Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Day In My Life.....

Well, this stuff has happened over several days, actually.

I saw this on Facebook recently:

I had to Google who Anita Blake is, and she is a vampire hunter or something (I didn't read a lot of the Wiki article).  Doesn't matter, I don't really think of things like this when I work out, but I am constantly bargaining with myself just to get through it.  I am inherently, unapologetically lazy, but I'm doing what I must to try to fight the battle of the bulge and the possible beginnings of diabetes and other health issues.
The bargaining that I do - do I want to stop when I hit 10k steps, or keep going until I hit 3 miles?  Thursday was funny - I was really doing some bargaining then.  I had to stop after a mile and stretch my leg and foot some more, as I was starting to cramp up.  Then after 35 minutes, I had to go to the freaking bathroom.  I get back on and realize that I have 25 more minutes to go to hit 3 miles, and then I start talking to myself that "well I'll hit 10k steps well before I'll hit 3 miles, so maybe I'll just stop there".  Then it was "oh shit I've got 20 more freakin' minutes to walk before I hit 3 miles".  Yes, I was constantly doing the count down until I finally hit the 1 hour mark and 3 miles.  Brian got quite the kick out of me when I shared with him the mental conversations that I have just to make it through my walk.
Now onto some funny shit.  So by now I'm sure you've all seen the "tongue punch her fart box" jokes on Facebook and elsewhere.  Yes, I know, that's gross and crude, but still kinda funny.  A few weeks ago we're at the frozen yogurt shop and Steven's chowing down on some chocolate concoction that he's created, and his whole mouth is outlined in chocolate.  I told him he needed to wipe his mouth off, that it looked gross, and he said "I tongue punched her fart box".  Clydie and I about fell out laughing at that.  Fast forward to this past Friday night - the four of us are there, and of course Steven has created another chocolate masterpiece, and we are teasing him about his chocolate mouth.  I notice that Brian's lips and mouth have turned orange, and Steven promptly says "Oompa Loompa dipity doo..." and the hysterical laughter begins!
Yesterday, I reorganized the linen closet.  Such an exciting life right?  It needed it, as it was starting to look like it was about to explode with stuff.  I have boxed up the extra linens and towels, and they will go into storage in the attic.  I rearranged what was left, and it is much more manageable now.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but I really feel like I accomplished something.  I didn't realize how many blankets and towels I had until I emptied everything out on the bed.  Some of the extra towels will go into the man cave bathroom, others will just go into storage.
Speaking of the man cave - last Sunday I went downstairs to feed the fish and stepped in water.  I start looking around and discover a real mess in the bathroom.  Apparently we had a massive clog in the pipe leading to the septic tank, and everything that was getting put down the kitchen sink (including food that went into the disposal) as well as everything that was getting flushed, had decided to erupt from the toilet and the shower down there.  It was disgusting.  We had to wait until Monday morning for a plumber to come out and fix the problem, so there was no flushing of toilets or washing of dishes or clothing or showering until that was taken care of.  I told Steven he wouldn't be able to shower before going to class Monday, and the look of horror on his face was priceless!  Thankfully it got fixed Monday morning and we were able to commence with laundry and showering and all the other fun stuff you need clean drain pipes for.
Speaking of laundry - it's time for me to get started with it for this week.  I hope you all had a great weekend, and here's to another great week of rain. Blech!

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