Saturday, March 17, 2012

From earlier today.....

So, I'm sitting here at Mo Mo Con, at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, in the lobby upstairs. I brought Steven and 2 of his friends out here, as they are really into this stuff. Me, not so much. Thankfully, I had the option of sitting here and not having to go through all the convention stuff with the boys. Although, I imagine I would see even more interesting things had I chosen to go through the actual convention. I am seeing quite a bit up here - some interesting costumes. Some I recognize, some I don't have a clue as to what anime they are from. Some, I think people just made shit up to have an excuse to dress up and come out in public. I'm going to try to take pictures before we leave, and if I do, I will post them on here later.

OMG - I wore my "spank the monkey 25cents" t-shirt today, as it is green (for St Patrick's Day) and I thought it would be funny to wear it around all the weirdos at the convention. I'm sitting here, playing solitaire on the computer, and this guy walks up and says "I've got a quarter" and acts like he's reaching in his pocket! I had almost forgotten about the shirt and was puzzled for a minute, then busted out laughing. Damn. Michael said I should have brought me a little money pouch or cup for quarters!

Mom and Marion came into town last Friday. We've had Mexican food twice, BBQ at McGhin's, Japanese hibachi at the Mo Mo Ya, breakfast at Meme's, and a hot dog/hamburger cookout at Mom's house. Tonight we're having dinner at Meme's. Should be interesting, as I'm wearing shorts, and no one in the family has seen my latest tattoo, except for my aunt Cynthia. I think I posted a picture of it on Facebook - it's a Capricorn (goat) and Leo (lion), in black, over a red rose, and it's on my right calf. I got it last September before Brian deployed. Yes, he's a Capricorn, and I'm the Leo. He got one, too, very similar, except he doesn't have the rose. On mine, the Capricorn is first, Leo is second, and on his, Leo is first, and Capricorn is second.

I have finally decided that I will no longer let my family guilt me into anything, or let their display of disapproval for various things in my life cause me any undue grief or guilt. I am sure I will hear some shit over the tattoo, and will be quite surprised if I don't. I know no one in my family approves of tattoos, but that is their opinion, not mine, and they are certainly entitled to their opinions. Obviously I'm fine with tattoos, as I have 3 and am planning more, and I married a man with a lot of them, who is planning more.

Meme has been off the chain this week, with many things. I finally told her on Sunday at breakfast that my mother-in-law had moved in with me. Apparently, Meme is under the impression that my spare bedroom is still 'her junkroom', as she seems to think I promised her she could forever store a bunch of her shit in there. I clearly remember telling her when I moved in there, that I wanted to use that room for an exercise room, to put my weight bench and stationary bike in there. When Brian moved in 2 years ago, he and Steven cleared that room out and we made it into our computer room. Of course the closet was packed full of her shit (clothes so tightly crammed in there that they are wrinkled, and half of them still have the tags on them).

Anyways, she starts bitching about that was "her junkroom", I promised her she could store her stuff in there, and I told her that her stuff was safe, that I had moved it out 2 years ago when Brian moved in, but that I would be more than happy to bring it to her anytime she wanted. Then she wanted to know where her dolls were, to which I replied "the dolls you told me were now mine? They're in my living room, but if you want them I'll bring them to you this afternoon". She said no, that she only wanted one, and she would come get it. I reminded her that the snake now resided in the living room, and she had a canniption fit about that. LOL

Then she calls me Wednesday morning at work (she's finally figured out how to call my office phone instead of my work phone, and now I have no warning if she's calling because we don't have caller ID), to say that she wants to come over next weekend to go through her things, that my mother-in-law couldn't possibly have much room in the bedroom with all her junk in there. Again, she has no clue that her shit was moved out 2 years ago, even though I had just told her a few days ago. I imagine she was blinded and deafened with shock when I told her, but oh well. Even if she came to the house next weekend, it would take more than a day to go through all the shit that is over there that belongs to her. I'm going to talk to her between now and next weekend and insist that she let me bring her 3 or 4 boxes at a time to her house, so that she can go through them at her leisure, then swap those out with another 3 or 4, so that she's not pressured to go through them. I honestly don't see her getting rid of much of her stuff - she's a packrat (like me) and doesn't want to discard anything because it might come in handy. But this having all these clothes with the tags still on it, and then saying she has nothing to wear and buying more is just ridiculous.

Last night, I'm at dinner with the rest of the family, and she called me FIVE times! That woman does NOT know how to leave a damn voice mail. It really irritated me that she wouldn't leave a message, so I didn't answer until we were on the way home and she called again. I had already told her I was taking Steven and some friends to Mo Mo Con, and that I didn't know what time we'd be back, and she was calling to tell me that they had moved dinnertime to an even EARLIER time than we had discussed on Thursday. She got miffed with me Thursday because I told her I couldn't come help her cook because of going to the anime convention - she actually hung up on me abruptly.

As I've said in a previous blog, I used to let guilt get to me, and worry about pleasing family members. Of course, it's really hard to let that go, but I've just decided to start letting go of the guilt, and not let it bother me. I used to worry about how I was going to handle my grandmother, as she is one that expects to be treated in a certain way, and for things to always go her way, or she pouts and bitches. Well, she can pout and bitch about things, and I'm not going to let it bother me anymore. In fact, I had a thought to get Steven or Momma Clydie to take a picture of me holding the snake, and showing it to her - I imagine she doesn't have a clue as to how large the snake is, and I want her to know exactly what she will see if she decides to pop in at the house, as I will not be putting the snake in another room, or covering the tank.

Enough about Meme. Gabriel has been a hoot this week, and a royal pain in the ass. He's played tag with a bumblebee twice this week - he will surely know sneezin' and fartin', as the saying goes, if he actually catches the damn thing. He got hold of our face lotion this week - Momma Clydie caught him trying to eat the tube in my bed, then he got hold of something else. He also chewed up the back of my old pair of gym shoes, the ones I was wearing to walk the dogs. I had to dig out a pair from my "cut the grass shoes" to start wearing to walk the dogs (I don't want to get my good gym shoes muddy and wet every morning when I walk the boys). Yesterday, I came home to the new air filter that I had bought for my car, that had still been in the box and was laying on my bed, shredded in a MILLION pieces on my bed and the floor, courtesy of Gabriel. Yeah, I kinda had a temper tantrum over that one. $25 down the tubes. But, my fault - the voice inside my head told me yesterday that I should put it up, out of his reach, and I ignored it. I will not ignore those voices anymore! Well, at least when it comes to it telling me to put things up out of Gabriel's reach!

And it's time for me to really get my ass in gear and start hitting the gym - HARD. I have right at 2 months before I leave for England, and I want to drop about 20lbs between now and then. I can make excuses all day long - been sick, been house hunting, Mom and Marion have been here this week, but honestly there is no excuse. Even being sick, there are things I still could have been doing, and I didn't do them. No one's fault but mine. So, it's time to crack down and get the eating under control, and really start pumping things up in the gym. I'm hoping my foot holds up, as it's been bothering me for the past week or so. Nothing really bad, just enough to be annoying and worrisome. And of course last night I stepped on one of those sweet gum ball thingies and almost twisted my ankle. It scared me more than anything, the fear of actually spraining it or damaging that ligament again, but it was fine. So here we go, gonna get this shit done - I have goals to reach before certain other things happen (such as buying new clothes) and dropping this 20lbs is one of them!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I am!

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