Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014 - Can we say "Random?"

Yes, today is really gonna be a random, picture blog kind of day!

Today is Brian's first day back at drill since returning from Kosovo in September 2012.  Yes, it's been over a year, because of his shoulder surgery last January, and then the accident in June last year that gave him 2 surgeries on his elbow.  I can't even imagine what he goes through with that, other than what he shares with me, and he doesn't always share everything when it comes to his aches and pains and "feel bads".  I just know - he has a harder time with the arm than I think he's willing to admit to us.

We are having rain, a small amount of thunder, and most of the northern half of the state has a tornado watch in effect until some time later this afternoon.

Here's a picture of the visibility from last night - foggy and a very heavy misty rain:

We were forecast this past Sunday night with an 80% chance of snow.  This is what I woke up to Monday morning:

That was our snow - looks more like sea salt - and it wasn't ice pellets, it was actually snow that had clumped together like little pellets.  I didn't take a photo of the snow on my car, but it kinda looked like tiny Styrofoam ball pellets.  It snowed some on my way to work, at least until I got to Douglasville, and it snowed on and off at work but of course nothing stuck. 

We got a freebie day at work on Tuesday - the temps dropped down to around 5 degrees, with a wind chill of 13 below zero, so the boss man decided he didn't want the employees out in the cold.  I didn't find it to feel as cold as it should have, but then again every time I went out I had my heavy coat, gloves, and a hat on.

Here's Dominion, waiting on us to come to bed one of those cold nights:

After graduating from USC in 1991, our vehicles are finally adorned with front license plates to support our team!

We got $ for Christmas from my mom and stepdad, and this is one of the things we bought with it - an area rug for the living room:

We needed a rug, to absorb the sound from the TV, and also so the pups would have something to lay on.  Dominion paces a lot because he doesn't like the floor, and we've noticed Gabriel has trouble getting comfortable laying on the floors, so the rug is an option to try to keep them off the furniture.  It doesn't always work, however:

While talking to Brian on the phone this morning, Dominion made some cute poses and faces, as he knew I was talking to his "daddy".  The best one I missed, because as soon as I got my phone ready, he got up and walked to the window.  However, I got this one of him, and it was perfect, as he turned his head to me right as the camera was clicking the picture:

Steven had long hair for quite a while, it surprised me that he let it grow as long as he did:

It surprised me even more when he decided to cut it off:
Brian aggravates him about his hair, telling him he's going to shave his head or cut it all off, but this haircut was 100% Steven's idea.  He texted me while I was at work and asked when he could get his hair cut.  I took him that night after dinner.  He said he was tired of spending 20+ minutes blowing it dry every day.  I certainly know the feeling, which is why I usually let mine air dry.

Here's another pic of Steven from the night we ate at Joe's Crab Shack - he'd never had a steam pot before:
He was the only one that wore a bib.  Too bad it didn't cover his pants, as he ended up spilling the melted butter all over the table and his shorts.  Oh well, that's what detergent is for!

The pet rat finally has a name - meet Jerry!

Steven came up with the name - Jerry from Tom and Jerry.  Yes I know, the rat doesn't look like Jerry, but that's ok.  He's still pretty skittish, but will let me pet him.  Gabriel still wants to eat him.  He loves pears.

Had a rough night last night - Gabriel was up sick all night.  He's like a child when he doesn't feel well - he wants to cuddle with mommy.  He is so restless when he has a sick stomach - on and off the bed, moving all over the bed, cannot get comfortable.  He at least has the sense to jump off the bed when he starts throwing up.  Had a lengthy episode around 2:40am, and another shorter episode around 4:30am.  

Clydie and I went out today - had to get my toes did, do a little shopping and had lunch out.  The weather ended up being very nice - had started out rainy and comfortable, and ended up sunshiny and downright warm.  I actually had to turn on the A/C for a few minutes when we got home because it was really warm in the house.

Well folks, hope you enjoyed the randomness of my mind today.  Nothing important going on at the moment, just a hodge-podge of stuff.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

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