Sunday, May 18, 2014

Funny Shit My Family Says

We have some really funny moments in our family - sometimes I laugh so hard I start seeing stars and feel like I'm going to faint!  So here are some of the funny comments, with the explanation about what the comments were really about.

"if you'd wash that thing every now and again Mom, you wouldn't need this itch cream" (Brian to his mother - the itch cream was for a spider bite)

"Steven you better hide those honor cords from your parents, they might want to borrow them" (my mother to Steven, regarding Brian and I possibly wanting to use Steven's honor cords for "playtime")

"Don't worry Miss Donna, we have our own - you wanna borrow them?" (Brian's response to my mother's comments about Steven's honor cords)

"What's wrong, Clydie, your taco floppy?" (at Casa Sol and Clydie's tostada collapsed)

"Can't handle your meat Ma?" (Brian to Clydie after her tostada collapsed)

"That's what she said" (Steven's response to just about anything, and it usually is quite funny)

"Did you see where I washed the boys' balls?" (Clydie, referring to the toy balls we had purchased for the pups)

These are just a few of the funny moments that have happened the last week or so.  I will be posting more of these as they happen, or as I remember older occurrences.  Enjoy!

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