Saturday, October 5, 2013

Epic Randomness!

My rainbow Ninja Unicorn said to tell your Purple Orangutan that the evil villain sock monkeys are coming for you tonight.. oh yeah, don't use your shampoo!

Okay, so not really - I borrowed that from Status Shuffle on Facebook.  I was just looking for something to either base my blog on tonight, or to get it started with a bang.  So, we're going for some super random stuff tonight.

Gabriel chased his first squirrel yesterday - across the street to the neighbor's house.  Brian said it was like he was deaf once he perked up and saw the squirrel - Brian yelling at him, Gabriel just hauling ass, standing at the bottom of the tree.  He was so cute - he would look up at the squirrel, then he'd look at us like "I did good, didn't I?!"  But he was in soooo much trouble with his daddy!

The house is coming along, slowly but surely.  Today was supposed to be a work in the yard most of the day kind of day, but being that the section of the landfill that accepts yard refuse such as tree limbs, cut bushes, etc., closes at 11:30am on Saturday, we got one load of stuff dumped and left the dump at 11:28am.  Stopped by Home Depot (Dem Heppo as Steven used to call it), and make a run to Wally World for a few things.

Made my hubby some sammiches today.  So many memes about women making sammiches for their men, I think it's kinda funny.  He would make me a sammich if I asked him to, but I prefer to make my own.  :-)

Steven is really enjoying his new school.  I was so glad that the kids he remembered from elementary school out here remembered him as well.  Made for a few instant friends, and he's already made several new friends.  And I can tell you this - he seems to be MUCH happier than he ever was in Hampton, going to Lovejoy.

I don't know what I'm going to do about my knee - since about 2 weeks before we moved, it's been feeling pretty stiff and "tight" inside, and with the stiffness comes some pain and discomfort.  Nothing bad enough to want to take anything stronger than an ibuprofen or acetaminophen occasionally, but still enough to be bothered and concerned about.  I think the fact that I used to sit on the couch with that leg curled up under me, coupled with the fact that I have gained a few pounds over the last couple of months, have both contributed to this.  That, and the fact that I have been bothered with arthritis at various times in my life, it's really no surprise. 

I know I need to drop the extra pounds I've gained, plus some.  Since I no longer belong to a gym, my exercise options are limited to walking and/or running, and of course I don't think running would be prudent with my knee already bothering me.  Not to mention that I just haven't felt like doing much extra with all the stress and business of the whole moving process.

The dogs are so funny in the house - we have Pergo flooring, and even though I shaved their feet and trimmed their nails the other night, they still slip and slide and click their nails on the floors when they walk and run through the house.  And they are so funny when they try to get on the bed - sometimes they slip as they jump, and end up with their heads and front legs on the bed, and are hanging there like they're stuck and need help to get up the rest of the way.  I need to video them before we end up putting rugs around the bed to make their lives easier.

Have I mentioned previously how much fun it was to move 3 aquariums over here?  A 55 gallon, and 2-29 gallon tanks.  The big tank has an assortment of tetras, an Australian rainbowfish, and 2 giant angelfish - Blondie and Willie.  Blondie was given to me by Brian 3-4 years ago (Blondie is not really a blond color, but is solid silvery white with dark fins), and Willie was gotten from my stepdad, Marion (Willie is black, and has HUGE lips).  While Marion had Willie, Willie would occasionally get some kind of illness and Marion was constantly having to treat the tank to get him well and keep the other fish from getting sick.  I've experienced the same issue with him, but on rarer occasions.  However, I think I am fighting a losing battle this time with Willie.  I have treated the tank with something called Quick Cure, which contains malachite green, and now I've purchased a different product to use that is supposed to cure both fungal and bacterial infections.  I picked it because I wanted something that took care of a multitude of conditions, and I can't really diagnose what is wrong with Willie.  No other fish in the tank is affected, it's just Willie.  Willie is over 5 years old, I don't know exactly how old (Mom, if you're reading this - put a comment on the blog with how old Willie is please), so maybe his body is just too weak to fight his illness, even with the meds.  His age along with the stress of moving I fear will be the end of dear Willie.

Anyways, the 2-29 tanks contain angelfish - one tank has the very prolific mom and pop angelfish, the other one has their offspring that survived the hatching that took place around July 1st.  The babies, even though they are from the same batch, are of varying sizes.  The smallest ones are about the size of a small English pea, the larger ones have bodies that are almost the size of a dime.  Best we can tell, they all look just like mom and pop - the silver and black stripes.  I was hoping their genetics were more diverse, so that we would end up with some differing colors and patterns, but apparently not. 

And so far, mom and pop have not laid any more eggs since we moved.  I usually can't tell which is mom and which is pop (It's hard to do with angelfish) unless the mom is getting ready to lay eggs, as her belly gets kinda fat, and it seems that one of them has a tiny bit of a belly bulge, so perhaps we will have more eggs soon.  I was kinda hoping the stress of the move would change them somehow so they'd stop breeding, but who knows.  I have no idea why they suddenly started laying eggs earlier this year - I had not done anything different that may have made conditions more favorable for breeding, but whatever.  The pair is about 3 years old, so maybe they hit their prime breeding age and decided they really liked each other?  Who knows.  LOL

We got our new range delivered last week (it's an LG smooth top, with a beautiful bright blue interior), and I cooked my first meal on it today - Hamburger Helper (Steven's request - I usually fulfill a meal request around here if at all possible, and it's been a long time since we've had HH).  Why was today the first time I've cooked on it?  Because my dear mother-in-law does the cooking during the week, so that dinner will be ready when I get home from work - it's a wonderful thing to not have to worry about cooking dinner after working all day, and having the commute that I now have!  I get to cook on the weekend (sometimes Brian will cook on the weekends but it's usually me).

It took a lot for me to finally sit down and write something tonight.  I know you've all missed me but hey, I've just lost my desire to write like I used to - I used to blog all the time on MySpace and when I first started this blog, but I have such a lack of motivation to do a lot of things.  I'd rather sit here or lay here and piddle around online, playing games, reading the news, and just not put forth the effort to think and come up with some sense of intelligence (yeah I know, sometimes I don't seem so intelligent, but it is what it is :-] ) 

Speaking of MySpace - I recently discovered that MySpace decided to get rid of blogs.  I never saved mine elsewhere, and I was kinda pissed.  Apparently a lot of MySpace users are quite upset, so MySpace is supposedly doing something where we will be able to download our blogs at some point in the next several months.  They claim they have not been deleted, just put into "safekeeping".  I would love to have mine to go back and look at, and if they are able to provide them to me for downloading, I will certainly take advantage of that.  I may even share some of the old blogs with you here.  Some I won't share, as I'm just not going to dredge up some of the events of the past - I vented a LOT about certain situations and people and today so many things are so different in my life and the lives of some of those I wrote about, it just wouldn't make sense to most of you if I shared some of those blogs without telling the whole story, which I'm just not gonna do.  The past is the past, and it's best to leave those particular stories there.

Okay folks, I've bored you all enough for tonight - sorry this one is so long (although not my longest blog I'm sure), but there was a lot of random stuff to talk about.  (my brain just jumps from one random thing to another).  Have a great rest of the weekend!

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