, as a lot of these issues have excess weight as a risk factor.  But I won't lie to you, either - I would love to fit back into a 10 or a 12 again.  And once I get my head on straight with all this, I will eventually get there.  I just gotta keep moving.....50lbs down, 50lbs to go......

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lazy, Hazy Saturday.....

But it didn't start out as a lazy, hazy Saturday.....

I got up this morning with the best of intentions to stay busy all day.  Got the boys up and we went to the gym.  Steven took the interval class with me, and boy was that entertaining, to say the least!  He's even more uncoordinated than I was when I started the class.  That's not really a fair statement, though, since I was familiar with step moves prior to taking interval, and Steven has never done step aerobics or anything similar.  He stuck with it and wants to go to class again, although not with the "old ladies on Saturday mornings".  (I had to assure him that Monday afternoon class had younger, pretty ladies in it for him to agree to try the class again LOL)

After the gym, we shopped for some back to school stuff at Wally World.  They only had 1 pair of shorts in stock that fit him, so I knew we'd have to look elsewhere for more.  Lunch at Chick-fil-A, then onto Target to spend our wedding gift cards on shoes and also buy some shorts for Steven.  We were in luck at Target on shorts - I bought him 3 more pair, so he is good to go for shorts for this year.  Found me some cute sandals on sale for less than $10, which is amazing at Target considering I wear 11's and they only carry 11's in certain shoes. 

Ended up at Randar's Reptiles for snake food and EcoEarth (bedding material for the snake), then home.  I had wanted to go to the Farmers Market and get that box of sweet potatoes, but it was just so hot outside and I was tired, so we stayed home.  It wasn't long after getting home that I caught a major case of the sleepies, so I went to take a nap somewhere around 3pm.  Wasn't a very peaceful nap at times - we had a heck of a thunderstorm roll through, the dogs kept jumping on the bed, playing or fighting, I'm not sure which at this point, and then Steven got hold of the helium balloon from my flower arrangement and was running through the house, giggling on helium.  I'm sure I would have found that last bit about Steven to be funny, had I not been awakened from a much needed nap.

My nap ended up lasting about 5 hours or so, and I'm already ready to crawl back into bed (I've only been up an hour).  I had to get up when I did because I was feeling bad, I imagine because I need to eat!  Snacked on some of those yummy apple cinnamon rice cake snacks.   I wasn't expecting them to be as damn good as they were, but wow, they hit the spot.  But now it's time for a sammich! 

Well folks, I'm gonna get that sammich, and watch whatever is on Sci-Fy channel tonight.  I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shooting rainbows.....

I came across these funnies and sayings on the Status Shuffle on Facebook today.....
*You not only fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch, you managed to hit the stupid tree growing next to it also!  Way to go, winner.....

*If you are going to make me a piece in your game, don't be surprised if I decide to play.

*is currently thinking and just wants to say congrats!  You have just won the "pissed off the wrong person" reward.  Here's your prize. *smack* oops :)

*You say you don't like my attitude.  My attitude is a direct result of YOUR behavior...Change your behavior and I will change my attitude!

*Stupidity is like art.  Everyone can do it, but only the truly gifted are masters at it.

*I ruined an emo kid's day today - I made him smile.

*organizing your things is a sign you're too lazy to look for stuff

*My wings and halo are in the shop being re-glittered....guess I'll grab the trusty broom!

*PMS gives women 1 chance every month to act the way men act everyday.

*my life is so wonderful...when I bend over rainbows shoot out my butt

So yes, I was bored, and decided to play with the Status Shuffle thingy on Facebook.  Those were the ones I thought were funniest at the moment, especially the last one.

I've had a great week so far - my birthday was Monday and it was spent working, then shopping at Sam's Club.  We had planned on going to this bbq place in Griffin that we both love, but they are closed on Monday's, so we just had Zaxby's salads before shopping.  We hit the bbq place tonight!  :-)

Steven has decided he wants to go to the gym with us, so he went yesterday and I put him through a few machines and the treadmill.  It's just too hard to come home and pick him up and still make the 5:30 classes, so I think I'm going to have to check the schedules at both the Stockbridge and McDonough locations and see when the classes I prefer are offered, and change my routine.  I am so stressed trying to get home and get him and make it to class, and it just won't happen with the way traffic is.  Today we didn't make it - I got behind every slow, dumbass driver on the road, and then when we were about a mile from the gym, Brian called and needed me to come get him, as he was having to leave his car in the shop overnight.

Dominion is tolerating Gabriel a litle better now.  Still growls and snaps at him sometimes, but I don't worry so much anymore about him hurting Gabriel.  I even got a picture of the 2 of them laying in bed near each other on my birthday, waiting for us to come to bed.  So sweet!

Well folks, I hope you all had a great hump day, and here's to an even better Thursday!