Monday, June 1, 2015

Time is Flying!

Damn, why does time fly by so fast?!  I mean, I'm glad when time flies at work, although it rarely does, but weekends, and time off, just goes by too damn quick!  And my mother's visit to the states is almost over!  She's been here just over a month, and goes back to England on Friday.  I'm not ready for her to leave!

So here's the latest on me - had an echocardiogram back in early May due to family history of heart stuffs and I've been getting winded pretty easily and having some minor chest pains.  Thankfully, the echo was normal, and the doctor doesn't feel any further heart tests are warranted just yet.

My blood work has changed somewhat since last done in February - cholesterol went back up a bit (206 now), and the triglycerides, while still high (251), they're down from where they were a few months ago.  My sugar is still a little high (102 - high end of normal is 99), but the doctor isn't worried about that yet, even with family history on both sides. 

The post-nasal drip has been off the chain lately, almost choking me, so she added Singulair to the Allegra that I was already taking, and believe it or not, 2 days in, and I can feel a difference in the drip.  It's still there, but not nearly as bad.

Had my mammogram in April, and it took almost a month for them to get the films from the previous place I've had them done.  They thought they saw something in one of the girls, so I had to go back last week and have more images made.  More thanks, it was nothing and I have the all-clear to wait for a year til my next episode of flattening the girls. 

For those of you who personally experience or know of someone that experiences ungodly heavy periods - there's something "new" out there that may help (well, not really new but it's never been mentioned to me before by my previous doctors).  My doctor prescribed a medication called Lysteda - it was originally for bleeding ulcers, but is being used for menstrual bleeding, and also to help minimize bleeding during surgery.  Anywho - it's one of those things that it either works or it doesn't (according to my doctor), and I must say - last cycle, after just ONE dose, I could tell a difference.  She suggested I start with the maximum dose, then cut it back some, and based on my results I need the maximum dose.  It doesn't help with cramping or all the other fun stuff that goes along with "the curse", but I can handle those (if you call curling up in the bed with the heating pad, crying, handling those).  But I'm able to go to work and not have to run to the bathroom every single hour for 3 days straight. 

And now I think I have poison ivy.  DAMMIT!!!!!!  I don't handle itching very well at all.  These spots started out as small red dots on my arm, 3 of them, then 2 of them developed small blisters, and now tonight the blisters are noticeably larger, and there's 2 more tiny dots.  And OMG they itch like a Mo-fo!!!!!  I think I'm going to soak them in some vinegar, and then go shower and see if I can find my hydrocortisone cream.  This shit drives me NUTS!!!!  I don't tolerate itching - AT ALL!!! 

I hope you all had a happy Monday!

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