Monday, October 6, 2014

Wonderful Weekend!

My mom came to stay with us this weekend - I picked her up after work Friday and took her home today.  Clydie cooked us a good dinner Friday night, and on Saturday, Mom, Clydie, Steven and I went into Carrollton where Steven treated us to lunch, and we did some shopping.  Mom picked up a couple of plant stands for me, as we needed to get our plants brought in from the back porch (the temp was supposed to be as low as 36 this morning), and she got me a couple more blouses from Ross.  (I really have come to love that store!)  We also checked out a couple book stores on the square, and had coffee at the coffee shop.  Man, the walking we did!

I cooked those damn enchiladas for dinner last night, and they were yummy! 

I've escaped injury this weekend from 2 different incidents.  Yesterday I was throwing a dead wasp (spawn of Satan, as Steven called it) out the back porch door and I got my sock covered foot a little too close to the edge of the steps.  My foot started sliding off the step and I almost went with it - I screamed and grabbed the door with one hand and the railing with the other hand and caught myself.  Had I fallen, I probably would have ended up with an injury like Brian got last year - broken and dislocated arm/elbow, or worse.

Today when I was driving Mom home, this idiot in a Mercedes with a handicapped license plate proceeded to pull from the side of the road, over lane by lane, going approximately 20mph, without looking, not bothering to speed up to the speed limit, and of course I was just in the 2nd lane from where he was coming into the road.  My mother was panicking, as she had looked in the rear view side mirror and saw a car flying up behind us.  I had already hit the brakes pretty hard to keep from smashing into the rear of this moron in the Mercedes, and the speeding car behind me suddenly swerved to the lane to my left, and of course Mercedes Moron proceeded to slowly pull over in front of the speeding idiot, which caused the speeding idiot to have to move over suddenly again.  The speeder got away safely, and the Mercedes Moron continued to drive very slowly (there's no way he was doing the mandatory minimum of 40/45), and he ended up in the lane next to the farthest to the left, swerving while he was there.  I was too focused on keeping control of my car and keeping us safe to bother with getting that moron's license plate number, but had I been continuing in his direction and not exiting at that point, I would have followed him and gotten his plate #.  Perhaps I should have taken the detour for a few minutes to get the plate # and report him, but Mom was pretty upset and I wanted to get her home.

So other than my 2 near accidents, I had a great weekend!

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