Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Weekend Adventure, and Other Stories

Yesterday, Clydie and I took the pups to the pet store to get microchipped.  They had a special running for $7 each, for lifetime registration, and I couldn't pass that up.  Kita was the primary concern for getting chipped, as she is the escape artist and marathon runner, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to also get the boys chipped in case they got out, or were stolen.

Clydie and I came home from a morning errand, and I dosed the pups with a homeopathic anxiety relief product that we have counted on many times for trips to the lake and other places.  I dosed everyone up, and the photo below shows what my pants looked like after I finished wrangling with the mutts:

I kept the hairy pants on for the trip to the pet store, and decided I would wait to change until we got finished and I knew I could avoid being covered up again like a sasquatch. 

The last time that Clydie and I tried to handle both the boys on our own, it didn't end so well for Clydie - she got tripped up by a very over-excited Dominion, and fell, hitting her head on a car parked next to us.  Thankfully she was okay, but we had 3 dogs to deal with this time instead of 2, and I didn't want a repeat of that accident.  We made the decision to have Kita ride with Clydie in her car, and I took the boys with me, and we would meet at the store and go in together.  Kita is normally pretty calm with Clydie, as if she is aware that Clydie cannot run down the stairs and move as fast as her other grown ups, so we wrongly assumed that would be the case with this trip.  Unfortunately, this is almost what happened:

I managed to get Kita's leash from Clydie and had to wrestle 3 full-grown huskies through the store.  I don't ever mind, though, I'd rather it be me getting hurt than Clydie or anyone else.  I smartly wore my sneakers, otherwise my feet would have been pulled out from under me on the slick store tile floor.  All 3 pups calmed down when we got in line and they had to stay where they were (and the vet lady moved the dogs in front of us out of their sight). 

Once it was our turn, I took all 3 into the exam room for their chips, and Kita did NOT want to be in there, she kept trying to get out, so the decision was made that one dog at a time would go into the room, and Clydie would stay with them while I held the leashes for the other 2.  They finished with Kita, so then it was Dominion's turn.  He was not having any of it, planted his feet and would not go with the vet tech.  Clydie walked with him in there, and he was fine.  Gabriel didn't give a shit when it was his turn, he'll go with anyone that's kind to him, so he went in alone while Clydie comforted Dominion. 

When it was time to go, I had all 3 dogs again and it was hilarious.  They could not get out of that store fast enough, plowing into anyone that was in their way!  If someone was standing there, Dominion would try to go to the left, leaving the other 2 dogs to the right of the person.  Many times I would have to stop well ahead of time and pull them all to the right to get around the person standing there.  We got to the parking lot and I put Kita in Clydie's car and the boys again rode with me, and home we went. 

Now why, you  might ask, were Clydie and I left to accomplish this task on our own?  Easy - Brian had drill, and Steven was at the Georgia Renaissance Festival with his girlfriend, Hope.  This was the only weekend we could do it, as the special ends at the end of the month and yesterday was the only time the vet clinic was happening at the pet store.  $7 each for 3 dogs is a lot better than $20 each for 3 dogs.  :-)

Speaking of Steven and the GA Renaissance Festival, here's a photo they had made:

My handsome son and his beautiful girlfriend. 

I haven't gotten much of anything else done this weekend, other than framing a couple photos for Steven and getting the dogs microchipped.  I cooked dinner last night, and have got it started for tonight, but that's it.  It's just a lazy kind of weekend, and I'm okay with that.  We've got to get the fence up around our garden area before we can plant, and maybe that's something that can get worked on this week so that we can plant next weekend.  I hope I hope!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, and have a great Monday tomorrow!

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