Sunday, January 11, 2015

My First Post of Random Goodness for 2015

There's so much going on, and I'm sure that I'll forget something, but here goes, with awesome randomness, and in no particular order:

*Gabriel really does not like it when Brian and Steven are horse-playing and rough-housing.  He comes and gets on the loveseat next to me, cowering me, trying to crawl into my lap.  Pitiful.  Seriously.

*Dominion has become extra clingy to Brian lately, and a little more ornery than usual.  I figure he's hit the "old man" stage, and ornery comes with the territory - he turned 8 in December.

*The other night at dinner, we were having whole kernel corn as one of our veggies.  Any of you seen South Park, with Mr. Hanky and his kids?  I hear Brian say "hidey-hoe" and look at him, and he has a damn piece of corn sitting on top of his head like Mr. Hanky's son!  I almost choked on my food!

*Meme and Buddy were able to come out for Christmas dinner at our house, and it was great.  I posted some photos on Facebook of our day, and it was just so awesome to have them here, especially Meme.  After all she went through in 2014 and the thoughts we were all having in the summer that "this is it", to see her recovery and that she was able to travel here for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, I'm just tickled pink.  Of course, her recovery isn't perfect, she is unsteady on her feet and refuses to use the walker, and she's mean as hell sometimes with paranoia and dementia (which I think go hand in hand at times?), but she's Meme and we still have her for now. 

*Have any of you ever had something touch you that wasn't there?  I had an experience like that the last night at hunt camp in December.  I was dreaming that Brian had come over and kissed or touched my chin, and it was so real I woke up very startled because I was certain he was standing over me and had actually done it, but he wasn't there!  It freaked me out so bad I had to get up and check on him.  He was fine, but OMG, I was terrified for a bit after that.

*I am so thrilled that I got my military ball ensemble together for cheap!  I have a black sleeveless sheath dress that I've had for a while, and while we were out browsing last weekend I found a beautiful lace & sequins jacket/top to wear over it, plus a necklace and pair of earrings, all for under $45.  I already have shoes and a clutch that will match, and a bracelet I got for my birthday last year that will look beautiful with it.  I didn't want to wear black, but I just didn't feel like going out dress shopping this year, and am thankful I had something in my wardrobe that could be recycled and worn.

*I have been assimilated - I got a Fitbit at work on Friday.  For those of you who don't know what a Fitbit it - it's a gadget you wear on your wrist that counts your steps, monitors your sleep patterns, and will also pick up on when you have strenuous activity.  You can log your exercise on your handy dandy smart phone application, and I'm sure there's other stuff you can log and do with it that I haven't learned about yet.  We have this big fitness push and competitions and stuff, and I'm just not a competitive person.  Maybe this will help me do more fitness related things - I got 1 minute of strenuous activity Friday when I climbed 2 flights of steps to get to my car!  And I got like 4 minutes of strenuous activity yesterday when we were out and about, but I'm not sure what that had to do with because there was no stair climbing, running, or anything I'd consider strenuous.  Oh well - we're supposed to log 3 - 30 minute sessions of strenuous activity per week, 10,000 steps per day, etc., on this thing.  I just need to figure the damn thing out a little more.

*Last weekend was a tough weekend for me.  Not sure why, but I was emotional a good bit of the time.  My guess would be my hormones, as it was prime PMS time.  I really hate that my hormones can do so much to control my life and my emotions like that.  I just wanted to spend the entire weekend in bed, moping around, and I just don't want to let myself be like that.  I honestly don't remember a lot of last weekend, other than finding the accessories for my military ball get-up, but I don't think I spent the entire weekend in bed, or any of it, other than night time. 

*Today I get to clean out the aquarium that used to house my baby angelfish.  Unfortunately, I have lost every last one of them to a fungus or some other infection that I just couldn't get a handle on.  I went from have 150+ babies born in July 2013, down to 7 that seemed like they'd make it, and slowly lost one here and there until the last one passed last week.  I was hoping he was hiding in the dense live plants in the tank, but alas, he surfaced, dead.  I lost the Daddy angel last year, and Blondie had already taken over as the dominant male anyway, and while Blondie and Mommie Angel have mated and laid eggs numerous times, no babies have hatched from their pairing.  It's probably a good thing.  I'd love to reseal my big tank and move it upstairs, to move Blondie and Mommie Angel into, along with some other fish.  I really enjoy having an aquarium, and I'd love to have the big one back up and running again.

*Yesterday I learned how to knit with a crochet hook, thanks to the Knook.  Well, I'm still learning, but I think it will be a fun hobby to have.  Today I'm going to start again, and maybe I'll remember how to do what I was doing yesterday, and be able to get a scarf project started.  I picked a color called Dark Raspberry, and hopefully the scarf will turn out nice.  There will be photos shared, one way or another, once I get the project going, or at the very least when I'm done with it.

So folks, this has been my life in a nutshell lately - busy, emotional, and busy, with a huge slab of lazy thrown in there in lots of places.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season, and a Happy New Year!

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