Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ho Hum, It's Hump Day Again

Lot's of stuff going on in the news - the biggest thing is the "protests" (which have turned into riots in some instances) in Baltimore over a suspect dying in custody.  I'm not going to get into the circumstances of everything, as I'm sure my opinion of things are likely very different than some of my readers, not saying my readers are wrong by any means, I just don't see the need.  If you really don't know the Baltimore deal, Google "Freddie Gray".  (I'm not sure of the correct spelling of his name, I've seen Freddy, and I've seen Grey.  I'm sure it will pull up regardless of how you spell his name).

During these protests that turned violent, a mother saw her 16 year old son in the middle of throwing rocks and bricks at police, and she proceeded to snatch his ass home, after whooping up on him for the world to see.  Some people think she was too violent with him - that mother did what she felt she had to do to get him home and get him safe.  She didn't want him to become another statistic.  Good for her.!

There's a stupid woman that decided, hours before she was to report to her new job at a daycare, that she would post publicly on Facebook that she hated working at daycares, and hated being around kids - and the daycare called her and rescinded the job offer!  She's a single parent - WTF was she thinking to post something like that publicly?  I totally understand that she may have taken the job because that's what she has experience in, and perhaps it's all she's qualified for.  But really?  Not real smart of her to post something like that publicly.  And honestly, there's been plenty of times in the past that I've wanted to vent publicly about my previous job, but I never did, at least not where folks who didn't have direct knowledge of the situations would be able to figure out who or what I was talking about.  I made some cryptic posts on Facebook about some people and/or situations there, and now when my Timehop comes up, I can't for the life of me remember most of the shit that I was bitching about!  LOL  Oh but I have fantasies about running into a certain someone and giving him a piece of my mind!  (I would likely never do it, although it sure is fun fantasizing about it!)

My mom is back home!  She got home Saturday, and Steven and I went with Michael to pick her up at the airport and spent the night with her.  It was so good to see her!  Hopefully she'll get to spend a weekend with us at the house before she goes back to England in June. 

Time to watch Supernatural, then go to bed.  Have a good one!

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