Sunday, July 20, 2014

More funny shit my family says.....

"Will it go all the way in?" (me, asking if Steven's albums will go all the way to the back of the new cabinet that Brian built for him)

"That's what she said" (Steven's response to my comment above)

"Do you want me to toss your salad Clydie?" (we were cleaning out the refrigerator and Clydie had a leftover Zaxby's salad, and I needed to know if she wanted me to throw it away or keep it and this is how I phrased my question - Steven & Brian immediately picked up on my faux pas)

Steven was trying to say window - he was pointing out the window, and the word "window" just would not come to him - he ended up saying "magical portal thing" instead of window

Brian tells us that he's going to put something in a hat, and wants me, Steven & Clydie to each draw one out, and that it's about him - as Brian runs downstairs to get his hat and put the papers in it, Steven says "what if the 3 papers say "Rogaine, toupee & wig?"

We were discussing boarding our dogs for our recent trip to Missouri, and Brian said "I won't board our dogs anywhere that we haven't been to before, I'm putting my foot down on this one".  Steven responded with "are you sure it will reach?" (Steven loves teasing Brian about his height)

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