Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday Eve.....

Yep, Thursday night. Been to the gym 3 nights in a row. Power class Tuesday, weight machines last night, Interval class tonight. I upped the weights in Power and did fairly well. I surprised myself on the machines last night - I don't recall the weight levels I was doing before, but I was able to do 120lbs on seated leg extensions and seated leg curls. The hip abductors and adductors - I don't recall the weight, but it was pretty high compared to before.

Tonight's Interval class - I upped the hand weights and damn could I feel all that I did last night and Tuesday. I really feel it in my arms and legs tonight - lots and lots of squats, and triceps work. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow - March 30, 2012, is my TEN YEAR QUIT ANNIVERSARY. Yes, tomorrow marks 10 years since I last smoked a cigarette! Yay me! Honestly, there are times when I want one, can almost even taste it, but nope, not gonna give in. Smoking is just such a nasty, disgusting habit, and causes so many health issues for people. If you are a smoker, do yourself a favor and QUIT.

Well, it's about shower and bed time for me - my workout really kicked my ass tonight (well, I got a little too hot while working out, and that just drained me). Gotta get up early and have my mom-in-law at the hospital at 6:30am for a heart cath. Say a prayer for her! Thanks!

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