Friday, June 22, 2012

Yay, it's Friday!

I live for the weekends.  Peace from the days of the week, and the knowledge that I will stay busy with searching for deals at farmers market to fix up to fill our freezers.  The past 2 weekends, we've been to the Farmers Market in Forest Park, and have put up purple hull peas, green snap beans, butterbeans, white acre peas, peaches, corn, turnips, and collards.  We are going to the local farmers market in Jonesboro tomorrow for it's opening day of the year, and if we don't find much, then we'll head to the one in Forest Park.

We're looking for Roma tomatoes, perhaps a different kind of bean or pea, and maybe some squash and sweet potatoes.  I think we're gonna can some salsa and pickled peppers tomorrow, too.  :-D

I try to stay busy at work these days, things are getting tougher, but that's the work environment for you.  Things are settling down some, but there are still some issues.  That's life!

Finally got Momma Clydie's aneurysm fixed this past week.  She has done very well, and Michael has been gracious enough to come hang out with her so that I could work. 

I think I'm still fighting the effects of being in a different time zone for 2 weeks and coming back.  I stay exhausted all the time, usually falling asleep right after dinner.  Yet, I wake up around 4am or so, and usually fall right back asleep after a quick bathroom run.  Then I usually get up the first time the alarm goes off, without hitting the snooze, so at least that's good.  I just don't like falling asleep so early in the afternoon.

We ate at Olympia Pizza last week, and I dearly love the Greek salads.  Especially the pepperoncinis.  To the point that I have craved them all week!  I actually went to the grocery store this afternoon, got the stuff to make the salad, and also got a Mediterranean pizza.  I think I ate half the jar of pepperoncinis!  They were sooooo good!!!!

Well I'm getting sleepy, so I suppose it's time to wind things down for the night.  I hope you've all had a great night, and will have a great weekend!

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