Thursday, March 26, 2015

Aggravations and Enlightenments

I wrote the title of the blog the other day, and I'm sure I had a ton of stuff I wanted to write that had to do with the title, but I just didn't feel like putting the thoughts together and expending the energy to write it out.  I'm leaving the title as is, maybe some of this will fit in one way or another.  Here's some of the latest goings on at our household:

*I had that pesky tooth pulled the first week in March.  I was too chicken to let them do it with Novocain alone, so they prescribed Ativan for me to take a couple hours before the appointment to help me relax.  It was a higher dose of Ativan than I got several years ago for a different procedure - I got 2mg then, and I felt *great* and managed to embarrass the hell outta Michael a couple of times.  I don't remember feeling bad later from it, I just got sleepy after I got home. 

This time, I was prescribed 3mg.  I didn't feel bad, but I didn't have the euphoric feeling that I had gotten before. And I got whiny when I got to the oral surgeon's office because they would not let Brian come back with me for the Novocain injections.  All I wanted was to hold (well, squeeze the ever-loving Hell out of) his hand, then they could send him back to the waiting room while they pulled the tooth.  They said the room was too small for him.  They were LIARS, but I just didn't have it in me to call them on it.  I got numbed up, and the tooth was out in about 5 minutes.  They wheeled me out the back door and loaded me into the truck.  I wanted a milk shake, and got my pain meds filled. 

I finished the milk shake before we got home (having to eat it with a spoon instead of through a straw - no sucking after a tooth extraction lol), and went to bed.  I woke up at some point and Clydie brought me a glass of water because I thought it would be a good idea to take a pain pill before my mouth finished "waking up".  But, I didn't have the energy to get it, so I slept til around 10pm and then took a pill.  And ate ramen for dinner.  Shower time came around, and that probably wasn't a good idea.  Before I finished my shower, I had to get out and lay on the cold tile floor.   I came pretty damn close to passing out while I was in the shower - not a good feeling.  I crawled into bed and crashed for the night.  Back to work the next day and no problems since.

*I had other dental work done this week - and it was a very pleasant experience, at least as pleasant as dental work can be.  The dentist is very skilled in giving Novocain injections that don't hurt much at all, and very quick with the drill.  She also gives as little Novocain as possible so that you don't stay numb for hours.  That's a little scary for me, as some of my teeth in the past have refused to get numb until I get home, after I've suffered through a procedure, but this week it worked out very well.  I'm sure I was a funny sight eating zuppa Toscana (or whatever it's called - the potato/kale soup like Olive Garden makes) soup for dinner last night, trying to keep my lips closed so I didn't dribble soup everywhere.  Brian laughed at me for trying to pucker up for a kiss.  I'm sure my lips didn't pucker properly, and I'm honestly surprised someone didn't try to take photos of anything last night related to my numb face and lips.

*My blood pressure at the dentist office (yes they checked it before they started) was high - 144/90.  Not good.  I honestly didn't feel nervous, but apparently I was nervous enough for my blood pressure to be high.  I checked it last night, once on the right and once on the left, and it wasn't any better - 140/89 & 139/89.  And I checked it at the gym tonight, before I got on the treadmill - 138/78.  My hands and feet have been swelling more in the last week or so as well.  I guess I need to start checking it and logging it daily, and report it to the doctor when I go for my physical in a few weeks.  I'm hoping this is a temporary thing due to stress from the dentist and PMS.

*The weather has been nice enough where we've started going to Hobbs on some evenings.  It's a nice place to walk, and I can get in a little over 2 miles on the long trail we walk.  I think next time we go, we're going to do the loop twice, and the strip to the lake and back once.  That will give us about 3 miles.  All I know is when we walked last night after dinner, I got the balance of my 10k steps in on my Fitbit.

*We are going to have one hell of a pepper patch this year - jalapenos, ghost, Carolina Reaper, tobacco, and I don't know what else.  Carolina Reapers are hotter than ghost peppers - I can't wait to see Brian try them!  I was brave enough to try the ghost peppers the last 2 years - the first year we grew them they weren't mature.  Last year we had some of them mature, and I tried them.  One that I tried was actually milder than some of the jalapenos we had grown.  I was quite surprised, and somewhat disappointed (although I was glad my mouth wasn't on fire, although I can't say the same about my poor tummy at the time! LOL)

Well that's about all I got for tonight.  Not so much about the blog title, but that's ok.

have a great evening, and a great weekend!

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