Monday, November 16, 2015

Ta-da! Random Blog Post Time!

Lots going on, and I had some great blog ideas, but alas I can't remember most of them.  I did make a note on the "memos" app on my phone about a few, so here goes, in no particular order:

Friday I experienced my first ocular migraine, or at least, based on my symptoms and my friend Google search and talking with a coworker, that's what it was.  I don't have headaches very often, which is a blessing since both of my parents are migraine sufferers, and I've never experienced symptoms like this before.  I noticed before lunch that something was going on with my vision.  I saw a couple of light flashes, and even though I had not looked at anything bright it was like I had looked into the sun and then was trying to focus on my computer.  Then when I was at the restaurant for lunch, I noticed everything had a kind of rainbow/kaleidoscope aura around it.  And then the headache started, right behind my eyes through to the back of my head.  Thankfully, the pain was only maybe a 6 out of 10, and I got the hook-up with some Excedrin when I got back to the office.  The pain was reminiscent of other mild headaches I've had, just a little stronger.  The meds kicked in after a while and I made it through the rest of the day.  (I took a picture of my eyes at lunch, to see if there was something weird going on with them, but nope, that's my normal looking eyes)

 (and dammit I can't make the photo turn the correct way!)

Recently at work, I've encountered some of the strongest smelling cigarette smells I've ever experienced without the person actually standing in front of me, smoking.  In one of the restrooms on the first floor, I walked in and it literally smelled like someone was in there, smoking a cigarette.  I was looking above and below the stall walls and doors to see if anyone was in fact smoking, but there wasn't.  I really think someone had lit up and put it out really quick, I cannot imagine the smell being that strong otherwise.  The second one, I was in a restroom stall, and someone walked in and got into the stall next to me.  The stale cigarette smell was so strong through the entire bathroom it was like someone was standing right in front of me that had just come inside from smoking 2 packs a day without washing the smell off for days.  Weird.

Then the other day there was this precious, tiny little newborn.  A man (I'm assuming her grandpa) was holding her while her mommy was in the restroom.  Poor little thing spit up so much it covered her entire face, was all down her back, all over his chest, and dripping off into the floor.  I got him some paper towels to try to clean her and him up with, and that little baby looked so angry!  He flipped her over on her belly, and she was actually able to hold her head up and pull it back, with no support!  I was amazed at how strong she was to be so tiny.  Her cries weren't real loud, but she was mad as hell and it made her beet red.  She looked up at me with this angry look.  Her mommy finally came out and took her back in the restroom to clean her up and change her clothes.  It looked like this baby was *maybe* 5 pounds soaking wet.  She was so dang tiny!

We went hunting this weekend, and I had a pretty bad scare on Saturday.  I'm up in my stand (which is about 17 feet or so off the ground, it's a ladder stand, not a climber), and I see a doe coming into sight.  I'm watching her, and I notice a wasp flying around.  I start thinking it's too cold for a wasp to be flying, it was in the high 30's Saturday morning, but this was around 10am or so, and it had warmed up somewhat to maybe the 50's.  The doe goes back from where she came (I didn't shoot because she was small), and I notice another wasp.  And another.  And another.  Turns out those spawns of Satan had bedded down in the overlap of the skirting on my stand, and the sun was beating down on that spot, heating it (and them) up, and they were coming out to fly around and wreak havoc on the earth.  I was terrified that I was going to get stung, or would end up falling out of the stand trying to get away from them, but I just stayed calm and watched them for a bit.  None of them bothered me, once they were sufficiently warmed up, they flew off.  The ones that weren't sufficiently warmed up?  They dropped to the ground because I tore the skirting off and shook the woobie to make sure I got rid of the rest of those bastards.  I scream like a little bitch when I get stung by something, and I was not having that shit on Saturday.

Here are some photos of those devil creatures:

 You people have no idea what it took for me to sit there quietly so I wouldn't spook any deer that might possibly be coming my way!  I was screaming inside - LOUDLY!

I know there are a lot worse things to deal with in the world than some stinking smoke smelling bathrooms and wasps in a deer stand.  The attacks in Paris on Friday, for example.  I don't address the heavy issues here for the most part because there are enough armchair politicians and enough stressful things in the real world.  I share my world as a way to communicate with family and friends that I don't get to see or talk to every day.  And I just don't want to get started with all that is wrong with the world.  We all have opinions, and some are better than others.  Kinda like assholes.  (and yes I know I didn't get the joke right but who cares:-)

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