Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday's Almost Over......

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  Unfortunately, Meme didn't make it to our festivities, but Mom, Buddy and Michael did, and we sent leftovers to her.  As usual, there was overeating, lots of laughter and teasing, and discussions of future plans.

However, I must say, we almost had an issue with a topic that really shouldn't be discussed at family dinners - politics.  Someone blurted out who they were supporting for president, and I think Steven and I almost broke our necks snapping around to see what else was said.  Steven asked me if he heard what he thought he heard (because oh Lord he was gonna jump right in that conversation), and I just shushed him and told him that we were not going to address the comment, and that I would handle it if the conversation continued.  Thankfully it stopped at that point, and we were able to all sit down and enjoy our dinner with no further politics conversations.

I don't care for any of the candidates that we have to choose from, and I honestly do not know who I will vote for.  I can promise you, however, that I will NOT vote for the person that this individual was touting.  Everyone is entitled to their political choices, but I really do NOT appreciate having someone in MY home to make such a bold proclamation, when I know they are aware of my general political leanings, and that I would never in my life support this candidate.  It is possible that someone else started the conversation, as I only heard the one comment in the midst of their chat, but wow.

Brian and I went hunting this weekend.  We left before the ass-crack of dawn on Friday morning.  I managed to fall off the tailgate at the gas station, busting my ass on the concrete.  My foot got caught on the dent in the tailgate, and I just let go and fell, figuring I'd hurt myself worse trying to hold on and get straightened out.  I laughed at myself after realizing that I wasn't hurt, and Brian didn't see what happened, as he was gassing up the truck.  Once he knew that I fell, he asked if I was okay, then laughed his ass off at me.  So next time I go see my primary doctor and they ask me if I've fallen since the last time I saw them, I have to tell them yes, twice (this time, and I tripped up the hill on an October hunting trip). 

Those damn wasps returned this weekend.  A little while after the sun came up, I started feeling around the flaps where the wasps had hidden last time, and dammit if there were some in there hiding.  They were mostly asleep, and got booted from their beds.  There were 2 different kinds in there this time, which I found kind of odd, as I wouldn't have thought they'd associate with each other.  I had a wasp or 2 come up and land on my leg, and I calmly shooed them away. 

My OCD issues are flaring up.  Unfortunately for me, I don't have the OCD that makes you clean like a fiend, I have the weird obsessions that manifest in your mind.  I think this flares up when I'm worried or nervous about something, and I've had a lot to worry about lately.  There was Steven's accident in October, dealing with the insurance company on that mess, and now my pending surgery this Friday.  I think this has all flared up my acne, too.  My back is broken out worse than I think it has ever been, and I've had a few places on my face.  You'd think at 47 the acne would stop, but nope, I have those never ending hormones that I think contribute to acne, and just stress.

While we were hunting this weekend, I got a text message from Michael, telling me that Meme was in the hospital.  She fell Friday morning and broke her femur, requiring surgery Friday afternoon.  She was moved to a rehab facility today, to build her strength and help her walk again.  They've had her up several times a day to walk with a walker, and I'm sure she's bitching the whole time.  So if y'all could send prayers, good thoughts, positive ju-ju and mo-jo, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I think I posted this on Facebook previously, but Steven's license plate begins with QFD.  He took one look at it and said "Queefed!"  So now his car is called the Queef-Mobile.  (if you don't know what queef means, go to to find out)

And finally, I can't believe my surgery is happening this Friday.  I go for the 2 pre-ops tomorrow (one with the doctor, the other with the hospital), and I'll find out what time I have to be at the hospital on Friday.  Hopefully early in the day, as I won't be able to eat after midnight and I'll be a grouchy bitch without my morning coffee.  Plus, the earlier in the day I have the surgery, the greater the chances that I'll get to go home and not have to stay overnight.  I've already celebrated my last period, now I just need to find someone to give all my tampoons to. (and I spelled that tampoons, because it makes me think about a comedian that called them that when he was growing up, and they used them as torpedos when playing)

Have a great week! 

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