Sunday, March 2, 2014

Such a beautiful day....

Today it is absolutely gorgeous outside.  Warm, sunshiny, slight breeze in the air.  And I most likely won't be able to do more than just sit out there an enjoy it, when I want to work out there!  I want to get out the rake and rake the leaves away from the bushes next to the garage, and find some other stuff to do out there.  But alas, I have done something to my back and I think sitting and watching would be about the extent of my abilities today outside.

I woke up yesterday morning with a feeling in my back like I'd been in bed too long.  I wasn't - I laid down Friday night around 11pm, woke up when Brian came to bed WAY too late, went back to sleep, and was up when my alarm went off at 7:30am. (I'll get to why I had an alarm on Saturday morning in a bit).  I figured the stiffness would wear off as I woke up and moved around, but nope, all it did was get worse.

So why did I have an alarm set for Saturday morning?  We took Steven to test for his learners permit!  And he passed!  God help us all!  Brian has volunteered to teach him to drive, so that will not commence for a few more weeks because Brian has school and some army duty coming up.

We ran errands after Steven got his permit, to include lunch and a trip to Home Depot, and when I got home, I took half a pain pill and laid in bed with my heating pad.  I thought it was funny that I could lay on the sore side, but when I laid on the other side, it would hurt the sore side so much worse!  The pain pill nauseated me, which I knew it would, and I slept through some of that, but when I woke up at 9pm to get something to eat, I was fully nauseated.  I ate anyway, because I hadn't had anything since lunch time and I knew I'd feel even worse if I didn't eat.

Back to bed after eating, and slept til the boys woke me up around 8:15 this morning.  I walked them, came in and goofed around a bit, then baked some cocoa cookies for the people and peanut butter cookies are now cooling for the pups.    They LOVE those peanut butter cookies so much - Dominion hung out in the kitchen with me while I was making them. 

Other than the back pain issues, this hasn't been a bad weekend.  Weird dreams, though.  Friday night, I dreamt that my mom-in-law and I had gone somewhere and ran into a pack of dogs that were killers - not of people, as they were very friendly with us, but they were killing other animals they came across.  Then Gabriel pops up in the dream and kills a small shitzhu type dog.  Gabriel has never tried to hurt a dog, other than the one time he mistook a puppy for a squeaky toy, and fortunately he realized it was a living creature that wasn't prey and didn't hurt it. 

Last night, I dreamed that our house was infested with rats and mice, and Dominion and Gabriel were having a field day killing those things.  It was pretty gross.  But the house we were in wasn't the house we actually live in, so I suppose that's a good thing.  I think that dream was sparked by a conversation we had earlier in the weekend about keeping the house clean so that bugs don't set in, and that's why we don't like Steven eating in his room.  Oh well, that conversation and the pain pill.

Well the cookies are done and I'm pooped out for now.  I think I'm gonna shower and take a nap.  I hope you all had a great weekend!

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