Sunday, September 28, 2014

Last Weekend in September!

I cannot believe it is already the last weekend in September!  Where has this year gone?!?!?  Time just seems to be flying by so quickly at times, and in some ways that's okay (the work week going by fast to get to the weekends, I don't mind so much).  I just wish the weekends would seem like they lasted longer.

We went to the hunting property yesterday to do a couple things, and that pretty much was our Saturday.  Today I needed to find a blouse that will go with a new blazer I recently obtained, and managed to find not only that, but picked up 3 new blouses in addition to the one I was looking for, and a new pair of pants.  I bought all the clothes at Ross - I had never shopped there before and I really liked my experience there today - I saved about 65% off the suggested retail prices.  Now, I wasn't buying clothes just for the fun of it, I needed some new things as I've put on some weight over the past year and my current wardrobe is just not working for me as well as it was.  :-(

I found a recipe on Facebook for oven baked fajitas, and I made them for dinner tonight - they were awesome!  (If you want the recipe and aren't on my Facebook, message me and I'll get it to you).  We (well, Brian and I) also tried out a ghost pepper.  For those of you that don't know, ghost peppers are one of the top 5 hottest peppers in the world.  We've been growing them the last couple years, and in the past, we didn't know that they are supposed to turn red when they are mature, so we'd been picking them green and eating them that way.  I was able to eat them green and immature, and while yes they were hot, they weren't much worse than a jalapeno.

We've picked about half a dozen red ones this year, and tonight Brian got out the rubber gloves and sliced one up for us to try.  I wanted to video him trying it, as he cut it up in tiny pieces and sprinkled several of them into his fajita.  He wouldn't let me do the video, even though I promised I wouldn't post it without his permission.  After he ate that fajita with all those pieces of ghost pepper, I got brave and tried some too.  Turns out this particular pepper was no hotter than any of the jalapenos I've had.  It was kinda disappointing, as it would have been fun blogging about Brian having a funny reaction to the pepper.  But, the pepper had a nice flavor and only a little sting to it.

Besides going clothes shopping today, I've been doing laundry and did my nails tonight.  I know, an exciting life.  It's my life, and I love it!

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