Saturday, May 28, 2016

Woot Woot It's An Awesome Day!

Today is an AWESOME day - it's my 5th wedding anniversary!  I am so blessed, lucky, fortunate, whatever you want to call it, to have found Brian.  He is truly "the one" for me - he has been so good to me, and to Steven, over the years, and for that I am eternally grateful.  We don't have anything special planned today, but hell, every day that we have together is special in my eyes.  Besides, I'm getting the absolute BEST present I think I could get today - my mother and her husband are coming back from England today - FOREVER.  Their plane lands this afternoon, and I'm so excited that they are going to be home.

Here are some photos from our wedding and honeymoon:
Yep, this is the epitome of our relationship - we always joke around and laugh, and have a fun time.  The wedding was no exception!

Here we are with Meme.  She'll be 92 on Tuesday, May 31.  NINETY-FREAKING-TWO!!!!!

At my uncle's lake house in the pool, on our honeymoon.  

Our 5 years together as a married couple have been fun for the most part.  Nothing's perfect, but we're perfect for each other and just roll with whatever life brings us.  I'm the happiest I think I've ever been in my adult life!

So here's some fun an excitement from last night - I'm sitting in a camp chair in the garage, while Brian is grilling a venison tenderloin.  We're shooting the breeze, talking nonsense, when I look up at the truck and see something "pouring" out from under the truck across the driveway.  My heart sinks, thinking that something burst in the truck and either water or oil was leaking out quickly, when I realized that it was a SNAKE!!!  Here's a couple photos:

I realize that the snake is rather small, but still.  It's a freaking snake!  It was about a foot & a half long, one of those rat or king snakes, so while not poisonous, it's just not something I want to see in my damn driveway.  Brian picked it up with some BBQ tongs and dropped it once on the gravel next to the driveway, before tossing it in the woods.  Dominion walked up next to me on the gravel while I was watching Brian, and I must have caused the gravel to shift because as Dominion was sniffing where the snake had been dropped, all 4 of his feet left the ground at the same time like something got him!  It was so funny, I wish I'd been videoing him.

The excitement of the snake dies down a bit, I sit back in my chair, Brian goes back to grilling, and I'm looking at the pepper patch (it's next to the garage and at the side of the steps leading into the front door), and then I see another damn snake on the side of the steps to the house, trying to get in between a crack in the rocks.  I hollered at Brian, and he grabbed it and threw it down in the pepper patch so he could grab it with the tongs.  This one was a little smaller, maybe a foot long plus an inch or 2, and he kept dropping it.  He finally threw it out in the woods, but everywhere it fell on the ground, the pups were sniffing intensely.  Dominion proceeds to start sniffing where the first snake went in the grass, and the grass must have tickled his nose and made him think something got him, and he jumped almost as high as he did the first time.

No more snakes!

We're just hanging out at the house this weekend, planning to go to my mom's on Monday to cook out and celebrate Meme's birthday a day early.  But folks - remember the reason for the holiday on Monday - it's Memorial Day, a day to remember our fallen heroes of the military.  We wouldn't have the freedoms in life that we have if it weren't for those that gave their all.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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