Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I had to rescue a hummingbird from the back porch this afternoon.  Little sucker flew in through the open door and kept knocking into the screens, and couldn't figure out how to fly back out from where he came.  We had to do this last week, as one got caught in there (the one today looked hauntingly familiar), so I did what Brian did before - got a pillowcase and caught him up in it and released him outside the porch.  He cheeped and fussed the whole time I was holding him, but he hauled ass over the roof towards the woods once he was free.

There's a new baby horse on the horse farm on Bowdon Junction Road - we love love love to see the various baby animals on that road, it seems there's always a new baby cow, or donkey, and now there's a new baby horse (and some not so new baby chickens).  He's a chestnut brown, with 4 white socks and a white splotch down the front of his face.  I first saw him when he was probably only a day or 2 old - he looked shell-shocked, almost like a WTF is going on and why am I out here instead of inside my mommy?!?

Dominion is snoozing on the couch - he is waiting for me to let him in our bedroom so he can hop on the bed and doze off for the night.  For some reason he was up last night - first it was Gabriel.  He was restless, and I heard his tummy making noises, and he practically laid up on top of me, and this all usually  means he has a sick stomach and is either going to barf or he needs to go outside and have a diarrhea explosion, but he settled down and went to sleep.  About the time Gabriel settled down, Dominion hopped out of bed and walked from Brian's side to my side - repeatedly - with those toenails clicking on the Pergo.  He finally settled back down, and everyone slept until my alarm went off. 

My mom is back in the states for a bit.  I wish she was back for good! 

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