Friday, January 20, 2017

The Election & Today's Inauguration

**Language warning**

This is my one and only political post.  I don't normally talk politics, as politics are not considered "polite conversation" and can cause hard feelings and arguments.  But I've seen enough political posts to last through my grandchildren's, God-willing, lifetimes, and I just had to say something.

I'd prefer that no one comment on the post, but if you choose to do so - BE POLITE.  I can agree to disagree with folks that do not see things my way, but I will NOT tolerate hatefulness, rudeness, or disrespect towards me or anyone that chooses to post.

The crazies have come out today.  And I'm not talking about the shit going on in the protests that are being broadcast on TV, I'm talking about the shit getting posted on Facebook.  On BOTH sides of the political aisle.  Abso-fucking-RIDICULOUS!

It just amazes me that folks can listen to the same inauguration speech and each side can come up with completely different takes on what is said.  I was at work so I didn't listen to it (and still haven't), but I checked Facebook periodically to see what was going on.  I knew I could count on my friend base, which spans the entire political spectrum and all ages from teenagers all the way up to folks in their 70's.  I saw the gamut from (and I'm very loosely paraphrasing here on all accounts) "OMG we are so fucked" to "oh I love Trump and he's so great and I agree with him 100%". 

And I've seen a few folks saying that Trump will NEVER be their president and they will NEVER support him and they hope he fails.  Seriously?  Why in the hell would you want the leader of YOUR country to fail?  

And I know, a lot of folks don't care for Dr. Phil.  It doesn't matter who said the above, I've heard several say it and it is TRUE - what are you going to do to try to make the next 4 years the best that it can be?  If you don't like your leaders, write letters, start or sign petitions, talk with your representatives, peacefully protest, etc. - all the stuff that sensible people do instead of destroying property that doesn't belong to them and acting like a bunch of anarchist asshats and pandering for the news cameras to make sure they get their 15 minutes of fame. 

We had 2 extremely shitty choices to vote for in this election - a criminal that cheated another member of her party out of the opportunity to win their party nomination and probably win the election, and a political virgin that is lewd and crude and brash and rude and says mean things and knows nothing about politics.  I don't count the other 2 candidates as valid choices, as they didn't have a snowball's proverbial chance in hell in winning the election.  The Libertarian didn't seem too bad until he opened his mouth and the ignorance and lack of basic world civics totally ruined my opinion of him (that and I have an issue with pot, but that's a topic for another day).  And I've always thought the Green party candidates are kooky, even back in my liberal college days.  :-)  But anyways, regardless, we had a piss-poor lot to choose from this time around.

And finally - if your hate for our new President is greater than your love for your country and your desire to see him do a good job, then open your eyes and accept that YOU are a huge problem in this country.   I'm not saying you have to like him.  I'm not even saying you have to respect him.  But give the position the respect it deserves, and give him a chance to prove you wrong.  You never know, he may just turn out to be a decent president.  Lord I hope so.

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