Thursday, December 22, 2016

Kids Toys at Christmas

Yep, it would have been nice to have these labels when I was buying toys for Steven when he was young.  Of course I think most are marked with how many and what kind of batteries are required, so at least that is helpful.

I remember one Christmas, we went to my family's to celebrate after the kids got their Santa Claus.  My mom asked what Santa brought Steven, and I told her.  I also shared that Santa made sure to only bring quiet toys, and I will NEVER forget the pure evil, shit-eating grin my mother gave me!  They gave Steven a fire truck, complete with an extremely LOUD siren that Steven loved to have going all the damn time.  His sperm donor ended up taking the batteries out of it so that it would stop!  (and honestly I can't say I blame him this time)

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