Monday, April 15, 2013

Ho hum.....another Monday night......

Momma Clydie made some bacon wrapped, cheese and cilantro stuffed jalapenos tonight - yummy!  They were meant to be grilled, but she baked them, and they were good.  :-)  I'm taking some to work tomorrow and will be dipping them in blue cheese dressing - out of ranch :-( - but blue cheese is my second favorite for dipping stuff like this. 

Remember me mentioning the fall on my ass last month at the lake?  Well, my ass still bothers me when I sit in certain positions.  At the gym 2 weeks ago I sat on the step during interval class and had to flop over to the floor because it was just too painful to sit on the step.  I've been thinking the ass must be better because it hasn't bothered me lately, but tonight, I went to sit in front of my aquarium to look for babies (I'll get to that in a minute) and owie!  My butt still aches!!!

So last Wednesday we get home from the tax lady, and I notice something unusual looking in my aquarium.  I go to investigate, and holy moly there are EGGS attached to a leaf.  A LOT of them!  Turns out 2 of my angelfish decided to breed and lay eggs.  After consulting with a friend of mine that has more fish experience than me, he suggested we leave them there, that the angelfish will parent the eggs and babies, and keep the other fish away from them.  All of the eggs were hatched by Thursday night, and we had a small patch full of tiny wittle fishie babies that looked like a pile of dirt!  They fluttered and moved like a little wave, staying in the spot their parents put them.

The parents moved the babies Friday, to another leaf, and off we went to the lake for the weekend.  We got home yesterday afternoon, and we were not able to find any babies.  Either they got eaten, or got hidden somewhere we couldn't see.  I found 4 babies this morning when I got up, but alas, they are missing again.  I don't know if all the babies are just gone, or are just in hiding.  I hope some of them survived and are just in hiding - I was really looking forward to seeing the babies grow up into adults to see how they transform.  Oh well, next time they breed, I'm removing the eggs and putting them in their own tank to hatch and grow. 

I'm still coughing some, mostly just to clear some congestion, not because I have a constant need to cough.  Still - the congestion and coughing are getting pretty damn old.  I'm just glad that I'm feeling a lot better than I was even a week ago.

I had some weird dreams this weekend - dreamed about Steven, that he was around 4 or 5 years old.  He wanted to fight me regarding what he was wearing - a too-small shirt that his New-nee had bought him, and I had to find a shirt that would fit, that his New-nee got him, as for whatever reason he only wanted to wear clothes that she had bought him!  LOL

Last night, I dreamed that I signed up with a personal trainer.  I have no idea who this person was in my dream, I checked his credentials and saw that he went to USC, and apparently he was someone I knew back then and he had completely transformed his body over the years.  It was just weird, to see this person, as I had actually perused his Facebook page last night and wondered how he was doing (he doesn't post a lot online). 

I've been super emotional lately, and I'm not even PMSing.  I've just been in a total funk and can't seem to pull out of it.  I'm wound pretty tight, and have to fight the urges I get to just bluntly say what I'm thinking during certain situations.  There are times, almost daily, where I have to bite my tongue or else I will say something that will really hurt someone's feelings, or could even make someone hate me.  I don't really care if someone hates me, at least maybe they'd leave me alone.  But I don't like to hurt people's feelings - even the feelings of those people that get on my last damn nerve!

And as if I'm not emotional enough - Boston happens.  This afternoon and evening have been heavy and sad.  People who commit such violent acts disgust me.  It's too early to know whether it was foreigners, domestic terrorism, or who is responsible for these terroristic acts.  And that's exactly what they are - for whatever reason, some asshat(s) wanted to strike terror and fear into the hearts of Americans, and I think they have succeeded.  It just makes me so thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who are suffering from the attacks in Boston.

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