Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Mommy Moment....

So I've warned my son that because he is a senior in high school this year, I would likely be a weeping mess of a mother at various times, and he just better get used to it.  I mean, I'm a weeping mess occasionally, for one reason or another, or sometimes even no reason, but anyone who's raised a child I think understands the emotional aspect to your babies growing up into adults.  I mean, I wept when we took him to the airport to fly to England for the summer last year. 

Tonight is prom.  PROM. ALREADY!!!  March 22.  I just cannot believe my son will be dressing in a tuxedo and escorting a beautiful young woman to dinner and the prom.  Here he is, trying on his tuxedo Thursday evening:

Steven & his Star Jones arms - they got him a 2XL shirt - 18 inch neck - I don't think so! Luckily they had the correct size in the back and swapped it out.  (and if you don't get the reference to Star Jones - she was quite overweight, had gastric bypass surgery and lost a lot of weight fast, and Family Guy made fun of her "arm wings" that were left after losing all that weight)
There's my boy, dressed in the tux:
I asked him why he makes this face often when he takes pictures - he said "because I don't know how to smile".  I'll take this quirky look over that Miley Cyrus tongue hanging out look (she claims she doesn't know how to smile and act when having her picture made - she just looks plain STUPID with her damn tongue hanging out):
Okay, I'm not sure why this picture is over to the right instead of centered, but oh well - this is the mask for his prom - their theme is Masquerade.  He wanted the Phantom of the Opera type mask, painted like Gene Simmons.  Yes, I did this myself, drew it on with pencil, and painted it.  Turned our pretty good, didn't it?

And here's my boy in the yard this afternoon, wearing his mask.  I can't wait to see him in his tux, with his mask!  And with that pretty brunette on his arm!
Lord, don't let me cry tomorrow when I see him all gussied up!

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