Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wow, What a Weekend!

Saturday was my son Steven's 20th birthday.  I cannot believe my child is 20 now.  Makes a girl feel OLD!

Steven's friends, Anthony and James, came over for the weekend to celebrate.  We had planned a cookout with hamburgers and brats for Saturday afternoon, and Steven's New-Nee (my mom), our Uncle Buddy, and my bestie from college, Michael, were also coming over to join in the festivities.

Of course the day could not happen without a couple of glitches - Steven announced while I was readying the burgers that we were having the septic tank issue again.  Earlier this year we had a HUGE mess in the man-cave thanks to the septic tank backing up and spewing forth gross atrocities out of the sink, toilet and shower drain, and flooding into the actual man-cave space, soaking the carpet.  We couldn't get anyone out here that time for 24 hours, which made all use of water pretty much come to a halt.  No showering, no laundry, no toilet flushing, or washing dishes.  This time, he said he heard noises coming from the sink down there on Friday night, and he went down there  yesterday to check things and the toilet had overflowed, there was a little water in the sink and some water and debris standing in the shower.

I'm already emotional because my only child is TWENTY and then bam, you're telling me I've got another mess to clean up, not to mention the worry that I'm gonna have to fork out a shit-ton (no pun intended) of $$$ to get this issue resolved, and it's Saturday and what if I can't get someone out until Monday and no one can shower and we can't flush toilets and I have a bunch of laundry to do and OMG I just wanna freaking SCREAM!!!!  Oh, and Brian was planning to leave to go hunting as soon as the birthday party was over, around 2pm or so, leaving me to deal with plumbers and cleaning up and all the things.

Damn I love my husband - he took care of calling the local plumbers/septic tank folks, and they were actually able to send someone out yesterday, and the best part of it (besides the fact that they were coming in a few hours of being called) was that not only were they going to clear the clog, they were also going to pump the tank, AND it was gonna cost me about $100 LESS than last time (last time only the clog was cleared, no pumping of tank).  The worker showed up around 4pm, the guy dug up part of my yard with his tractor thingy, and he was out of the yard before 5:30pm.

Here's the guy pumping the septic tank.  Not a fun job I'm sure.

The other glitch - Brian managed to finish grilling the burgers, but when it was time to put the brats on, the grill had run out of gas.  Oh well, those got cooked on the stove in a skillet, and the birthday party went on.  I would have sent Brian out to get more gas had it not been almost time for the party to start, but there just wasn't time.  Didn't matter, the brats were still good!

Here are a couple photos from the gala:

This decoration came from the Dollar Tree.  When I removed it from the package, the H from Happy was not attached, and the TH from Birthday weren't attached, so I taped each of those where they belong.  I didn't even notice until we were eating, that Birthday wasn't spelled correctly.  I thought I had put it together wrong, but it came out of the package that way!  So, HAPPY IRBTHDAY Steven!  LOL

Publix makes the best cakes, hands down.  This was one of their Celebration cakes (I think it's called Chocolate Roses), and I had them do one yellow layer and one chocolate layer.  It was yummy!

Hope McGuire, and 3/4 of "The Crew" (Steven, Anthony, and James - the 4th member of The Crew lives in California)

Anthony is our entertainment.  I had several pictures from birthdays past come up in my Timehop the last few days, and Anthony is always adorning himself with something.  Napkins and plates on the head in years past, birthday hats for boobs this year.

Steven wanted the dogs to wear birthday hats.  Dominion was not pleased.

I was not present when this photo was taken.  I am surprised Dominion did not bite anyone.  He looked a little happier here, however.

Gabriel did not care much for his hat, either.

This morning Clydie and I were having our morning coffee and discussing what we're fixing for Thanksgiving dinner.  She's writing the menu down, and making a separate shopping list as we determine what we have and don't have.  At some point, deviled eggs come up and I asked her if we had another jar of mayonnaise.  She said no, but we had at least half a jar in the refrigerator.  I told her I thought it was less than half full, to which she says "has someone been using it as an instrument?!"

(If you don't get it, you really should watch Spongebob Squarepants)

I've been a busy bee this morning - got the man-cave cleaned up (cleaned the bathroom, as well as steam cleaned the carpet), put more water in my aquarium that either has a slow leak or extremely fast evaporation, and have been doing laundry.  I've still got a ton more laundry to do, as well as work on that sewing project that I've been working on for a couple of months.  I am really hoping to have that finished TODAY.  I've also got a Knooking project to work on, and one more sewing project that I'm hoping will be a little less time consuming and tedious than the current one.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  

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