Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why are weekends so damn short????

Damn, here it is, early Sunday evening!  Why are weekends only 2 days, and why do they always fly by when the week days drag on forever?!?!

Had a good weekend though, after a hellish Friday.  I had a leaky tire on Friday and ended up spending about an hour and a half at Tires Plus, waiting my turn and then getting the tire replaced. 

PMS if off the chain though, and I was in a rage on the way home.  I was ready to just put my fist through something!  It seems to have chilled out now, but I still have my moments.  And I get really annoyed at things that normally make me laugh.

Our pups always sit by the kitchen table when we eat, hoping we'll drop something or offer them a bite.  Dominion was being pretty annoying, so Brian decided to trick him with a jalapeno - he pulled off the stem and threw it up in the air.  Dominion grabbed it, took about 3 chomps on it, then promptly spit it out.  He licked his lips for a bit, and we gave him some biscuit to help with the bite of the pepper.

I took Steven to see Meme yesterday.  I haven't shared a lot about her circumstances, but the short story is that doctors had written her off as dead just before her 90th birthday May 31, and were ready to send her to hospice.    She is doing very well now and will be leaving the rehab facility Tuesday.  I cried absolute tears of joy when I left her yesterday, just so thankful for the amazing difference in what she was like in May and what she is like now.  I'm not going to say much more publicly about her - if you don't know the story, feel free to private message me and I'll share the details with you.

Brian loves picking on Steven - they call each other names, smack each other, chase each other around, etc.  Today was really funny - Brian smacked Steven with the fly flap and then took off running.  Steven went to get him back and they went racing down the hallway.  I guess you had to be here.

While I was cooking dinner tonight, I had this stinging itch around my neckline and shoulder.  I ended up having Clydie put some witch hazel on it, as it was really bothering me.  I kept getting these feelings going down my back and down on my butt.  I asked her to watch the hash browns while I checked the grill, then had to get Brian to check my backside to see what the hell was going on.  I HAD AN ANT IN MY UNDERWEAR!!!!  WTF?!?!?!  I have no idea where it came from or how I got it on me.  But it made a feast on my neck, shoulders and ass.  Not fun.

We made salsa today - it had a nice bite to it.  I added extra jalapenos to 2 of the jars, and I didn't taste those.  Hopefully they will be hot enough for Brian!

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