Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Saw my first hummingbird of the spring Sunday morning - it was trapped on our screened-in back porch, and I had to catch it to release it back outside.  This one wasn't as difficult to catch as the one last year - I threw a pillow case over it and it got its beak stuck in the screen, and I was afraid to pull him off, that I'd squeeze his delicate little body too hard, so I got an empty flower pot and put over him and waited for him to get himself loose.  Didn't take too long, either.  I covered the open end of the pot with the pillow case, and he squeaked and squawked until I let him go outside the porch.

I caught a titmouse bird Saturday morning on the porch - Gabriel wanted that bird, BAD.  I put the dogs outside but didn't latch the door, and Gabriel forced his way back in, so I made both the boys go inside the house with Clydie until I could catch the little bird.  He was a little more difficult than the  hummingbird, but I got him in the pillowcase and out the porch he went.

Clydie and I "ran the roads" Saturday, as she calls it. :-)  We had things to do in town, and then more stuff to do when we got home.  I am a weekend warrior - no rest for me, always something to do!

One of the things we did Saturday was put up a fence around our garden area to keep the pups out, and Clydie and I planted the garden on Sunday.  Apparently our yard fence is not made in exact 8 foot sections, and I almost didn't have enough of the fencing to do it.  We had tilled a spot in the back corner of the yard that was 3 fence sections by 2 fence sections.  If it was 8 ft sections, it would have been 24' x 16', which would be 40 ft total.  I bought 50' of fencing (this was the somewhat rigid plastic stuff, square grid pattern with the holes about 1/2" or so), and only had about 6" left over on one end, which I wrapped around a picket to make a door to hook to the fence so we will have access to inside the garden.  But the important thing is the fence is up, and I don't think the boys will try to bust in for anything.

Clydie and I also got our rebar tower of flowers reassembled and planted Saturday:

Here's a pic of our garden we finished planting on Sunday:

And here's my dirty hands from digging in the dirt on Sunday:


When I got out of the shower Saturday night, Gabriel was sitting there and farted this really loud fart.  I looked at him and said "Gabriel, you farted!" and I swear if he could talk, based on the look he gave me he said "yeah, I farted - so?"  He's such a character sometimes!

I think I had a bunch more to add, but I'm stopping here.  My brain is tired!

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