Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Just Don't Get It. Really, I Don't.

Why, after umpteen # of years of doing things a certain way, does one individual (or maybe 2) seem to have difficulty understanding the reasoning behind it, and that it doesn't have anything at all to do with their processes?  Aaarrrggghhhh!!!!

Yes, I was in a really pissy mood the other day when I started this - I was at work and someone had to be ignorant about something we've been doing a very long time, like it was a big surprise and they didn't know what it was all about, and that it was irrelevant to their work processes.  Doh!

So there's some more catching up to do, the main thing being Brian's "incident" this past weekend.   On Saturday, Brian was redoing the screening on the porch, and was coming down the ladder.  Somehow he lost his balance or missed a step, and fell backwards.  He put his left arm down to break his fall, and Steven said he heard it snap pretty loud.  I was inside, and I think Clydie was too, and he started yelling and screaming.  She made it to him before I did - when I got to the porch he was laying on the ground, with his arm kinda underneath him and I could see the elbow sticking out from under him and it didn't look right.  He screamed "I broke my fucking arm!" and I swear to God I damn near threw up.  I was afraid to get a closer look at it but I got down there with Clydie and Steven.  We got him sat up on the ground, then he said he would rather me drive him than have the ambulance take him (I had called 911 because I didn't know if we could get him off the ground).

I got him to the hospital and they whizzed us through registration, triage and got him in an exam room (amazingly this took less than 10 minutes total), then took him back to X-ray as soon as he sat on the bed.  When he came back he looked at me and said "you know when I do something, I always try to do it up right, right? well.....I not only dislocated my elbow but I broke it".  The doctor came in and explained that Brian broke the ulna, which is the bone they normally pull on to put a dislocated elbow back into place, so they wouldn't be able to adjust it, it would take surgery to fix the break and to get the bones back into the joint properly. 

Here is the side view of the break and dislocation - that bone that is sticking out to the right, doesn't belong out there.  The break is on the bottom bone:

This is a view from the bottom - you can clearly see the broken ulna here:

Here's the view of the fix - the plate and screws, with the joint back in place like it's supposed to be:

Long story short, Brian had surgery on Sunday around 11:30am, and the surgeon put in a 4-6" plate that has 6 screws in it, and had to make a 2nd incision to remove bone fragments from the joint (Brian apparently chipped the bone in at least 2 places and the fragments ended up in the joint).  He was released Sunday evening, and he's been home since.  No driving until he sees the surgeon on Monday, so he's going nuts being stuck at home and having to rely on me or his mom to drive him around.  So, he and Steven and sometimes Brianna are working on finishing the porch work.  It's hard to keep a good man down!  Even from a broken ulna and dislocated elbow!

Steven leaves for England for the summer this Saturday - I know he will enjoy himself, but I will miss him! :-(

I've gotten back into reading the Stephen King Dark Tower series - I'm almost finished with book 6, Song of Susannah.  It's getting GOOD!

Guess it's time for me to pick the book back up, I should be close to finishing it about now.

Have a great rest of week!

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