Saturday, February 6, 2016

Just Another Saturday....

Just another Saturday with too much to do!  Brian has drill this weekend, and we have a wedding to go to tonight.  I was reminded by Timehop that this weekend 5 years ago was the weekend Brian made it clear to me that he was serious about getting married and introduced me to the man who would officiate our ceremony - see That Magical Weekend here. 

There's just so much to do this weekend and not enough time to do it!  I have to hit Hobby Lobby this morning to pick up some more yarn for my first ever crochet afghan, and some more fabric for a baby quilt I'll be making for a special couple.  Gotta pick up a wedding gift, and come home, do my nails, and get ready to head to the wedding.

I have laundry to do, a closet to clean out (our bedroom closet is a freaking MESS!!!!!), a room to clean and a filing cabinet to organize.  Plus, I have to start getting our stuff ready for taxes.  We have a high deductible medical insurance plan with an HSA, and I suppose I should match receipts to bills and statements, in case we were to get audited. 

I have my last (I hope) post-op doctor appointment on Monday morning.  Things have been going well, no more scary side effects, so I'm thinking this will be it.  Man I hope so, it was 9 weeks post-op yesterday. 

Well, time to run and get dressed so Clydie and I can go to town and get our errands over.  I'm kinda feeling like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, running around like a fool.  LOL

Have a great weekend folks!

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