Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just chugging along.....

I'm still around, just haven't felt like writing lately.  There's a lot going on - hubby is back in America, going through the process to see about getting his shoulder operated on.  I haven't been feeling well, still fighting that allergy/sinus/bronchitis crap.  They even put me on the Levaquin for a week, and it didn't make a dent in it.  I'm still taking the 24hr sudafed and the mucinex, and the congestion seems to be getting better, but it's still there and driving me nuts.

I'm feeling really under the weather this weekend.  We took the dogs to the dog park this morning and when we got home I crawled back in bed with my friend the heating pad.  Stayed in bed for over 3 hours, most of it spent sleeping, after having a whiny, woe-is-me moment. 

Been to the car wash to get all the hair out of the truck and then Walmart for lasagna fixins.  I love Brian's lasagna!  It is so good.  I hope I have at least a little bit of an appetite by the time it's ready tonight.  I've just not really felt like eating this weekend, but I get all shaky and weak feeling if I don't, so I guess I'll be eating some whether I'm up for it or not.

Damn the infomercials on whatever channel this is.  This makes a couple of weekends in a row that I haven't been glued to SyFy for a change.  Or the Bio channel for the ghost story stuff on Saturdays.  Or Travel Channel on Friday night for Ghost Adventures. 

Mom will be in the USA on Wednesday.  I can't wait to see her.  She'll be here for a month, but will be doing some travelling while here - going on a cruise with her friends, and taking my grandother to Biloxi or somewhere to go to the casinos and shop. 

Steven ordered chinese delivery the other night for us and his friends - my fortune was not very nice - it said something about needing to better acquaint myself with my exercise routine or something.  Nothing that wasn't the truth, but damn.  Fortune cookies are supposed to say nice things!  LOL 

The last few  months have been a bitch when it comes to the gym - between surgery, and being sick, and other shit going on, it's been difficult to go. Not to mention they are jacking with the class schedules.  Right now, my interval class is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I'm going to try to make it to each of those, at least the Tues/Thurs classes, and find something else to do the other days. 

Speaking of surgery - it's been a total success!  And believe me, since Brian's been home, it's really been tested - I have laughed so hard, so many times, and so far, so good.  I still have that worry that I will have an issue, but so far, no problems.  A friend of my mom's has decided to have the surgery, too, after reading about the success I've had with mine.  That's why I don't mind sharing things on here - I just may help someone by sharing my troubles and successes, and it looks like this lady is going to get some relief from such a common problem we women face.

Well I hope you all have been doing well, and have a great week.

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