Friday, August 28, 2015


I am so glad it's Friday, and that I don't have anything solid planned for the weekend. I'm just planning to lay around and not do a lot.  May go piddle around town a little tomorrow, but who knows.  I'm tired and I need to rest.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday - need to get the lady bits checked out, as I've been having some of those fun, period-related issues the last few months (more than I've shared publicly in a while).  I imagine it's probably nothing, or something related to either the fact that I'm getting older and about to hit menopause soon, or maybe it's something to do with the adenomyosis.  I will post more info once I know what's going on - y'all know I don't mind sharing the gory details, if it will help just one person that may be having similar issues.

Our garden is officially kaput.  I picked the last of the butterbeans last weekend, and I discovered that my potato tower was a complete and utter FAILURE.  I was so looking forward to having a shitload of fresh potatoes, and unfortunately my potato tower turned into a giant ant farm.  I mean seriously, when we pulled the tower down and pulled away the wire caging, the entire mass of dirt was nothing but a swarming pile of ants.  Not a single piece of potato was anywhere to be seen.  I need to check my sweet potato buckets and see if those turned out okay.  I'll be pissed if those are ant farms too, but I haven't seen any ants around them, so hopefully we'll have some yummy sweet potatoes soon.

The pepper plants have been quite productive, so that's been nice.  We always manage to grow a bunch of peppers, more than we can eat, and end up pickling a lot of them.  We probably have 2-3 cases of pickled peppers and pepper sauce. 

I can't wait until next year's garden - we are going to double the size of the garden, and plant a few more things!

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