Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ho hum.....

Who turned the thermostat to HELL?????  It is so freaking hot here, in some areas of the US this week, it has actually been hotter than Saudi Arabia.  Amazing.  So much for a mild winter, we're paying for that shit now.

It's too hot to go to the pool - I think I would burn to a crisp in about 10 minutes flat. Not to mention I think the water is probably so warm it wouldn't be refreshing and cooling to get into.

I've dropped my car off to get new tires and perhaps brakes, damn I hate automotive maintenance stuff.  Nothing ever comes cheap, and it all seems to hit at once.  But, it's a necessity, so we'll deal with it.

No plans this weekend, other than going to see "Magic Mike" tomorrow.  Major eye me some Matthew McEverhowyouspellhislastname, Channing Tatum's not too bad, the hispanic guy from CSI Miami, Joe Mantagniello (that's probably spelled wrong but woot woot he's hot).  And Kevin Nash is in it.  Not exactly my cup of tea, Nash, but takes all kinds.

Went to look at some houses the other night - first one was nice, move-in ready, but the bedrooms were a little small, the closets were way too small, and it was on a road that was just way too busy.  The 2nd one was quite lovely, but would have taken a lot of elbow grease to get the paint right and I wanted something with a little more room inside, as in an extra bedroom, a basement, or a den area, any of those as an extra would have been great.  The third one - you could tell it probably was once a very nice place, but it was in what I would consider a "white trash" area.  It shared a driveway with 2 other homes, and the driveway was actually red clay with gravel, and filled with gullies (no offense meant to anyone that lives on a dirt road or doesn't have a paved driveway - this was the total atmosphere of the area, not one specific thing).  The other 2 homes on the driveway were kinda junky looking and not well kept.  It also would have needed a lot of work on the inside and out to make it liveable, but it had an awesome floor plan.

Times like now would be great to win the lottery - then I could just pick a house, or go have one built exactly like I want.  Guess I need to head to the store soon and buy me some lottery tickets.  :-)

Y'all stay cool, and try to find something fun to do this weekend.  Movies is it for me.

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