Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's my birthday!

Party Time!

Not really - I don't party much any more, I'm getting too old for that shit!  LOL  The last time I partied hard on my birthday was 5 years ago and I paid quite dearly for it.  For 3 (yes THREE) days!  I won't be doing that again.  Maybe a drink tonight after dinner, maybe not, just depends on how I feel.

I've had a busy day today so far - Clydie and I went out and picked the pink eye peas and a few more cucumbers, shelled the peas and put them in the freezer (3 bags), canned some pickles with the multitude of cucumbers that we have, and now she's canning some tabasco & cayenne peppers for pepper sauce.

While we were picking the peas, I noticed Dominion was pulling at something on the fence - he was pulling himself a 2-3" cucumber off the vine!  He got it, ran up to the patio and ate it!  Then he came and got a second one!  Looks like next year we will have the plant the cucumbers where he can't get to them, otherwise he may eat them all.  And his love of cucumbers is probably all my fault.  When I had the first cucumber of the summer, I had sliced them and put them in vinegar with a touch of salt.  He was begging at the table, so to be funny I handed him one.  He promptly spit it out, but a moment later he picked it up off the floor and ate it.  He also had a bite of dill pickle yesterday as well.  Oh and he apparently now likes salt & vinegar chips, too.  Weird ass dog.

Poor little Gabriel was totally humiliated yesterday - seems one of his butt glands abscessed so it was off to the vet we went.  They shaved his behind and he just looked so embarrassed!  He was so glad when they were finished working on him - he very quickly turned around and sat down so they couldn't mess with his butt anymore. 

Oh and I almost forgot - Steven got his actual drivers license yesterday!  I am so happy for him.  And now I have a chauffer.  LOL


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