Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dreams, and More

After Brian left for work this morning, I laid back down to catch some more zzzz's before getting up for work (yes, I fell off the treadmill bandwagon a while back, more on that later).  I had this horrific dream that a giant stag beetle ---------------------
                                                                         \ | /

was on the wall in my bedroom.  Now, bugs usually don't freak me out too bad, as long as they aren't close to me, moving towards me, or aren't giants.  In my dream, this thing's body was about 10" long, not counting those pincers, and it had very long, spider-like legs.  I was on the bed, and it was on the wall above my closet.  I screamed, calling for Brian and Steven to save me.  Dominion came and grabbed it, and I was freaking out because I was worried it was poisonous or would hurt him, and he dropped it in the hallway.  Well FML, the thing started running towards me as I was running out of the bedroom, and it went between my feet.  I was hopping around like the floor was on fire, and screaming, finally stopping in the hallway.  I couldn't find the damn thing, and began freaking out again.  Steven came up behind me and was like "umm....Mom.....I don't know how to tell you...." and I looked down and saw the damn thing on the back of my leg!!!!  I was hopping around again, screaming and just losing it, and Steven told me to stand by the bed and he would remove it.  He donned some latex gloves and I just stood there while he was pulling it away from my skin, and I was just trying not to throw up.  I was so damn glad when the alarm went off and woke me up from that nightmare!!!!

We've been hunting a couple times, and I managed to spook a doe Sunday morning so I didn't get a shot at her.  Dammit!  Here are some photos from opening weekend:

View from my tree stand 

View from the blind

I've found that I prefer the ground blind, not because I don't like climbing the ladder stand, but because it's warmer when it's cold outside.  ;-)  Oh and I'm much closer to the action whenever critters cross my path!  We're going back to camp this weekend, and maybe this weekend, I will FINALLY get my first deer!

More on the treadmill bandwagon - about a month ago or so ago, the sickness went around the house.  I felt horrible with allergies and sinus, and had a very hard time breathing and not coughing.  I laid off the treadmill while I was symptomatic, which turned into 2 weeks of no exercise.  Then I wasn't going to bed early enough because of one reason or another, and then we had company over, and here it is November 8 and I haven't been on it in forever.  I felt better when I was walking 5 days a week, and will start back with it tomorrow.

I cannot wait for this election bullshit to be done.  ALL of the candidates SUCK, and everyone has their opinion on who the better candidate is.  They're just opinions.  I've seen so many people get so bent out of shape over politics, and friendships ruined because of difference of opinion.  I don't like to put my political opinions out there, as I know how it is for some folks, to not use that info to judge others.  And this election has truly turned into a picking of the lesser evil, and there's just no good option for the country.  May the good lord protect our country and guide whomever wins tonight, if they haven't already sold their soul to the devil.

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