Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Time for Some Random Goodness

Yep, gonna bounce from one topic to another, but now that I think about it, I do that on most blogs these days, don't I?

The other day, Gabriel was laying on the floor and I thought I saw a GIANT dingleberry hanging off his butt, like the size of a large grape.  Scared me half to death but thankfully I was just seeing things.  He's a messy boy, but OMG I was glad he wasn't that messy.

So last weekend, Brian was trying out a new medication (his doctor thinks he has high blood pressure, but we're only seeing normal readings in the mornings and evenings, so I think it's one of his other meds that's elevating it during the day).  Anywho, Steven was at work, and Clydie and I left Brian asleep on the couch while we went to the store.  Gabriel was on the back porch, and Dominion and Kita were inside.  We get back home, and the back door is WIDE open (Gabriel knows how to open it if it's not locked), Kita miraculously had not run away with the open access to the backyard, and there was a bird flying around in my bedroom!  Brian's blood pressure was 90/60 when we checked it later that night, and he slept all day long, so he's no longer taking that medicine!

My beloved pickles have once again done me wrong.  I got some pickle spears and slices at the hospital cafeteria to go with my burger and fries one day last week, and I overdid it.  They really did a number on my tummy.  :'(

We're having a yard sale this weekend.  Some of our things, and some stuff from my mom's.  We really have our work cut out for us the next few nights, getting everything ready.  Hopefully we'll sell most everything and it will clear some much needed room in the garage.  (There's hardly any walking room in there at the moment)

Clydie made some awesomely delicious ghost pepper chocolate chip cookies last week.  The heat from the pepper powder cuts some of the sweet. If you want the recipe, let me know.

So you know the insurance commercial with the couple, and they're talking about their perfect driving records until someone hit a food truck?  Well that was us, not with a food truck but with an SUV.  Perfect!  We went to court recently because it's required when there's an accident involved, and what a time we had!  Did you know that in Georgia, if you have an accident and want to plead Nolo Contendere, you have to have a letter from your insurance company that states they are accepting the liability for damages to the other vehicles involved in the accident?  (pleading Nolo saves you from 3 points on your license) We called the insurance company and got the letter, and while we were waiting for it to come through, the fire alarm went off.  We had to stand outside in the hot sun, across the street from the courthouse, for about half an hour.  In all, we spent about 5 hours at the court house for something that once you're in front of a judge, takes less than 5 minutes. :-/

Got my flu shot today.  I hate getting shots, especially in the arm.  It stung for a bit, too.  And started stinging again after I got home.  I imagine my arm will be sore tomorrow and I'll be whiny.  At least it didn't give me a headache and make me feel sick like last year!

I've fallen off the treadmill wagon - it's been about 2 weeks since I've been on it, due to being very sick, and then just not getting enough sleep.  I'm hoping to get to bed early enough tonight so that I can get on the treadmill in the morning!  I feel so much better when I walk daily, it's really worth it.

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