Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yeah, I'm Over It. Really I am.

Over what, you might ask?  Having periods.  I am SICK TO DEATH OF HAVING PERIODS!!!!  I just don't believe I'll miss them at all once my body decides not to have them anymore.  I mean, I'm apparently infertile now so lack of periods won't really mean anything except I won't be making Kotex or Playtex rich every month with my plethora of supplies that I have to keep on hand.

One thing I need to know, though - do women still have the monthly hormonal swings and moods, even when they no longer have periods?  Man I hope not!  Currently I'm like:

Once the period arrives, I'm like:
I was up at 4:30am this morning due to period issues, and had to drag out the heating pad.  Hubby was so sweet to me, but he said he really hates my periods because I'm a whiny, moody cry-baby.  Well, he only used the word "whiny", I added "moody" and "cry-baby" because I'm sure that's what he was thinking and I know that's what I am every month.  I was just kinda sad last night, for no reason in particular, I just know it's the hormones doing it.  I wanted to just cry, but for whatever reason I couldn't.  Tonight I'm moody and irritated and kinda want to cry, but I'm not gonna do it.

And this is a first for me **TMI warning** - just went through an ultra tampon in 45 minutes.  Normally on a bad day like today it takes about 90 minutes.  But tonight - just 45 minutes.  Fuck.

Gonna lay here with my heating pad and fight the urge to be a whiny cry-baby.........

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