Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coming Right Along.....

Kita is fitting in pretty well at our house, other than she's run away not once, but twice now.  The first time, Steven was taking the dogs out and she bolted before he could get the leash on her. (he now knows not to open the door until her leash is secured on her collar and the other end if firmly in hand).  She stayed out all night that particular night and returned the next morning, barking to be let back in.

She ran away again last night.  This time, it was because she dug a hole under the fence.  We had put all the pups out for a couple hours, and when we went to let them in for bedtime at 11pm, the boys come trotting in but no Kita.  Brian went and looked all over the yard and no Kita.  Steven pulled up from work and we walked into the yard so he could show me where one or more of the pups have been digging, and as he's walking the perimeter of the yard, he hears a jingling sound - Kita was in the woods outside the fence, and came racing up beside the outside of the fence.  We ran to the gate and the chase was on.  She LOVES running, so we stopped chasing her.  Brian took off in the truck to see if he could find her in the surrounding neighborhoods, and Steven and I stayed outside, talking about the outing earlier in the day (I'll talk about that in a minute). He then asked me to be quiet so he could listen for the jingling of her name tag on her collar again, and sure enough, here she comes racing through the other yards and into ours.  I ran up and opened the front door, and in she raced.  She was soaking wet and had black smudges all over, and smelled faintly of firepit ashes.  I know there is a creek in the empty lot next door, so she must had splashed through it, and who knows where she got the ashes from.  I dried her off and she went to bed with Steven.

Our outing yesterday was to Hobbs Farm Park.  We used to walk it frequently, but when it got so hot last summer we stopped because the pups couldn't handle the heat, and quite frankly, neither could I.  Brian, Clydie and I decided to head over with the 3 pups and take a walk around the trail, Clydie in her wheelchair with me pushing and her holding Kita's leash, and Brian with the boys.  When we were leashing everyone up to leave, Kita expressed a very strong enthusiasm for the trip we were about to make.  She's normally quite calm and waits patiently when she's being leashed up, but because the boys were so hyper and overly excited, she got all worked up.  I held her leash, opened the door, and when the boys bolted out to the truck (they're okay to run without someone holding their leashes), she tried to drag me out the door!  She is mighty strong, so much so that Brian ended up wrangling all 3 pups at the park.  We were worried that Kita would pull Clydie out of her chair, as she went into pack mentality and had to pull to try to be the leader of the pack.

Kita has gotten into skirmishes with both boys, for seemingly no reason other than one or the other was jealous.  Thankfully it doesn't appear anyone has been wounded, other than a mild scrape here or there, but Dominion's ego has really taken a hit.  He's so pitiful sometimes, especially the last time he tangled with Kita.  He just sulked around like a defeated dog, needing reassurances from his humans.  So we make sure we make him first and love on him extra so he still feels like he's top dog.

Speaking of Kita, here's a couple shots of her favorite thing:

I know I've posted these on Facebook, but in case you haven't seen - things are coming right along with my afghan I started.  Here's the first few rows (baby blue color):

I'm following a pattern as far as the stitches go, but not on when to change colors.  Here's where I am on it today:

And of course I'm not following the colors on the pattern, either.  I'm using the yarn that we have on hand.  The colors will make it interesting, that's for sure, but that's okay, it's my first attempt and I think I'm doing pretty well.

Still healing from my surgery.  I had a little scare a week and a half ago and rushed over to the doctor, but she said everything was normal and not to worry, but that I most definitely did the right thing by coming in to be checked.  She did tell me the signs of when I should actually worry, and we rescheduled my 6 week post-surgery checkup to make it about a 7.5 week post-surgery check up, which will be on January 25.  But as of 5 weeks post-op, healing is going as expected.

Well that's about all I have for today.  Oh one last thing - why did the chicken cross the road?  I know, no one knows the answer to that but I saw one the other day that had tried to cross the road and didn't make it.  Dead in the road.  Guess he didn't get to what he was going to.  LOL

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