Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just a Ramblin'

Lots of things on my mind, many random topics.  Where do I begin?

Kita is still an escape artist, however she doesn't seem to stay gone as long each time (she ran off 3 times in about 3 days recently).  She is chipped, and has a name tag with my phone # on it, so if someone gets her, we can be found.  I finally gave up and bought a runner to attach to the back steps, so when she goes in the back yard she can't get near the fence to dig out.  Of course, that makes her want to just lay there, all sad because she can't go sniffing and peeing on everything like the boys do, and then escape when we aren't looking.  I just worry that she will eat someone's kitten or puppy, and there are a LOT of those in our neighborhood these days.

The household is fighting "the crud" this week - Brian had it first, then I got it, and now Clydie is fighting it.  So far, Steven's been the lucky one and has avoided getting sick.  I hope it stays that way, for his and his girlfriend's sake!  This shit is no joke - I really don't think this is any garden-variety cold.  I was miserable all weekend, and just started pulling out from this yesterday.  Today I had a horrid sore throat, it hurt so bad to swallow this morning but the more coffee I drank the better it felt.  Hmmm coffee......  The hot tea I drank at work helped, too.

I'm sick to death of all the political bullshit going on.  I'm tired of the news about it, I'm tired of seeing all the garbage posted on Facebook, tired of seeing people that I know rabidly attacking one candidate or another, and attacking or being attacked by those that disagree with them.  It's fine to dislike one or more of the candidates.  Hell, I don't like ANY of them - Trump, Clinton, or Johnson (and I don't count that kooky Green party candidate, whatever her name is) - for one reason or another.  It's a crying shame that this election will be about voting against someone, rather than voting for someone, and trying to pick the lesser evil.  But I just don't understand why people have to be so damn hateful to each other. 

I try to keep my political beliefs to myself, and rarely put my support out there for anyone in particular (I think my family and my closest friends likely would know my political leanings).  I just don't want to get into long, drawn out conversations with people about it, and I avoid conflict like the plague, Lord knows I had enough conflict in my past that I do my best to avoid it if I can now. I've shared memes that have made fun of both Hillary and Trump, and will likely to continue doing so.  I do know that regardless of who "wins" the election in November, our country is in for a world of hurt and hard times.

Well damn, I got on a soapbox there for a minute, didn't I? 

Anyways, bow hunting season is upon us, and Brian got his first deer with his crossbow on opening weekend, a doe.  I went with him the following weekend, to be the Camp Wench (I don't have a bow or a crossbow), and cooked dinner and fixed sandwiches.  I was supposed to cook Sunday morning breakfast but they ended up only wanting more sandwiches, so that's what they got.  I managed to read an entire Stephen King book - "Mr. Mercedes" - and can't wait to read the next 2 in that series.  I can't wait til rifle season starts!

I've been thinking a lot about my grandmother, Meme, lately, and how much she has changed over the past few years.  In early summer, she was moved into the nursing home side of the care home that she's been in since late December 2015.  I'd been told her reality was definitely not the real reality, but I just don't think anyone can truly prepare you for what you will witness with someone who has such an active imagination/memory/alternate reality.  On September 2, Meme fell out of her wheelchair and had to have stitches.  As my uncle was out of town on business, and my mother was at her home in West Virginia, I went to check on Meme the next morning.  She had a nasty wound on her forehead, that appeared to have been closed with liquid bandage, and she had black eyes and the bridge of her nose was bruised.  (we were told she received 4 stitches - they must have been on the inside, because there were no external stitches)

The visit was brief, and pleasant.  Meme's face lit up when she saw me and Clydie, and she seemed genuinely happy to see us.  She said "well hey there it's so good to see you - but y'all will have to come back this afternoon, I'm waiting on the bus and can't get out of line".  She pointed out everyone in the communal living room area, and said they were all waiting on the bus, too.  I played along and asked her where she was going - "to the tournament in Bainbridge I suppose" was the response I got.  She kept telling us we'd have to come back later, but that she was so glad we'd come by. 

To show you how much she's changed in just under 2 years - here's a photo of Meme from Christmas Day, 2014:

And here she is on September 3, 2016:

We've also had a death in the family recently - last month, on August 23, my husband's niece, Clydie's granddaughter, Rheanna, passed away.  That one was a tough one, for a number of reasons.  I'm not going to go into details, as it's not my story to tell.  Love each other folks, and make sure your loved ones know that you love them.  No one is promised tomorrow.

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