Saturday, August 30, 2014

30 questions

Okay, so I stole this list of questions from my son's Tumblr page and just thought I'd post it and share. 

1:Where do you want to live when you're older if you get the chance?  I'd love to live on a lake somewhere, on a huge chunk of acreage, so we could fish and hunt on our own land.
2:Who do you miss right now?   my mom!  (she'll be home in a couple of weeks for a month, and I can't wait!)
3:What's the best pet you have ever had?  my cat, Katey
4:Have you ever been in love? If yes describe  Yes I have.  I've thought I've been in love a couple of times, and I know I've been in love once before, but the love that I have with my husband is the deepest, truest love I have ever experienced in my life. 
5:If you could do anything good for someone what would it be and for who? Anything that I could do would require money that I don't have, but if I were in a financial position to do so, I would love to help some folks out.
6:Where would your dream home be located and how would it be like?  I would love a ranch-style home on a lake, in the woods.  It would need a basement for storage, a bad weather retreat area, and a man-cave for Brian and his toys.
7:If you could spend the rest of your life with someone starting from now who would it be?  My husband!
8:If you had a baby what would you name it?   For a girl - Emery LuMyra.  For a boy - Harley Alexander
9:Winter or summer and favorite things in that season. Winter - good snuggling weather!  Summer - swimming time
10:What would your perfect trip be like and where would it be?  For a perfect trip, money would have to be no object.  I would love to take a cruise to the Caribbean, and do an excursion on every stop.  Mayan ruins, time in Jamaica, Grand Caymans, a lot of different things.
11:Favorite book?  most anything Stephen King (except Dolores Claiborn)
12:If you had 1 wish what would you wish for?  I would wish for unlimited wishes.  If that wish wasn't permitted, I would wish for an unlimited supply of tax-free money.
13:Rainy days indoors with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand or hot summer days at the beach? Both types of days have their benefits.  Some days I just don't feel like battling the heat and sand.
14:What is the most lucky thing that has ever happened to you? I don't believe in luck.  It's hard work, or just plain old destiny.
15:Favorite ice cream flavor/combo?  I love a good chocolate chip ice cream with a scoop of chocolate along with it.
16:Do you workout? If yes do you have a routine? Describe   Damn I haven't "worked out" in a while.  A year, as a matter of fact.  I try to walk 2-3 times a week, 2-3 miles each time, but I haven't done that in a while because of the heat.
17:What was the first thought when you arrived at school the day you went back? (or what will it be when you do)  I haven't been to school in a long time.  If I were to return to further my education, I would probably have nightmares about skipping class all semester and showing up to take the final, for a class like calculus or statistics.
18:Books or movies? books
19:Best movie you have ever watched?  too many to list
20:What's the motto(s) you live by?   Live and let live.
21:Favorite item in the whole world?  my phone
22:If you could buy one thing right now, no matter the price, what would it be?  an all expenses paid vacation
23:Do you like art?  it's okay
24:Girls: How would you like to be proposed by the man of your dreams?  not something I've ever thought about and it doesn't matter anyway because I'm married!  LOL
     Boys:How would you propose the woman of your dreams? 
25:Long or short hair?  for me - long hair.  Sometimes I wish I had shorter hair, but I love having the long hair.
26:Favorite singer/band?  Journey
27:Who's your role model?  I don't really have one
28:Do you like Nicholas Sparks' movies?   I don't watch them
29:Describe how school makes you feel in a GIF   not even going there!
30:If you could meet any famous person in the world (1) who would it be and why?  I don't really care to meet anyone famous.

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