Sunday, March 31, 2013

Time for a little catch up

Yeah, I'm way behind in blogging.  I come up with some great ideas, but then I'm just not motivated enough to sit and write.  So here goes!

We went to the lake last weekend, with the intention of doing some work on the deck ceiling and some other stuff.  Unfortunately, it rained on and off throughout the weekend which made it difficult to try to do any work.  We fished some during the non-rain spells, but nothing was biting - caught a grand total of 4 fish, only 3 would have been keepers, so they all went back in the lake.

The most entertaining parts of the weekend were when I fell and busted my ass on the dock ramp - Brian scored the fall an 8 because I lacked finesse (he said he would have given me a 10 had I lost a shoe) and the conversation we had with Steven regarding multi-tasking.  When he was putting away the sofa bed, he was moving 1 pillow at a time, instead of picking up an armload of them to distribute on the couch.  Brian made a crack about his multi-tasking skills, and Steven said "oh I take after my mother, I can't multi-task and neither can she". I took offense to this, as I CAN multi-task, and Steven then asked Brian for an example.  I looked at him and said "do you REALLY want Brian to answer that?!!" and he suddenly yelled "NO!  Please don't respond to that!  Nevermind!" (because we all know Brian's mind would have gone straight to the gutter!)

I had my annual physical on March 21, and while there the doctor decided to do an ultrasound due to some concerns I had brought up to her that I thought maybe had to do with the mini-arc I had done last year (bladder sling).  Nope, that's just fine, but it appears that I have adenomyosis.  The way she explained that to me is that the uterine muscle is a lot thicker than normal - mine was 3x the thickness of a normal one - and while it is not life-threatening, won't lead to cancer, it is most likely the cause of my horrendous monthlies and some of the other issues I've been having.  Nothing needs to be done about it, as there are limited treatments available that would be beneficial to me at this time, but if the pain I'm having and monthly issues I'm having continue to get worse, then it may be time to consider some options, such as ablation or even hysterectomy.

I also had my routine bloodwork ran on the 21st, and the nurse called me I think it was Tuesday, and they seemed to be quite concerned about my cholesterol and my sugar.  My sugar was 97, which based on their range of normal, was only 2 points away from being overlimit for fasting bloodwork.  My cholesterol was 239, with the LDL (bad) being 151 and the HDL (good) being 64.  My triglycerides were 122.  I did some thinking about these things, knowing the family history of diabetes and heart issues, and decided to make an appointment with my new primary care doctor.

I went to see him this past Thursday, and was relieved after talking with him at length over everything.  He assured me that even with the family diabetes history, that as long as my sugar stayed below the maximum for normal, there was nothing to worry about.  Also, when looking at my cholesterol, because my good cholesterol was so high, he wasn't all that concerned about the bad cholesterol, although he feels I need to bring the bad below 130.  Because I'm already taking fish oil, niacin, and red yeast rice, he didn't want to add any prescription medications unless I just absolutely insisted on it, as he said the red yeast rice was like a natural form of Lipitor.  He felt the best option for me now is to increase my physical activity, cardio work in particular, and to watch my diet.

Funny thing is, Brian and I have been contemplating the Couch to 5k, or something similar, to get ready to run a 5k in June.  And, Momma Clydie has been downloading vegetarian and heart healthy recipes and cookbooks to her Kindle, so we are already in the process of doing things that will help all of us in the long run.  The doctor also mentioned that by increasing the exercise and improving the diet, of course I would lose weight and overall it would improve the sugar levels even more.

It was pretty convenient to have that appointment Thursday morning, as I'd starting having cold symptoms on Tuesday and I wanted to get something to knock it out pretty quick.  The doctor said it was just a viral cold, so he prescribed Bromfed (has a cough suppressant, antihistamine and decongestant in it), and said I should be good to go. Unfortunately, I woke up a LOT worse yesterday - even had congestion coming from my eyes and the coughing was a lot worse, not to mention that I had pretty much lost my voice, so Brian drove me back to the doctor.  I got a steroid injection and she also wrote me a prescription for the steroid dose pack if the shot didn't clear me up within 2 days.

I've been dragging around pretty much all day today, feeling like shit, because not only is this allergy/cold kicking my ass, but that bitch Aunt Flo just about had me down for the count this morning.  The coughing led me to take a breathing treatment, then I took a hot shower, and then I fell asleep on the couch on top of the heating pad for a few hours.  I felt a little better at that point, but it was almost 11am by then.  I'm kind of nauseated from the congestion now, so I'm sending Brian to the pharmacy tomorrow to get my steroids filled.

I have been a whiny, hormonal, steroid-filled, sick hot mess all weekend.  Every little thing has set me off on a crying jag, either from it hurting my overly sensitive feelings, or some nice things Brian has said to try to make me feel better that did and still made me cry.

I hope my voice is strong tomorrow so I can answer phones at work.  It's been back today, but I can't talk loud.  I'm sure the folks here at the house are kind of glad about it, but I don't like having to repeat myself like I've been having to do yesterday and today.

I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday.  I've just been bah-humbugging it with all this sickness and discomfort I've been experiencing.  I'll be good as new in a few days, thankfully!

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