Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Christmas List

How many of you could do all of these? Granted, not everything on here would apply to everyone, I mean not everyone has an enemy, some people don't hold grudges, or maybe you do all those other things on a regular basis.

As for me:
  • I don't have any current quarrels to mend, that I'm aware of.
  • Unfortunately I do have a lot of "forgotten" friends - I'm horribly bad at keeping in touch and communicating with those I consider friends, shit I'm bad at keeping in touch with family and close friends!
  • I've dismissed suspicion and replaced it with trust in the past and been burned.  Fortunately I don't have suspicions in my life now so no worries there.
  • I'm not one for writing letters, I'd rather send an email.  Although there's one I've written that I really, really need to send to the intended recipient.
  • Soft answers are my norm. :-)
  • Youth = Shenanigans in my household!
  • I am loyal to a fault, and I think most that truly know me, know this.
  • I always try to keep my promises, if at all possible.
  • Forgoing a grudge and forgiving an enemy currently go hand and hand for me at the moment - I'm not going to do it any time soon.  I don't want to go into details with who or what this involves, but generally speaking - if you think someone did something inappropriate, isn't it your responsibility to let that person know that they acted or spoke inappropriately?  How is the person who behaved/spoke inappropriately supposed to know they did wrong, if you don't tell them?  I'm not forgoing or forgiving anything, if the accusers cannot even broach the topic with me.  (ok, I know this attitude regarding forgiveness totally goes against the spirit of Christmas, but I don't care, I have my reasons.  When you have to find out through the grapevine about alleged inappropriateness - 2 YEARS after the behavior and/or words supposedly occurred - I call bullshit.  I really have to stop now, this is ruining my Christmas post).
  • Apologize - I've done plenty of that, even when I shouldn't have.  Tried to be the bigger person.  Makes me mad sometimes to do that.  lol
  • I do try to understand, and see things from both sides.  Although sometimes one side refuses to accept that, and is a crazy, psycho person, and deletes and blocks you on Facebook.  But whatever.  LOL  That's what I get for trying to understand.
  • I try not to demand things of others.  I also try not to expect much from others, that way I'm not disappointed when my expectations aren't met.  (this is not directed at my family members!)
  • I think of others when making big decisions, and sometimes even when making small decisions.  If my decisions will affect more than just me, I have to think of others.
  • I'm kind (usually, unless someone pisses me off!)
  • I'm gentle (unless someone tickles me - someone is getting hurt in that case!)
  • I laugh way too much sometimes (and especially at inappropriate things)
  • I try to express my gratitude to others.  I don't always think to do it, but I am very thankful for my family and friends.
  • I don't welcome strangers into my home - unfortunately with the way things are these days, it's just not safe.  But sometimes they may be a stranger to me, but my husband or my son or Clydie knows them, and then they're not really a stranger.
  • I'm not around small children very often, but if I was, I would try to gladden their heart in some way.
  • There is so much beauty in the earth, sometimes it's the simplicity of clouds in the sky, and sometimes it's the beautiful fire colors of the trees changing in the fall.
  • I need to work on that last one, I'm not very good at telling those I love that I love them.
So, that list didn't turn out quite how I expected as far as how it applies to me.  I've got a lot of negativity there, which I'm quite aware of, and probably should work on (but not on the forgoing and forgiving part, I just cannot see myself doing that any time soon). 

Anywho, I hope some of this made you laugh or smile, or at least think about things in your own life. 

If I don't blog again before Christmas - I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and that he fat man in red brings you what you want!

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