Sunday, March 18, 2012

15 Ways to Keep a Relationship Working

1. Love each other
2. Don't lie
3. Keep communication open
4. Stay sweet
5. When you get hurt, just forgive and forget
6. Never talk about break-ups
7. Never say it's okay, especially when it's not
8. Forget about pride
9. If you say sorry - mean it
10. Don't compare your past with your present
11. Don't talk about your stupid ex's
12. Give and take process
13. Be aware of his/her feelings
14. When you had a fight, don't let the day pass
15. Don't be the perfect one, be the right one

All of these are excellent guidelines for having a happy successful relationship. Some of these are quite obvious, and are very easy to do. Others, maybe not so obvious, and some not so easy. And I actually disagree with some of these, at least to a small degree.

For example - when you get hurt, just forgive and forget. Perhaps this is correct, but it is not always so easy to do. I fully believe you have to forgive when something happens that hurts you, but it always stays with you. However, you definitely should not continue bringing it up and using it against your partner.

Another example - don't talk about your stupid ex's. Sometimes you have to. I don't think my husband would understand me as well as he does, if I had not told him about my ex-husband, and how that man has affected my life. And of course, not all ex's are stupid - sometimes they are ex's because things just didn't work out, for any number of reasons.

No relationship is perfect, and relationships do take work from both people in order to be successful. Relationships take compromise, compassion, understanding, and perseverence, and a relationship is only as good as you choose to make it.

I don't profess to know it all about making a great relationship - I saw these 15 things on a posting on Facebook, find them to be valuable information for couples for how to make their relationships work better, and chose to share the knowledge.

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