Saturday, April 5, 2014

Oh what a beautiful day!

We're having our first yard sale today.  I've participated in one yard sale way back right after college, but haven't had one since, and have never been to one before.  It's going okay, you'd think with as beautiful as today is, we would have more folks stopping by.  At this rate, if we don't sell anything else, it will take 2-3 trips in the truck to take it to Goodwill.  (the reason we didn't just donate it to start with is that we were hoping to make enough $ to go towards buying a covered swing to put in a garden area that Clydie and I will be working on)

But today started off kinda bad - I was showing Clydie how to open up the collapsible sawhorses, and dammit if I didn't let one of the legs go and it SLAMMED SHUT on the last section of my birdie finger on my right hand.  I think I said a few colorful words, in between having to make myself breathe, and then I just sat on the stairs and cried.  Putting an ice pack on it didn't help, as the cold made the pain worse.  Here we are, about 5 hours later, and my finger is pretty swollen and the last section is turning purplish black.  I was surprised that it didn't split my nail in half but I took the polish off to check on it and the nail appears to be intact.

After I got over the pain of smashing my finger, we had the pups out while we were setting up, and Dominion disappeared.  We couldn't find him anywhere.  I jumped in my car and rode down the street, expecting to find him on the street behind us - nope, he was at the corner of that street and our street, tinkling on the yucca plants.  He looked overjoyed to see me and to know that he would get to ride in the car back to the house.  Muddy footprints all in my front seat and I imagine in the backseat, as he had to get back there, too, on the very brief ride back home.

Then, we had let the boys out to potty and I was playing with the boys, and Dominion jumped up and hit my sore finger.  It felt almost as bad doing that as it had felt to initially injure it.  Serious pain I tell you!  I'm a little amazed that it doesn't hurt worse when I type, but I don't typically smack the keys hard so maybe that's why. 

Steven's been laying in the sun this morning/afternoon, getting his tan on.  He actually fell asleep laying out there.  Now he's laying on top of a plastic storage container, curled up in the fetal position, and I would bet that he has dozed off.  Clydie is reading her on her Kindle, and here I am, on the laptop.  Waiting for more yard sale browsers.

Can't wait for dinner tonight - Steven's treating us to Chinese take-out!  yummy!

Have a great weekend folks!

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