Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Wow, it's 2014!  And so far, I haven't written or typed the wrong year yet.  Yes, I know, the year is young, and I will inevitably screw it up at some point, but that's ok.  I don't really care.

My mom and her husband went back to England yesterday.  They won't be back until May.  I am just so emotionally spent whenever she leaves - I don't know why I get so upset and carry on like I do, I love her and miss her horribly, but I know she will be back home.  It just isn't the same without her here, though. 

Of course she had to plan her trip back when I'm in the throes of PMS.  I am just in a funk and want to stay in bed, with my heating pad and some good pain pills, and mope around, but that's just not me.  I spent entirely too many days moping around and in bed previously in my life, and laying around being depressed just doesn't do anything for me.  It was a great escape from my life back then, but I'm no longer like that.  I enjoy my life and don't want to miss a thing.  But there are days like today that laying in bed, with the heating pad and drugs, are really tempting.

It's supposed to snow tonight - 80% chance.  Temps will drop to the 20's, and the wind chills are going to be obscenely low, too.  Tuesday morning the temp in Carrollton is supposed to be 6, with a wind chill of -13.  Yes that's NEGATIVE 13 degrees!!!  I don't know that I've ever experienced temperatures or wind chills that cold before.  I suppose I will pull out my knit hat and scarf to wear, in the event we are able to go to work tomorrow and Tuesday.  Something tells me that tomorrow, I will likely be heading in late, to give anything frozen on the roads a chance to thaw, or for road crews to do something about any icy patches.  Tuesday, we will just wait and see.

I have a favor to ask of all my pet-owning friends - please make sure your furbabies are inside, warm and dry.  If for some reason you cannot bring them inside your home, please make room for them in your garage, or make sure they have warm shelter elsewhere.  I know not everyone has the ability to have their pets inside their homes, but for these extremely cold nights/mornings, please make an exception.  If you are cold outside, they are cold outside!  Even though my babies are Siberian Huskies and enjoy the cooler temps, they are indoor pets and I would never dream of leaving them outside in the cold.

Y'all stay warm and dry, and drive safely if you must drive tonight or tomorrow!

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