Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowmageddon - January 28 - ??? 2014

Yes, I realize that 4 inches of snow is not very much in comparison to what other areas of the country receive on a regular basis during the winter months.  But for Atlanta - it causes a serious clusterf*ck.

I work for a company that is located in Atlanta, just south of Turner Field, on University Avenue.  We were released from work at noon to go home.  Being that I live all the way out in Carroll County, I should have left around 11am, as the snow storm was hitting out there first, and I was told the snow was already coming down and sticking around that time.  My boss also lives in Carrollton, and we were going to leave at 11:30.  But I didn't want to leave before everyone else, as some people just don't seem to understand why it would have been appropriate for some of us to leave earlier than they could, and I just didn't want to have to hear the bitching that would just be never ending.

And yes, I understand that no one can force anyone to stay at work when they feel that they need to leave due to hazardous conditions.  Those that chose to stay until we were released, did so because they were concerned that they wouldn't be paid for the missed time if they chose to leave before being released.  (our company is typically quite generous when closing for weather conditions, and pays us for the days we are out of work, provided that we are there until they release us or that we leave with their blessings)

My boss left a few minutes before I did, and kept me in the loop on what to expect on the road - it was not good.  Here's what it looked like at Lee Road on I-20:

And, here's what it looked like about 7 miles further down the road, by the Highway 5 exit:

10 miles further down I-20, the Villa Rica/Carrollton exit:

That's my exit - took me about 15 minutes to move off the exit.  My whole ride home took 3 hours (my normal commute is about 1 hour 15 minutes).  I also got into a little fender bender when I was only a few miles away from home - this little old man backed his big old pick-up truck into the front end of my little car, but miraculously there was no damage to either vehicle so we both went on our way.

I also had a scare when I was trying to turn off Hwy 16 - I braked and started skidding, so I let off the gas, straightened up and passed up my turn.  I went down to a local church and turned around, and made it home safely.  

Work was called off yesterday and today, and we just have cabin fever.  But better safe than sorry.

I hope that all my readers are safe and sound and warm!

Here's some photos of my boys, out in the snow:


                                                    Dominion, smiling!

                                                   My son, Steven

                                                  Dominion in the front, Gabriel has that "derp face" look

                                                     Dominion in the backyard

                                                  Gabriel in the backyard

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